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February Weddings superstitions

February Weddings superstitions ‘Married in February’s sleepy weather, Life you’ll tread in time together.’ ‘When February birds do mate You wed nor dread your fate.’

Wedding Wednesday

Wedding Wednesday Did you know in English tradition and Folklore, Wednesday is considered the ‘best day’ to marry?  Although Monday is for wealth and Tuesday is for health. A Wednesday wedding can also be a cost effective and more readily available alternative to a more popular Saturday date meaning you may get that dream venue, car or… Read more »

Getting married under the Zodiac sign of AQUARIUS?

Zodiac Weddings Your Wedding Date: January 20 – February 18 The Aquarius marriage can best be described as unconventional, quirky, and modern. You’re each other’s best friend, but you’re also a very social couple that hosts a ton of parties. You enjoy going out and being amongst a big crowd. To keep your marriage strong, it’s… Read more »

Getting married under the Zodiac sign of CAPRICORN?

Zodiac Weddings Your Wedding Date: December 22 – January 19 Capricorn is the sign of tradition, which is why this winter wedding typically happens around Christmastime or the New Year. You and your hubby are all about legacy and honoring your heritage. You love celebrating the holidays and carrying on traditions from your childhood. One… Read more »

December Weddings superstitions

December Weddings superstitions ‘Married in days of December’s cheer, Love’s star shines brighter from year to year.’ ‘When December’s snows fall fast, Marry and true love will last.’

Getting married under the Zodiac sign of SAGITTARIUS?

Zodiac Weddings Your Wedding Date: November 22 – December 21 The Sagittarius couple is very outgoing, adventurous, and worldly. There will most likely be a lot of travel in your future. You’re constantly learning and taking classes together, and you’re both incredibly open-minded as well. Nevertheless, you tend to take too many risks sometimes, particularly… Read more »

Victorian Moulin Rouge New Year’s Eve Party

Victorian Moulin Rouge New Year’s Eve Party Victorian Moulin Rouge New Year’s Eve Party @ St Pancras Renaissance Hotel, London. Enjoy a Parisian-Style New Year’s Eve, marvel at the spectacular live jazz, and party the night away at an event you’re sure to remember for years to come. £30 standing tickets will get you entry into… Read more »

Christmas Party Time at Ambassadors Bloomsbury

Christmas Party Time at Ambassadors Bloomsbury We like to keep things to the last minute.  Have you booked your office Christmas party yet?  If not, we may be able to help with your last minute needs. We offer stress free parties, you may wish to join lots of other guests at a shared event or… Read more »

Love is in the air at BMA House

Love is in the air at BMA House Our top 5 tips on planning the wedding of your dreams… Yes folks, it’s that time of the year again, when shops, online retailers and colleagues’ desks are full of everything red! Dreary and depressing for some, but oh so exciting for others who’ve been waiting in anticipation… Read more »

November Weddings superstitions

November Weddings superstitions ‘Married in veils of November mist, Fortune your wedding ring has kissed.’ ‘Love will come but riches tarry. If you wed in bleak November.’

Halloween – All Hallows Eve

You can bob for apples, dress as the bride of Frankenstein or Stephen King’s scary clown, or maybe even try to ignore Halloween and hide when the doorbell rings!… …BUT Halloween was traditionally about finding a husband and figuring out what sort of husband you would get married to! Here are a few Halloween tales: When… Read more »

Getting married under the Zodiac sign of SCORPIO?

Zodiac Weddings Your Wedding Date: October 23 – November 21 Scorpio is an extremely sexy and intense sign. There’s bound to be a ton of intimacy and passion inyour marriage, and you should have no problem keeping the romance alive over the years. Scorpio is also a sign of power and control though, so jealousy issues… Read more »

October Weddings superstitions

October Weddings superstitions Married when leaves in October thin, Toil and hardships for you begin.

Getting married under the Zodiac sign of LIBRA?

Zodiac Weddings Your Wedding Date: September 23 – October 22 Libra is the sign that rules marriage. This is probably why October is one of the biggest wedding months. Libra marriages are, not surprisingly, very much about balance and give and take from both partners. The relationship is a real priority to you and your… Read more »

Designer Vintage Headpieces

Designer Vintage Headpieces By Michelle Krausz Bespoke Wedding Headpieces, Tiaras  Every piece of vintage jewellery tells a story from a bygone era. Its wonderful to source only the most equisite materials from the 1930’s to 1960s, sculpting them into a bespoke bridal headpiece using fresh water pearls. Lovely photo by Queen for a day… Read more »

Something old Something new

Something old Something new Something borrowed Something blue We’ve all heard this rhyme used when someone gets married, but what does it mean? Wearing “something old” represents the bride’s past, while the “something new” symbolises the couple’s happy future. The bride is supposed to get her “something borrowed” from someone who is happily married in the hope that some of that person’s good fortune… Read more »

Getting married under the Zodiac sign of VIRGO?

Zodiac Weddings Your Wedding Date : August 23 – September 22 Virgo is an extremely organized, refined, and healthy sign. You and your husband pay attention to the little things and you’re all about the details. He’s your cheerleader and you’re his, which is why helping each other out comes so naturally. Though you may… Read more »

First Wedding Dance Styles DAY 7 Summary

First Wedding Dance Styles DAY 7 Summary 21/08/2017 ALISONLOVEOFDANCE We hope you enjoyed our daily First Wedding Dance Styles Blog over the past week.  It may be a wet summer, but this is our Summary Day! We have a winner! We’re pleased to announce the winner of our competition was Rachel Barratt who is getting… Read more »

First Wedding Dance Styles DAY 6 Freestyle Dance

First Wedding Dance Styles DAY 6 Freestyle Dance 19/08/2017 ALISONLOVEOFDANCE …and all the Dance Styles in between. This is our Wild Card Style day celebrating the first wedding dances that are a bit ‘left of centre’. The Wedding Dance YouTube videos have given rise to the phenomena of more adventurous couples wanting something a little… Read more »

First Wedding Dance Styles DAY 5 Jive & Swing

First Wedding Dance Styles DAY 5 Jive & Swing 18/08/2017 ALISONLOVEOFDANCE Get the Wedding Party Started with a Swing Swing dance styles are the more fun, vivacious dance styles to suit more up-tempo tracks – great first wedding dances to to get the party started.  There are many types of Swing Dance, including Lindy Hop,… Read more »

First Wedding Dance Styles DAY 4 Salsa & Rumba

First Wedding Dance Styles DAY 4 Salsa & Rumba 16/08/2017 ALISONLOVEOFDANCE Bring Your Sauce to the Dancefloor with the Latino styles Salsa If you want to bring a bit of sauce to your first dance or maybe your first dance song has a bit of latino flavour, Salsa is a good style to throw some… Read more »

First Wedding Dance Styles DAY 3 Waltz

First Wedding Dance Styles DAY 3 Waltz 16/08/2017 ALISONLOVEOFDANCE As part of our daily guide helping you choose your First Wedding Dance style, will it be a Wedding Day Waltz? Originating from Germany, the characteristic flowing rise and fall of the Waltz offers an ethereal, graceful quality when bride and groom dance in their wedding day finery…. Read more »

First Wedding Dance Styles DAY 2 Foxtrot

First Wedding Dance Styles DAY 2 Foxtrot 15/08/2017 ALISONLOVEOFDANCE Over the coming week we’re releasing a First Wedding Dance style per day as part of our guide to helping to choose a style for you. Today we’re looking at Foxtrot! Foxtrot is quite a common wedding dance style – a classic, romantic and smooth ballroom dance, couples… Read more »

First Wedding Dance Style

First Wedding Dance Style You know you want to learn a routine or have dance lessons for your First Wedding Dance, and may even have played out how the first dance might look in your heads.  The many viral wedding dance videos may have been inspiration for your daydreams – but which style of dance… Read more »

The Glasshouse on the Lock – Wedding Fayre Saturday 9th September 2017

Wedding Fayre Saturday 9th September 2017 Visit the Glasshouse on the Lock for their Wedding Fayre… The Glasshouse on the Lock is part of Holiday Inn London. Camden Lock is a true gem in the heart of the action where wedding guests are spoiled for choice, with local attractions pre & post their special day…. Read more »

It’s like rain on your Wedding Day…

It’s like rain on your Wedding Day… In some cultures, rain on your wedding day symbolises fertility and cleansing. A couple’s wedding was interrupted by a torrential downpour, and nine months to the day of the wedding, their child was born.   …it can also make for fantastic photos – get your funky wellies ready!

Getting married under the Zodiac sign of LEO?

Zodiac Weddings Your Wedding Date: July 23 – August 22 Leo couples are likely to have a very dramatic, theatrical, and passionate marriage. You both have strong opinions and you’re certainly not shy about sharing them. While it’s nice that there’s a lot of romance and passion, you do have a habit of getting too… Read more »

Choosing your Wedding Venue…

…choosing your Wedding Venue is on a par with choosing the right Wedding Dress… …and similarly comes down to the heart vibe as well as practicality. Fall in love with your Venue, after all it’s where your two hearts will entwine and you will leave as one, with an exciting future of togetherness ahead of you.  Visualise… Read more »

Getting married under the Zodiac sign of CANCER?

Zodiac Weddings Your Wedding Date : June 21 – July 22 Home is where the heart is for Cancers. You really like to pamper your husband (and vice versa). Cooking together is another shared interest. And don’t be surprised if you have a lot of cutesy nicknames for each other. The danger Cancers face is… Read more »

Karen Beadle – an introduction

I thought this would be the best way to say hello and introduce myself post Camden Weddings networking event. My background is extensive (training hair & beauty) so I’m able to work with make-up & hair depending on the client’s budget and number of people. My personal website KarenBeadle. Below are some further links to pass on to… Read more »

Who and What is All Events Childcare?

We would like to welcome All Events Childcare to our ever-growing list of wedding suppliers.  We asked Lisa from All Events Childcare to give us a bit of history about the company, so sit down, have a cuppa and have a good read.  Thanks Lisa. I set up All Events Childcare in February 2015 so… Read more »

Beach Weddings

It seems that beach weddings are one of the most popular ideas for those who marry abroad.  Most people head to warmer climates such as the Caribbean Islands or islands in the Indian Ocean.  Can’t you just imagine it now? Your feet in the warm sand, the sound of the waves crashing on the shore… Read more »

Not a Secret Society, Instead a Unique Wedding Venue

The Honorable Society of Grays Inn is one of four London-based Honorable Societies, the smallest in size yet the one with the biggest grounds and the only one that is licensed for weddings in Camden. In existence for over 600 years it is steeped in the traditions of the legal profession. For those not ‘in… Read more »

How are you getting to your wedding?

There is so much to consider when choosing your wedding transport. How many people will be in the vehicle? Where is the location of the wedding, a field in the middle of nowhere, or inner city? Who is paying and how much can you spend? Is there a wedding theme to stick to? I could… Read more »

Wedding dress choices….the list is endless!

Choosing a wedding dress, is the biggest decision of all. White is traditionally what brides go for but do you know why? Different colours have different meanings when it comes to getting married. There’s a little rhyme to remind us of what each colour means:   Married in white, you have chosen right, Married in… Read more »

Tips for Choosing a Wedding Photographer.

In order to savour the memories of your big day, you will need photos or video of the event.  I was fortunate to have a very talented family member who took some fantastic photos of my wedding, but how do you choose your photographer? On this occasion I thought I would hand over to one… Read more »

Wedding cakes….a brief history and how to choose yours.

Wedding cakes. I remember trying to come up with ideas for my wedding cake almost 10 years ago. It is such a personal thing but you want to keep it within the theme or you want it to reflect your personality or hobbies. In the end we decided to stick to the theme with a… Read more »

Wedding traditions from around the world….not what you would expect!

Weddings conjure up some great emotions and memories. There are all sorts of ceremonies ranging from forest weddings and beach weddings to registry office and your traditional church weddings. So I started thinking about traditions not only from this country but from all over the world and I once I started researching, I was surprised… Read more »

New Website

Very exciting to see a fresh, new look for CamdenWeddings, although I am still mourning the loss of the logo…