How to choose the perfect Wedding Cake?

How to choose the perfect Wedding Cake?

What is your perfect wedding cake?

Find inspiration from The Little House of Baking.

“When meeting couples a variety of factors help them choose the right design and flavour(s) of their cake.  “When creating cakes for our clients, the most important aspect of their journey is that first meeting, tasting delicious sponges is what every couple looks forward to whilst sipping away on a hot cup of coffee or tea.

Our lesson begins from that moment on, their likes and dislikes, their difference in opinions (part of the excitement) and their love and passion. This feeds in to the style of cake we make and the therapy begins…

When meeting couples a variety of factors help them choose the right design and flavour(s) of their cake. You could say that it is like furnishing your home.

Budget: It’s important to discuss this with your cake designer to ensure they can design a cake within your budget. The idea of faux tiers can help reduce the cost. Remember it is tradition to cut the bottom tier so ensure that is still a layer of cake

Design: Are you after the wow factor or simplicity? Whether you wish to have foliage and fresh flowers or traditional white and ivory designs. They are forever popular and far from being dull as you can do so much with a blank canvas. Other options include naked cakes with fruits/flowers, themed wedding cakes and cakes with lots of embellishments and trimmings. Whatever you chose it is all about you

Flavour(s) of sponge: Flavour and fusions are top of the list i.e. raspberry ripple with fresh raspberries, key lime and coconut and good old lemon. Not to forget vanilla and chocolate, they are still a match made in heaven and everlastingly popular. Fruit cakes are still around though seem to be decreasing in popularity.

We have an array of designs the ‘au natural naked cakes’ for those that love the rustic look with decadence of fresh fruit and flowers, to the traditional white and ivory cakes with the touch of lace and royal icing piping work or with the use of fresh or hand-made sugar flowers. Even themed cakes are on the cards for those that are quite adventurous.

What really matters is what you envision as your dream wedding cake. Trends are forever changing and as a couple it is up to you to find the style you love.

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