Wet Weather Weddings

Wet Weather Weddings

As I sit here listening to the rain pouring down I always think of
Brides and their day.

Don’t for one minute think it will be ruined by a deluge…

A lot of Brides will think it the worst thing that could happen, but be prepared and make it fun!

Don’t let it ‘rain on your parade’. Rain honestly doesn’t need to dampen your spirits!

One of the best weddings I’ve ever been to was in a yurt in a field with a great band
Indigo Blue (part of our CamdenWeddings team).

It rained like manna from heaven. The yurt leaked in places but the bride positively glowed with her dress hitched up and her funky welly boots on show, she splashed away on the flooded dance floor.

An umbrella was held over the keyboards to protect from one of the leaks and
a bucket placed in front of the singer as the band switched it up with
‘It’s like rain on your wedding day’, ‘Isn’t it ironic, don’t you think?’
The place absolutely irrupted, I almost sure the roof lifted, it was awesome!

That memory gives me goose bumps to this day!

SO, come rain or shine, it’s best just to be prepared with umbrellas and without a doubt welly boots.
Prepare a wet weather bag, leave it close by, a perfect job for a bridesmaid.

Always Have an Umbrella. It may not be used but it’s better to have one just in case.  There are some great bridal ones around.

Carry a Wrap/cover up so your dress doesn’t get soaked or dirty before your photos. It’ll keep you warm too.

Shoes to Boots, have a change of dry shoes or wellies boots. Welly boots look so cool in photo’s, whether funky pattened ones or cute bridal boots… …yup, they exist, with bling too!

Waterproof Your Make-up. Wear waterproof mascara, have tissues nearby for runny noses – not glamorous, I know!

Groom, don’t forget the groom too, spare pair of shoes or at least a pair of dry socks for afterwards will be a great help.

Mix your day up to suit the weather. It’s your day and you can change photo shoots, cocktail drinks to suit you (and the weather).

Photo’s, smile and embrace it enjoy your day, your way.
Get Soaked, when you’re ready to, some of the most awesome photos are when you let this happen but be sure you’re ready for it… …drop those brollies and dance in the rain, party in style with songs like Rihanna’s Umbrella to Gene Kelly’s I’m Singing in the Rain!
Have fun with it, splashing in water puddles, silhouettes in the rain, a soaking kiss in the rain, a rain shot a dusk… …get creative with your poses!

So whatever time of year you get married in the UK, whether it’s the mid  May or December the threat of rain on your wedding day is always there, just embrace it, it will be memorable for all the right reasons. You may even be lucky and get a Rainbow!