Month: April 2018

It’s a Meg(h)an thing…

It’s a Meghan thing… I overhear ‘my’ name so much these days, as the Nation prepares for the Royal Wedding but this time to a namesake, well almost ‘h’! Like all brides I’m sure Meghan Markle will be, excited, nervous, perhaps a little overwhelmed – after all its not everyday you get to marry a… Read more »

Birthstones by Krausz Jewellery

Birthstones Chart – Contemporary Jewellery Inspiration By Michelle Krausz Birthstone Chart for Bespoke Jewellery Inspiration There is nothing like a beautiful vibrant coloured gemstones to express your individuality, through wearing a piece of bespoke jewellery.   Colour and sparkle has the ability to lift your mood. Glancing down at your stunning diamond engagement ring would… Read more »

April Weddings superstitions

‘Married ‘neath April’s changeful skies, A checkered path before you lies.’ ‘Marry in April when you can Joy for maiden and for the man.’

What’s happening at The Betjeman Arms?…

…it’s all stations at The Betjeman Arms as the refurb is now well under way, the estimated time for this exciting rebirth is early April. The Betjeman Arms is the last pub and dining rooms before Paris or first back in Blighty! Steeped in history and located under the spectacular arches of the impressive terminus… Read more »