It’s a Meg(h)an thing…

It’s a Meghan thing…

I overhear ‘my’ name so much these days, as the Nation prepares for the Royal Wedding but this time to a namesake, well almost ‘h’!

Like all brides I’m sure Meghan Markle will be, excited, nervous, perhaps a little overwhelmed – after all its not everyday you get to marry a true life prince.

So I find myself thinking back to my wedding, it was a modest registry office ceremony for us, about 24 guests from memory. I am really not one for being the centre of attention and the thought of all eyes on me terrified me.
We chose to make our invites and I put my husband to be’s graphic design skills in to place. I had an idea, my wedding dress which he obviously wasn’t allowed to see had an embroidered design on the bodice, I took a photo and cut it so only the detail of the pattern showed and so our design was born. We made ceremony and party invites, we made gift tags to hang around the half size bottles of champagne that we had for each guest and many years later I even got the design as a tattoo, the ultimate personal one and only tattoo I shall ever have. Our wedding day really was the best day of my life and I truly enjoyed it so much, I often joke and ask my husband if we can do it again?!
So I guess I find myself thinking of Meghan, way at the other end of the scale – with absolutely all eyes on her.

So from from Megan to Meghan – enjoy your day, cherish the intimate glances you will share with Harry, your family and friends, the ones that we will not see because we simply don’t know you at that level, the little hand squeeze, the nod they will be yours to have and to hold forever dear in your hearts.

For us, the Nation we will enjoy seeing two young, happy, beautiful people walk down the aisle and we shall raise a glass to your future.


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