Pub Weddings in London: A Unique and Unforgettable Experience

In the heart of London, where history and modernity seamlessly blend, pub weddings have emerged as a sought-after choice for couples seeking a distinctive and unforgettable celebration. These charming venues, steeped in character and tradition, offer a refreshing alternative to conventional wedding settings.

The Rise of Pub Weddings

The growing popularity of pub weddings can be attributed to several factors:

Intimate Atmosphere: Pubs exude a cosy and inviting ambiance, creating an intimate setting for a wedding ceremony and reception. The warm and welcoming atmosphere fosters a sense of camaraderie and togetherness among guests.

Unique Character: Each pub possesses its own character, often reflecting the local history and culture. Exposed brick walls, wooden beams, and antique fireplaces provide a backdrop that is both visually appealing and authentic.

Flexibility: Pubs offer a versatile space that can be transformed to suit the needs and preferences of the couple. Whether you envision a rustic, bohemian, or elegant affair, a pub can be decorated and customised to match your wedding theme.

Affordability: Compared to traditional wedding venues, pubs are generally more budget-friendly. This makes them an attractive option for couples seeking a cost-effective yet memorable celebration.

Top Pub Wedding Venues in Camden, London

Camden, a vibrant and eclectic district in London, boasts an array of charming pubs that cater to weddings. Here are two of the most popular and highly-rated venues:

The Prince Albert Pub Camden:

Nestled in the heart of Camden Town, The Prince Albert Pub is a historic and iconic venue. With its stunning Victorian architecture, cosy interiors, and beautiful beer garden, this pub provides a picturesque setting for a wedding ceremony and reception. The dedicated wedding team ensures that every detail is taken care of, allowing couples to relax and enjoy their special day.

The Vine Pub:

Located in a quaint neighbourhood, The Vine Pub is a charming and sophisticated venue. The elegant interiors, featuring exposed brick walls and original fireplaces, create a warm and inviting atmosphere. The pub offers a range of flexible spaces, including a private dining room and a secluded garden, making it an ideal choice for intimate or larger weddings.

Pub weddings in London offer couples a unique and unforgettable experience. With their cosy ambiance, unique character, flexibility, and affordability, pubs have become increasingly popular venues for weddings. Camden, in particular, boasts an array of charming pubs that cater to weddings; these venues provide a perfect blend of history, charm, and modern amenities, ensuring a memorable celebration for couples and their guests. 

Top Tips for Saying Yes to the Dress in 2024: WEM Bridal Unveils the Perfect Guide for Camden Weddings

Congratulations to all the happy engaged couples who are preparing to Tie-The-Knot in Camden in the upcoming year! As we bid farewell to 2023, it’s time to look ahead and start planning for the big day. One crucial aspect of wedding preparations that often evokes an equal measure of excitement and anxiety is finding the perfect wedding dress. Thankfully, WEM Bridal is here to share some top tips to ensure you say “yes” to the dress of your dreams for your Camden wedding in 2024.

Start Early and Research:

Wedding dress shopping is an experience that should be enjoyed, not rushed. Begin your search as early as possible to allow enough time for alterations and any unexpected delays. Start by researching various styles, silhouettes, and fabrics that align with your personal taste and the overall vibe of your Camden wedding. Compile a collection of dress inspirations to guide you during your appointments.

Set a Realistic Budget:

Before stepping foot into a bridal boutique, establish a realistic budget for your wedding dress. Consider factoring in alteration costs and veils or accessories that may add to the total expense. By having a clear budget in mind, you’ll streamline your shopping experience and avoid falling in love with dresses outside your price range.

Consider the Venue and Season:

Camden provides a picturesque backdrop for any wedding. As you search for the perfect wedding dress, keep your venue and the season in mind. Sleek and modern dresses may complement an urban loft ceremony, while ethereal and bohemian styles are ideal for outdoor garden weddings. Additionally, consider the weather during your chosen season to ensure comfort throughout the day.

Embrace Professional Expertise:

When you visit WEM Bridal, trust the expertise of their knowledgeable stylists. Share your vision, theme, and any specific preferences you have, allowing them to select dresses tailored to your liking. Be open to trying on different styles or recommendations, as you may discover unexpected perfection in a dress you otherwise wouldn’t have considered.

Bring a Supportive Squad:

Choosing the right wedding dress can be an emotional journey, and having a supportive team by your side makes it all the more enjoyable. Bring along a small group of trusted friends and family members to offer guidance and celebrate with you. However, remember that ultimately, the final decision should be yours alone, ensuring you feel confident and beautiful on your special day.

Be Open to Trying Accessories:

Accessories can transform the look and feel of a wedding dress. During your appointment, experiment with various veils, headpieces, belts, and jewellery options that complement your chosen dress. WEM Bridal offers a wide selection of accessories to enhance your bridal ensemble, making your look truly unique and personalised.

Finding the perfect wedding dress is a journey filled with excitement, anticipation, and sometimes a touch of nervousness. By following these top tips and visiting WEM Bridal, you’ll be well-prepared to say “yes” to the dress of your dreams for your Camden wedding in 2024. Remember, enjoy the process, trust your instincts, and embrace the beauty of this momentous milestone as you embark on a lifetime of love and happiness.

The Magic of Music: How Louise Golbey Can Transform Your Camden Wedding into an Unforgettable Experience

When it comes to planning a wedding, one thing almost every couple wants is unforgettable entertainment that will have their guests talking for years to come. Whether it’s the intimate ceremony or the lively reception, the right music can truly set the tone for your special day. That’s why we are delighted to introduce the super talented singer-songwriter, Louise Golbey, whose soulful voice and captivating performances can create the perfect atmosphere for your Camden wedding.

Louise Golbey’s incredible talent lies in her ability to combine modern pop sounds with classic soul and R&B influences. Her vocals are smooth and powerful, instantly touching the hearts of listeners, creating an intimate and romantic ambiance. Whether it’s during your Camden Wedding Ceremony, as you walk down the aisle to one of Louise’s heartfelt ballads, or during your first dance together as a married couple, she can effortlessly set the mood for those special moments.

What sets Louise Golbey apart is her versatility as an artist. She is not just a singer, but also an accomplished songwriter, ensuring that her performance is personalised to your unique love story. From creating a bespoke song that encapsulates your journey as a couple to putting her own spin on well-loved classics, Louise’s ability to adapt and tailor her performances to your taste is truly impressive.

One of the most magical aspects of live music is its ability to connect people on a deep emotional level. Louise Golbey has a natural gift for creating a bond with her audience, effortlessly captivating the attention of everyone in the room. Your guests will undoubtedly be captivated by her charm, stage presence, and undeniable talent, ensuring a memorable experience for everyone attending your Camden wedding.

Louise Golbey’s experience and accomplishments in the music industry speak volumes about her talent and credibility. She has shared the stage with renowned artists such as George Benson, Ed Sheeran, Paloma Faith, and many more. Her songs have been featured on BBC Radio 2 and enjoyed international recognition, showcasing the reach she has as an artist. When you choose Louise Golbey for your wedding entertainment, you can trust that you are engaging with a true professional with an exceptional track record.

Your Camden wedding deserves the finest in live entertainment, and Louise Golbey perfectly fits the bill. Her beautiful voice, versatility, and ability to connect with her audience will add a touch of magic to your special day. Choosing Louise as your wedding singer ensures that the music will be an unforgettable part of the celebration, creating cherished memories for you and your guests. So, if you’re looking to elevate your wedding entertainment, don’t hesitate to embrace Louise Golbey’s talent and make your Camden wedding an event to remember!


Bound by the Threads of True Love: Burlesque or Bust

Welcome to Camden Weddings! In today’s blog post, we are thrilled to share an extraordinary love story that transcends borders and continents. Picture this: two star-crossed lovers, their paths intertwined by fate, finally meet for the very first time at the enchanting St Pancras International in London. Fast forward nine years, and this remarkable couple, bound by the threads of true love, revisits the exact spot where their beautiful journey began. As we celebrate their ninth wedding anniversary, we cannot wait to dive into their captivating tale, filled with romance, resilience, and the power of destiny. Join us as we embark on an unforgettable journey of love, showcasing the indescribable magic that can be found in the most unexpected places.

Firstly, a heartfelt congratulations to Antony & Priscilla Silcock, @SapphiraMusic & @Tonestepa the winners of our Valentine’s Day Photo Shoot Giveaway! These lovebirds recently celebrated their 9 year wedding anniversary at the very spot where their beautiful love story began.

From writing songs together across continents, Melbourne to Bristol, their connection grew stronger each day. Finally, meeting in person at St Pancras International their hearts were inseparable.

To commemorate this milestone, they embarked on a special photo shoot with Sam Lane Photography.

Exploring every corner of St Pancras, they captured the essence of their unique love story with a glass of Moet Chandon champagne at the stunning Searcys St Pancras.

Psst! Stay tuned, as this incredible love story has been immortalised in Sapphira’s autobiography and will soon be adapted into a movie!

Sapphira Music the multi-talented singer, dancer, and burlesque performer, is taking the world by storm once again with the release of her highly anticipated new book, Burlesque or Bust. Known for her captivating stage presence and empowering performances, Sapphira has become a prominent figure in the burlesque world, breaking boundaries and challenging societal norms. Now, with the release of her book, she invites readers on a journey behind the sequins, shedding light on the ups and downs, the glitz and the grit, of a burlesque performer’s life.

Burlesque or Bust offers an intimate glimpse into Sapphira’s personal journey as she unravels the layers of her own stories, dreams, and struggles. With candid storytelling and vivid anecdotes, she dives into the world of burlesque, exploring its rich history, the art of the tease, and the empowerment that comes from embracing one’s sensuality. Through her book, Sapphira hopes to shatter the misconceptions surrounding burlesque and inspire readers to embrace their own unique inner glamour.

The spot, literally, where we did our photo shoot is where Tony and I not only first met, but it’s with Eurostar I was able to complete another important mission! My book ‘Burlesque or Bust‘ references The Spot, which is King’s Cross and St Pancras, it’s where so many incredible meetings and events have taken place.  Possibly one of the most significant was when I caught the Eurostar to Paris to meet the composer of the song that really saved me during my dark time.


Beyond just a memoir, Burlesque or Bust acts as a guidebook for those who wish to explore the world of burlesque themselves. Sapphira shares practical tips and advice for budding performers, from creating breathtaking costumes to choreographing sultry routines. She also emphasises the importance of self-love, body positivity, and embracing one’s flaws as essential components of a successful burlesque career. Sapphira’s writing exudes passion and authenticity, captivating readers and encouraging them to embrace their own inner showgirl, unlocking their true potential.   

Sapphira taking a selfie with her husband Tony holding a copy of her latest book Burlesque Or Bust
Image courtesy: Sapphira Music, Burlesque or Bust

Priscilla and Tony would like to thank their kind and gracious landlords over the years Kathy O’Regan and Rainbow Properties.

Gorgeous Gray’s Inn: The Glorious Venue for Your Grand Wedding

Welcome to our wedding planning blog!

Planning a wedding can be a daunting task, but it’s also an exciting time in your life. Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and you want everything to be perfect. That’s why at Camden Weddings we’re here to help! We’ve scoured the London Borough of Camden to find the best wedding venues, photographers, caterers, suppliers and more. Our goal is to make your wedding planning process as easy and stress-free as possible. In this latest blog post, we’re going to showcase one of our favourite wedding venues in London – The Honourable Society of Gray’s Inn. This stunning venue is located in the heart of London and offers a unique and historic setting for your special day.

So, let’s dive in and see why Gray’s Inn is the perfect venue for your wedding!

Gray’s Inn Wedding Venue is an exceptional location for your special day. Set in stunning, peaceful grounds, moments from the bustle of Bloomsbury, the venue is located in the heart of London – Chancery Lane – 2 mins walk | Holborn – 7 mins walk | Farringdon – 9 mins walk; and offers a unique and historic setting for your wedding. With a variety of event spaces and rooms to choose from, you can ensure that your wedding day is perfect.

Founded over six hundred years ago and steeped in centuries of tradition, Gray’s Inn is one of London’s hidden treasures. As one of the four Inns of Court, it has a rich and colourful history in maintaining the independence, quality and integrity of the Bar and the Judiciary in England and Wales. Gray’s Inn offers a peaceful and intimate setting for your special day, with two licensed rooms for ceremonies as well as a breathtaking private five-acre garden, tucked away in the heart of Central London. Their expert events team of planners, operators and chefs offer a professional yet personal approach when helping you plan your wedding; and will ensure you receive service tailored specifically to you and your partner, helping to make it the day you have both dreamed of.

The venue features a stunning Great Hall, which can accommodate up to 180 guests. The hall is adorned with beautiful stained glass windows, oak paneling, and a magnificent double hammer beam roof.

Encapsulating the true nature, life and history of Gray’s Inn, the Hall manages to effortlessly combine intimacy, tradition and grandeur for any occasion. Captivating in its traditional surroundings, the Hall is decorated with historic paintings and heraldic shields. Several of the exquisite stained-glass windows date back to 1462. The historic Armada screen is believed to be made of oak timbers from a captured ship of the Spanish Armada, gifted to the Inn by Queen Elizabeth I. The balcony above this screen acts as a great vantage point for your photographer to snap some great photographs of the day. The Hall is the perfect centrepiece for your wedding day and requires minimal decorating, some simple yet elegant flowers or stunning silver candlesticks are all it takes to really elevate the space.

The venue also has a picturesque garden, which is perfect for outdoor receptions. The garden features a beautiful fountain and a variety of flowers and trees, providing the perfect backdrop for your wedding photos.

Gray’s Inn gardens are known as The Walks and were originally laid out in 1608 by the then Treasurer, Sir Francis Bacon, whose statue can be seen in the South Square. The Walks remain among the largest private gardens in London: five acres of perfectly maintained park entered through a pair of impressive iron gates. The gardens provide a peaceful oasis amidst the busy streets of Central London and are available throughout the year for drinks receptions and a picturesque spot for your wedding photos. During the June-July months the Walks are equipped with a luxury marquee structure, perfect for a summer wedding reception and entertaining guests in beautiful surroundings.

In addition to the Great Hall and garden, the venue also offers a variety of smaller event spaces and rooms. These spaces are perfect for more intimate ceremonies and receptions, and can accommodate up to 80 guests. The venue also has a team of experienced wedding planners who will work with you to create the perfect wedding. From catering to decorations, the team will ensure that every detail is taken care of, leaving you free to enjoy your special day.

You can find out more and book a tour here or get in touch with Ruta and her fabulous team:

A heartfelt thank you to all brides and grooms for sharing their special day with Gray’s Inn and to the incredible photographers who contributed their beautiful work: Daniel Jones, Kirsten Mavric and Liam Collard.

2023 Wedding Planning Tips with BMA House

Whatever stage you’re at in your wedding planning journey, we hope some of the below tips will help you create the perfect day for you.

Set a budget

An important first step is to decide what you want the budget to be for your wedding. This will be a driving factor in many of the decisions you make later down the line so should be one of the first things you think about.

Do some basic research into the costs for things like wedding venue hire, catering, dresses and suits, and flowers.

This will give you a rough guide for how much things cost, and you can then make a decision about what you think is a reasonable budget to set yourselves.

If any family members have offered to contribute, speak to them to find out what they’ll be comfortable spending.

Sometimes families like to contribute a sum of money and others would prefer to put their money towards specific things, such as your wedding dress, the bar, or the photographer.

Sometimes discussing budgets with someone you know that has recently gotten married can help, but don’t forget that each and every couples’ circumstances are different, no two weddings are the same, and therefore everyone’s budget is different so try not to compare and focus on what is important (and manageable!) to you.

There are plenty of ways to cut costs and still have the wedding of your dreams. Pinterest is usually a great tool to help with DIY ideas! But that’s a blog for another time…

Location, guests and venues

Once you have decided on a budget, you can start to look at where you would like your wedding to take place.

The location of your wedding venue often plays a big part in the wedding – couples often choose somewhere that means something to them, or that is easy for guests to get to (especially if guests are coming from overseas).

When you have decided on a location, you can start thinking about venues.

Get a grip on the approximate number of guests you’ll invite and an amount you’re comfortable spending before you start looking, as this will make it much easier to narrow down the venues you like that can accommodate your wedding and fit within your budget.

Some things to think about when choosing a venue;

  • What style do you want your wedding venue to be? Inner-city or countryside? Modern or historic? Classic or quirky? Whatever you choose, make sure it’s a true reflection on you as a couple.
  • Do you want your wedding venue to hold both your ceremony and reception? A lot of venues are registered for ceremonies, but some are not. Make sure the venues you shortlist can accommodate legal ceremonies if that’s what you would like to do. Additionally, if you would like to dry hire a venue and bring in your own caterers (e.g. Kosher) then make sure the venue allows this too.
  • How does the venue contact come across? Your first point of contact when speaking to the venue is likely to be the one to plan your wedding with you and run it on the day. Make sure this person seems nice, knowledgeable, considerate of your choices and respects your vision as their support is vital when planning the day of your dreams. However, don’t forget that they will know what works well in their venue (and what doesn’t!) and will advise on what they think is best – it’s a good idea to listen to their recommendations.
  • Do you require outside space? A lot of wedding venues (like BMA House!) have outside spaces which makes a really lovely addition to a summer wedding. If this is something that’s important to you, make sure you explore the options available and any restrictions there may be.
  • Do you get ‘that feeling’? When you have found the right venue for you, you’ll know. If it feels right, if you get butterflies, if you can picture yourself walking down the aisle there, it’s the one for you. Just make sure you have done the previously mentioned points before finding the ‘one’! Nothing worse than finding the venue of your dreams then realising it’s out of budget or doesn’t accommodate your guest numbers.

When you have found the venue for you or narrowed it down to a shortlist, go and visit more than once!

Two or three times if you need to. There’s no rush here, take your time to make sure everything is as you want it to be.

Your venue choice will affect all the other choices you make so it has to be right!

Wedding timeline

When you begin planning your wedding, it’s good to create a timeline of what you would like to have organised by certain dates.

This will help you stay on track and give you something to work towards.

You can buy books and magazines which provide these things in detail, and the BMA House Weddings team have put together a handy guide to help:


One of the main things guests remember from an event is the food! It’s important to have something that excites the senses, compliments the day and keeps guests satisfied.

Traditionally, weddings have what we call a ‘wedding breakfast’. This is the sit-down meal to be had after the ceremony, drinks reception and photographs.

It’s called the ‘wedding breakfast’ as it’s the first meal you have after getting married – it’s nothing to do with the next morning!

Lots of wedding venues still use this terminology so don’t get confused, it’s just another term for dinner. It traditionally consists of a starter, main course and dessert, followed by tea, coffee and petit fours. However, couples are increasingly choosing alternative options for their weddings and opting for a less traditional wedding breakfast!

Some of the alternative options BMA House Weddings offer that have proven popular with their wedding couples are street food, bowl food and afternoon tea! Choices that certainly get guests talking!

As well as food, drinks are a really important part of the day and your guests’ experience.

Instead of just the usual wine, beer and soft drinks, why not offer your guests something a little extra? Consider an interactive build-your-own gin or cocktail station, or a personalise-your-prosecco station.

Guests can pick their favourite drink and choose their own botanicals, mixers and syrups, and decorations to make it fun, interactive and personal.

It also makes for great photos too!

Whatever you choose, make sure it’s something you will enjoy! After all, it’s your special day.

Registrars and Celebrants

Once you have chosen your venue you will need to get in touch with the local council’s registrars to book in your ceremony on your chosen date.

The registrars are the ones who will conduct your legal ceremony and bring the documentation for you to sign.

This is necessary for making your marriage ‘official’.

However, something to consider when planning your wedding is how you would like your ceremony to run.

Your wedding venue should have a licence so you can carry out the ceremony in the venue and spend your whole day in that one place, but you are not restricted to this as a rule.

When a registrar is conducting your ceremony, it’s restricted by legislation and no religious or spiritual content may be included.

Registrars often conduct a number of ceremonies the same day, so they are also restricted to time.

They will arrange to meet you both separately for a pre-ceremony interview and any readings must be approved before the ceremony takes place.

If you wanted to make your ceremony more personal and bespoke to you, then there’s an option to use a celebrant.

Celebrants will work with you on your ceremony to reflect your ideas, values and personalities. You will be able to choose what is said, how the ceremony is conducted, how long it lasts and write your own vows.

Celebrants are used for that personal touch but the ceremony they conduct will not be legally binding so you will need to conduct a legal ceremony with your registrars as well.

This could be done on the same day at the venue or in the registry office before your guests arrive, or on another day completely.

*Images courtesy BMA House Weddings

It’s your wedding and you can choose how you spend your day!

Other points to consider

  • Prepare for some guests not to come.

It’s important to consider that about ten to twenty per cent of the people you invite won’t attend your wedding. This can be due to the location, date, expenditure, etc. so don’t take it personally and prepare yourself for this in advance.

  • Have a uniform children policy

There tend to be four choices you can make when it comes to children and your wedding: you can welcome all children with open arms; you could have an adults-only wedding so no children are allowed at all; you can include immediate family only; or you can hire a childcare service to look after the children during the wedding. However, it’s wise to avoid allowing some families to bring children whilst excluding others to prevent hurting feelings (unless of course, you have children in your bridal party)

  • Wedding politics

A very common cause of contention is the politics involved in weddings. This usually comes from the ‘they invited us so we should invite them’ situation, or family having strong (often differing) opinions and wanting things to be a certain way. However, you need to remember that it’s your day and everyone else is there because they love you and want to celebrate with you.

Feel-Good Ceremonies for Fabulous Days with Celebrant Kathryn

Image courtesy: Autumn Wild Photography

We caught up with new friend of Camden Weddings Celebrant Kathryn to discuss the advantages of having a personalised, unique ceremony with a celebrant! Plus, Kathryns’ Five-Step Recipe for creating meaningful, relaxed and unique wedding ceremonies for modern couples!

You deserve more than a template ceremony with your names inserted. A Celebrant wedding means you can reflect your personality, involve your pets, celebrate in a way that’s inclusive to you and so much more! The bit when you get married is, let’s face it, the whole reason for the day so it shouldn’t be just the boring bit you skip through – It should set the tone and get the celebration started!

Kathryn Palmer-Skillings @KPS_celebrant

Tell us about Kathryn?

Hello lovely! I’m Kathryn (she/her), I create warm, joyful, unique wedding ceremonies for modern couples making meaningful choices about their wedding day. I’m an empathetic, enthusiastic, cat-loving, feminist and occasional nerd. I’m passionate about people, love, inclusion and creating fabulous memories for couples who want a relaxed, fun-filled wedding ceremony.

When I’m not creating and celebrating weddings across the UK and beyond, you’ll find me living life with my husband David and our furry overlord Timba .C. Cat, in Penge, South East London. I’m all about community, the kind of person always ‘putting their hand up’ and getting involved in local projects with friends, and usually ending up in the pub for a G&T afterwards…

For all of the happy couples out there planning their future nuptials, considering getting married within the London Borough of Camden; what are some of the advantages for them, of booking a wedding celebrant to deliver a standout ceremony?

Every ceremony I create for each couple I have the joy to marry, is written completely from scratch. Couples deserve so much more than a template ceremony with limited options and your ‘names inserted here’.  Each and every word I write for a bespoke wedding ceremony and each element included, is chosen by the couples themselves and comes from our conversations as I get to know them both.

I’ve created ceremonies that start the party for couples who want a big celebratory atmosphere, surrounded by everyone dear to them. I’ve also created ceremonies that are reflective and filled with quiet meaning for couples who aren’t as sure of being in the spotlight and choose a more intimate setting. I’ve created ceremonies that are everything in-between.

As an accredited Humanist Wedding Celebrant, I create wedding ceremonies that are completely tailored to every couple I have the joy to marry. Couples who want to enjoy their ceremony, who want their wedding ceremony to feel heartfelt, but with a sprinkling of humour, and for their ceremony to reflect them. The couples I marry are often:

  • Planning personal touches across their day celebrating their quirks, passions cultures and communities.
  • Keen not to follow the crowd but still want their ceremony to feel familiar and sincere.
  • Challenging wedding traditions that don’t feel right and making meaningful choices that reflect them!
Image courtesy: Lyndsey Goddard Photography

Choosing a Wedding Celebrant is a really personal choice – What is it like to work with Kathryn as their celebrant?

You want the person creating and conducting your ceremony to be the right fit for you, to be someone who makes you both feel comfortable and who can be an advocate, a curator and a cheerleader for you and your wedding ceremony. Not every celebrant is right for every couple, how could they be?!

Here are some of the reasons couples book me, to help them decide if we’re the perfect match!

  • I’m a natural people person. I get energy from spending time with lovely people and making you feel valued – I’m an empathetic listener, always willing to support you to have the wedding you want. Lots of my couples talk about being made to feel at ease when, perhaps they didn’t expect to, or feeling supported through tricky situations.
  • I’m definitely an enthusiast! When I’m delivering your wedding ceremony I’ll do so with warmth and joy – when we first meet, I’m highly likely to chat to you exuberantly about your wedding plans – I can’t play it cool and aloof, it’s just not my style.
  • I love feeling connected to my community, but I’m not a natural on social media. You’ll find me posting pics of the eclectic range of things I like on the ‘gram, but I’m never going to be a pro at memes and reels – I much prefer blogging and connecting in for a chat. Most of my couples find me through word of mouth and most are similarly inclined to different ways of connecting.
  • I’m really values-driven and my couples tend to be too! I’m passionate about making a difference, supporting causes that matter to me and trying in my own way to make the world, and weddings, more inclusive.
  • I love making meaningful choices, I make choices based on what feels right, what aligns to my values and what I think will be fun. I don’t follow the pack or just accept ‘what’s expected’. Couples who book me are often the same, especially around wedding planning! I’m likely to get you thinking about what’s important for your ceremony, your wedding and your marriage – it’s big, exciting stuff!
Image courtesy: Kirsty Mackenzie Photography

What are some random, fun facts about Celebrant Kathryn that people may not know?

Some fun facts about me… I’m a transport geek. I used to work at London Transport Museum and have been known to recall the start and end points of London bus routes #1 to #40 from memory. I’m also an armchair sports fan and quiz fiend. When I’m not celebrating gorgeous couples at their wedding, you’ll find me cheering on/grumbling at; Dulwich Hamlet FC, Arsenal, and Minnesota Vikings, or watching Strictly, Richard Osman’s House of Games, Eurovision, Only Connect and RuPaul’s Drag Race!

Image courtesy: Ross Willsher Photography

What are your five steps to a fabulous wedding?

1 — Let’s catch up for a chat!

Finding a wedding celebrant is a really personal choice. Before you book, let’s catch up for a chat about your wedding planning, usually, this will be over Zoom. We’ll talk about what you both want from your wedding ceremony, I can answer any questions about humanist weddings and give a little insight into what it would be like working with me as your wedding celebrant.

2 — Signed and Sealed, I’m your Celebrant!

If you decide that I’m the wedding celebrant for you (yay!!) I’ll send some Terms & Conditions so we have a written agreement. I’ll also take a deposit to secure us both. I’m a serial monogamist, I only book one wedding per day, so once we confirm the date, I’m all yours!

3 — Creating A Wedding that’s Completely You

Next, we’ll have a couple’s wed-meet. This is the fun bit where I really get to know you both! I’ll get the key facts sorted, then I can focus on your love story and what brought you to wanting to say I do! From first date disasters, to a rom-com worthy “meet-cute”, to the complexities of blending families and building a partnership in this real messy world, this is the stuff that feel-good wedding ceremonies and fabulous days are made of!

As your wedding celebrant, I’ll guide you to make sure your wedding feels exactly that…Yours! From vows and promises to rituals and ring-bearers! Know what you want? Fab! Let’s make it happen! Struggling with where to begin? I can suggest readings, poems or songs to bring your wedding to life! If that’s already making you cringe, I’ll create something beautifully simple. All aspects of the ceremony will be chosen to focus on you, your love, and your story.

4 — Written with Warmheartedness

I’ll then craft and curate your unique wedding ceremony, weaving in warmth, joy and a sprinkling of humour. It will feel authentic to you both, flowing between storytelling & symbolism and brimming with celebration. I always aim for feel-good & fabulous at the first attempt, but I’m committed to it being the perfect fit. So if you need it nipped or tucked let me know…I’ll make sure it’s just right in time for your big day!

5 — Delivered on the Day!

On the day, I’ll be at your wedding venue early to make sure we’re all set. I’ll check in with photographers, venue staff, musicians and readers. I’ll also be there to reassure you both! Then, I’ll host your unique, feel-good ceremony, kicking off your fabulous day and your fabulous marriage!  

Image courtesy: Mark Bothwell Photography

Kathryn was excellent the whole way through the process. We had an initial call with her, and after we spoke to Kathryn we cancelled the other calls as we knew she was the celebrant for us. She was incredibly helpful throughout, was fun and wrote the most perfect ceremony for us. Everyone said how much they loved Kathryn and how the ceremony captured us both so well, it fit so perfectly. Which can only mean Kathryn understood us from the get-go and tailored her words around us as though she has known us forever. Not only will you love Kathryn, but all your guests will too!

Danielle & Ian, North London 
Image courtesy: Ross Willsher Photography

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Drag You Up The Aisle – Say it Loud, Say it Proud with Proud Fox Ceremonies!

In the spirit of Pride Month we’re going to #DragYouUpTheAisle with Celebrant Martin Fox-Roberts of Proud Fox Ceremonies where we’ll be finding out just what it means to be a Celebrant; and meeting Martins’ alter-ego the fabulous Maria Hurtz!

What does it mean to you, to be a Celebrant?

Ultimately being a Celebrant means that I can give couples choice and a chance for them to have the Wedding Ceremony of their dreams! Meeting couples and working with them to create their ceremonies, a space for them to express and celebrate; then see their reactions and the responses from their guests, gives me such a buzz!!

How did you get started in Drag? What’s the T!?

In my early years I started out as an Actor in theatre and TV, but my favourite job was doing Pantos, performing as the Dame!  Many years later I was organising my Husband, Neil’s 50th birthday party, for which I hired Leicester Square Studio Theatre and booked an all male burlesque show called Boylexe!  They asked me to be part of the show to give our Neil a surprise – we’ll I wasn’t madly keen on taking my clothes off in-front of family and friends, but they did have a Drag Queen Pianist and Singer, so I thought I’d do an act as a Drag Queen!   After I’d done it, friends encouraged me to enter into competitions.  So I did, but before I did, I enlisted on a Drag Course by Michael Twaites, which gave me a great foundation.

Tell us about the fabulous Maria Hurtz?

I have been performing as Maria Hurtz for the last six years, mostly in London at renowned venues including Royal Vauxhall Tavern, Soho Theatre, The Aeronaut and regularly perform at an East End pub, The Northcote in E11.  I was a Drag Idol Semi-Finalist and QX Magazine Awards Nominee for Best Drag Act and Best Comedy Act.  I love being the host of a cabaret night called, Can Can Cabaret, Un Cabaret De Cirque and for the last few years, a charity show for Lupus called ‘Reach Out And Touch’, with Wilmot Mulley. I can’t claim to be the first Drag Queen Celebrant, more likely that I’m the only accredited Drag Queen Celebrant currently operating and creating weddings in the UK.

What made you decide to combine the option of having either ‘Martin’ or ‘Maria’ as wedding Celebrant?

I decided to combine the two because I felt it would be really unique and wildly funny – Again offering couples a choice! But the ceremony is the start of the celebrations; it shouldn’t be the boring bit before the celebrations, so what better way then to start it all off with a big old camp Drag Queen!

For all of the happy couples out there planning their future nuptials, what makes having a Drag Themed Wedding standout?

The style of the ceremony is very much down to the couple.  We can keep it traditional or we can go wild!  Ideally with #DragYouUpTheAisle we create a show where the couple are the stars of their very own show; stood centre stage, surrounded by family and friends!  We can have dance routines, a sing-along, a lip-sync – The sky is the limit and remember we can do this anywhere, even at your favourite club or bar.

Although she is very careful not to steal the limelight away from the couple! Maria Hurtz is perfect for a Drag themed or Cabaret Themed Wedding – or if you just want to surprise your guests with something totally off the wall!  She might also be available for after the ceremony to entertain the guests with a set.

What does your fee include?

I’m a little bit different because I’ve combined all my other skills and put them in to packages for couples to choose!

So you can simply have me as (male) me #TheFoxyCelebrant – and as I’m a fully qualified & registered BSL Interpreter, I can officiate Wedding Ceremonies in British Sign Language, so Deaf couples and BSL users can have their Wedding in their first Language, without having to rely on an Interpreter #BSLWedding .  Also I’m an ITEC3 Holistic Massage Therapist, so I offer a Couples Massage session for when those Wedding plans start to feel stressful and finally I can offer you a Drag style Wedding with #DragYouUpTheAisle I’m a strong believer in being multi-skilled.  Armouring yourself for whatever life throws at you and with my skills and experience, I believe I can offer couples a lot to make their ceremonies utterly unique and totally memorable.   

I have three delicious packages to choose from:

The Proud Package – a standard personalised ceremony.

The Foxy Package – a personalised ceremony, which includes a symbolic Unity Ritual.

The Loud, Proud & Foxy Package – all of the above, plus a holistic therapeutic couples massage.

Also included is a couple of consultants, the Ceremony Certificate, a copy of your vows.  If couples are having a Unity Ritual, they get to keep whatever they’ve used, such as the rope from which they have Tied-The-Knot etc.  I will offer expert advice along the way and we’ll be in contact with each other via a WhatsApp group, so we can throw ideas back and forth or to simply be there whenever couples need that little bit of extra help.  I also include travel if it’s within the M25 radius.

How many meetings are needed before the wedding?

When I first receive an enquiry, I like to meet the couple face to face, either in person or remotely, which we are all used to now and chat about the ideas for their ceremony and to get a feel for each other.   Once I receive a booking form from the couple and responses to a questionnaire I send out, I arrange our first consultation when we discuss the couples plans and I start putting together the ceremony and the couples ‘Love Story’!  Then as we get closer to the Wedding day we’ll have another consultation when I go over the ceremony script together.

Can Proud Fox Ceremonies assist the happy couple in writing their vows?

I do encourage couples to write their own vows.  Although this doesn’t come easy for everyone, in which case I can help by offering ideas about how to structure them, what to include and how to make them really personal.

When do you arrive on the day?

I like to get there really early, at the latest an hour early.   When I arrive I will meet up with the venue coordinator, the Toast Master, the Photographer and Videographer, the DJ or Musicians, whom I will have already had contact with, to ensure we’re all working as a team.  I will check in on the couple, check that we’re all set up and then get ready to meet the guests and set the vibe or atmosphere.

Is there any mandatory paperwork that is required?

Apart from my paperwork, which is completing a Booking Form & Agreement and filling out my Questionnaire, the only other formality is registering your Marriage with the Registry Office to make your marriage legal.   It takes 15 mins and can be done before or after your Wedding Ceremony.   If you really wanted to, you could have it part of the Wedding Ceremony.  The Registry Office will offer you a ceremony too, but remember you don’t have to, that’s what your Wedding Ceremony is for and with a Wedding Celebrant your ceremony can be wherever you want it to be, (it doesn’t have to be in a licensed venue)! Include whatever you want to include and be as long as you want it to be!

Creating Foxy Ceremonies for Foxy Couples!

Giving Couples Choice!

Step into Spring with Sensational Wedding Venues & Suppliers

Wedding Flowers and Centrepieces by Florista

Spring has sprung, and that means Wedding Season has begun in Camden! Planning a wedding and looking for all the best Camden-based wedding venues and suppliers this Spring? Here are some of our featured April edits to give you a taste of all the sensational suppliers & iconic locations that Camden has to offer for a magical wedding day.

Bride Wedding Day Getting Ready
We love this perfect snapshot taken by Sam Lane Photography

You will already know that hiring a photographer is one of the essential ways to remember the beauty of your wedding day. But not all photographers are made equal, with some standing out above the rest. Sam Lane from Sam Lane Photography is a phenomenal photographer based at St Pancras, with easy access to just about anywhere within the London Borough of Camden and will capture the beauty of your wedding day from ceremony to reception so that you have cherished memories for the years to come.

Now that you’ve discovered one of Camden’s best photographers, it is time to find the perfect venue for your Spring or Summer Wedding. BMA House is not only a stunning venue, but their outdoor wedding areas are amazing, allowing you to enjoy the best of Spring with a historical backdrop. Their courtyard and gardens will give you stunning photos to remember your day forever.

Image courtesy of BMA House

Introducing The Lady Ottoline – Intimate, elegant and photo ready. This beautiful location is available to hire for your wedding day, offering a picture-perfect setting for the most memorable of wedding receptions! Comfortably catering for weddings as small as 10 guests for your nearest and dearest; or up to 120 guests for larger celebrations. You’ll also have a dedicated Events Manager to help pull everything together from food to entertainment. Located just down the road from the British Museum – It’s a 7 minute walk from Chancery Lane Underground Station, or a 10 minute walk from Russell Square.

Beautiful upstairs dining room offers an intimate, welcoming space for you to celebrate special occasions and enjoy memorable meals with family, loved-ones and friends.
Seated – 40
Standing – 60
Enquire Here
The smaller of the two, named after Lady Ottoline Morrell herself. Flooded with natural light in the summer and filled with a candle-lit glow in the winter months, the room oozes charm and character.
Seated – 14
Standing – 20
Enquire Here

A Spring wedding should be a celebration, and what’s a celebration without excellent entertainment? EarCandy, who offers the choice of a live band or DJ, are all about creating moments where memories are made and people are brought together to celebrate.

Image courtesy of EarCandy

Need a little more inspiration? Why not visit the Camden Wedding Fair? Taking place on Saturday 30th April, this is the perfect place to step into spring wedding fever and plan your perfect day. Happy couples, come and enjoy Free Tickets (you only need to register online Here to attend).

Did we forget to mention that EarCandy and their live acts will be playing live during the fair? This is the perfect event to attend if you’re planning on getting hitched this year in 2022 or getting married in 2023!

Valentine’s Day Forecast: Sparkly with a side of #Engaged

It’s no secret that February is a favourite time of year with many happy couples affirming their love for one another. In fact, a whopping 85 percent of all engagements happened during the festive period between Christmas Eve and New Years’ Day according to Your London Wedding; and after Christmas, Valentine’s Day is top of the list for popping the question.

Planning a proposal and announcing your engagement on Instagram these days is kind of a big deal. Announcing it on Valentine’s Day takes it to a whole other level. Next week on 14th February many happy couples in London will be declaring their love in different ways, so naturally you’ll want to get creative to differentiate your proposal if you want to stand out in the midst of that sea full of #diamondporn close-ups! But what must you, or should you say? How can you possibly plan to capture such a powerful, life-changing event whilst still keeping things truly bespoke, unique to you and your significant other? 

SPECIAL OFFER! We have 50% off all custom proposal planning options if you make a booking with @amore.proposals before Valentine’s Day!  

Book before 14th February for your proposal to be planned anytime up until the end of May 2022 and receive 50% off the planning price!

Message Olivia now to get started planning your perfect proposal and get set for your biggest adventure yet.

Two Souls, One Heart – The beginning of forever! Image courtesy Unique Rings Ltd

Choosing wedding rings can be a daunting experience during a time when there is already much to think about and organise. Featured Supplier: Unique Rings of Hatton Garden offer a bespoke service tailored to your needs, to ensure that you find the perfect rings to symbolise your enduring love and commitment for one another. To learn more about this specialist Hatton Garden Jeweller, hop on over to our ‘Wedding Suppliers’ Section for more info and inspo to see how we help happy couples plan their perfect day in London Borough of Camden.

VALENTINE’S DAY GIVEAWAY!! Newly Engaged? Planning to ‘Tie the Knot’ in 2022? With Valentine’s Day just around the corner – This one’s for You!

Featured Supplier: @samlanephotography is giving You the Chance to Win an amazingly unique hour-long Couple Photo Shoot followed by a bottle of Searcys Champagne at @searcystpancras located next to Eurostar on The Grand Terrace; as you Sip in Style soaking up the iconic atmosphere of St Pancras International.

All You have to do to Enter is:
Like & Follow @samlanephotography (and/or Twitter/saml242) and Tag Your Partner by 14th February 2022. The Winning Couple will be selected at random from all social media; and informed at Midday on Valentine’s Day. The photo shoot should take place before June 30th 2022 at a date and time convenient for all parties. Good Luck!

She Said Yes!!! with Sam Lane Photography
Image Courtesy: Sam Lane Photography

Add some Romance with these Fun Date Ideas!

Make it a date to remember at The Vine

Treat your special someone to delicious food & drinks this Valentine’s Day at one of their favourite local spots.

Featured #pubwedding venue @thevinenw5

Get in touch with Ana and their friendly team here to book a tour of this fabulous venue! 

Enjoy 3 Courses for £40 – Book a table here
London Tours For 2

Introducing Featured Supplier: London Tours for 2 newly established in 2022. Their shuttle is a pedal assisted luxury form of eco transport. They provide chauffeured tours to show you London in a fun and unique way and also offer a shuttle by the hour service which gives you control of your day.

The beauty of their shuttle is it’s versatility and when they are not touring the streets of London they’re available for weddings, special occasions and photo-booth hire. Being the only of its kind, the shuttle is the perfect added extra to your special day and can be tailored to suit your vision. To check availability & make a reservation get in touch with Grace here where their team will be happy to answer any questions you may have and provide more information.

Getting Hitched: Top Tips for Planning a Proposal

Wedding Proposal Service London
Images Courtesy Amore Proposals

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere we go! Thinking of ‘Popping the Question’ this festive season? Are you or your significant other looking to take your relationship to the next level? The past two years have taught us all so much, reminded us that life can be short and for us all to be more grateful and kind. We’re sure you won’t ask for much this Christmas…you probably won’t even wish for snow (although apparently it’s on it’s way according to the Met Office)…you just keep on waiting underneath that mistletoe!

We’ve teamed up with Amore Proposals to find out how they create unique moments and memories that will last a lifetime.

What differentiates this fun-filled bespoke Wedding Proposal Planning Service from their competitors is Olivia and her team really listen to their clients; creating out of this world proposals tailored to their specific needs and desires, and ensuring that every detail is covered! As well as this, they can also create promise proposals if you aren’t yet ready to make a marriage proposal. Amore’s custom proposals are completely personalised and won’t be found anywhere else online! Including an all-inclusive proposal package designed with you in mind to create a luxury and memorable event.

Amore Proposals Logo

Amore recently planned a proposal for a music artist in the UK. He wanted a restaurant in Scotland that could play a song that he had written and recorded for his fiancée to be. He also wanted a woodland style accommodation near the restaurant. They went through quite a few different options and went with a beautiful restaurant in the Scottish Borders who played the song and also presented the ring on a steam dome plate. They also arranged a cute cottage with beautiful views for that evening. Olivia made all the necessary arrangements and ensured everything went to plan and on the night she said ‘YES’! Congratulations to the lovely couple!

Top Tips for Planning a Proposal

Make it meaningful. Your partner will love if you have put a lot of thought into the proposal and the meaning behind it. For example you could choose to propose in the place you first met, where you shared your first kiss or where you first said ‘I love you’. Some other things to make it meaningful could include their favourite song or favourite flowers. All of these things will make the day that extra special.

Make sure to start looking for and buying a ring two to three months before you plan on proposing. If you have no idea what ring they would like look at their Pinterest boards, ask their mum, sister or best friend. When you go to buy the ring take one of their rings with you so you know what size to get. It would be a really good idea to also take the insurance out on the ring when you buy it.

Consider whether the proposal should be public or private. Would your partner want all eyes watching as you get down on one knee? Or would they prefer a more intimate moment with just the two of you? If your unsure ask close family or friends who you trust and if in doubt play it safe and go for a more private proposal.

Make sure your partner has a perfect manicure before you propose. They’re going to want their nails to look great in the after proposal pictures wearing their ring. And if you don’t want to be too obvious try asking a friend to take him/her.

Hire a photographer. Almost everyone who is getting proposed to wants that special moment captured on camera. It creates a forever memory that you can look back on and show family and friends. You can hire a photographer or videographer to be discreet if it’s a private proposal. If you’re on a tight budget you can always ask family and friends to be there discreetly and take pictures as well. Check out Sam Lane Photography Amore’s preferred Engagement and Wedding Photography supplier.

Plan what to wear. Depending on the location and what sort of proposal you’re doing, you will probably want to wear something smart but with big pockets with no holes so it’s easy to hide the ring. If your partner believes in this tradition then make sure to ask their parents before you propose. I’m sure your partner and your future in-laws will appreciate the sentiment. If they aren’t interested in this tradition then try thinking of other ways to get the parents involved for example helping choose the ring or help plan the proposal, this way you gain respect from them and it’s a great bonding experience.

Winter Proposal Ideas

Put the ring in their stocking for them to find on Christmas Day.

Propose in the snow, it makes a great backdrop for pictures.

Ice skating would be a great date activity to do together and surprise your partner by popping the question!

Cozy up under a blanket in a horse and carriage ride.

To find out more proposal tips every week and get in touch with the fabulous Olivia to see how she can make your dream proposal a reality – Check out Amore’s Instagram: @amore.proposals

Apple-y Ever After: A Boo-tiful Wedding – Fangs for the Memories!

Blood red and black dress with black veil for the bride & red and black suit for the groom –
An unexpected choice that evokes a dark and glamorous spin on the traditional white dress.

When witches go riding & black cats are seen, the moon laughs & whispers, tis’ near Halloween! For those who want to make a bold statement with their wedding, Halloween is a great option. It’s a non-traditional day for weddings, as well as allowing for creativity that isn’t seen in conventional ceremonies.

If you are planning on getting married at the end of October and love Halloween, why not incorporate pumpkins and goblins into your wedding theme? From ghoulishly gorgeous decorations to spellbound stationery – Perfect for Halloween nuptials; that is exactly what Luke and Gemma decided to do, for a spooky and stylish day to remember when they both tied the knot at the Glasshouse on the Lock (Holiday Inn Camden Lock), back on Thursday 31st October 2019 giving ’til death do us part’ a whole new meaning.

“Dress how you fancy or in fancy dress” – Luke and Gemma opted for a red and black colour palette which worked (a total treat) and was more sophisticated than scary! All staff on the day, including photographers (Sam Lane Photography) attended in fancy dress – Even the registrars wore black and red!

Samantha Lane of Sam Lane Photography
embraces the hauntingly beautiful Game of Thrones throne, guillotine, hangman’s gallows and coffin photo props.

What do guests wear to a Halloween Wedding? Dress in neutral or darker colours to ensure you won’t clash with the decor at the reception. Plus, a dress or suit suited to Halloween will go well with any Halloween themed mask or accessory you may choose.

We caught up with the happy couple a few months ago as Luke and Gemma were preparing for the new addition to their family!

Just last month they welcomed baby Conor, the Cutest pumpkin in the whole patch, in time for him to enjoy his first Halloween!

Congratulations Luke and Gemma!

Baptism of Luxury with L’oscar London

Introducing our newest Camden Weddings Venue member L’oscar London – A luxurious 39 bedroom boutique hotel set near Covent Garden. Housed in a Grade II listed building and what used to be the old Headquarters of the Baptist Church, much of the decoration was created by some of the best artists and craftsmen of the time, featuring ornately plastered ceilings, carved fireplaces, oak panelling and finely worked plaques. Imagination and detail is woven into the very fabric of this Sunday Times Travel Awards Best London Hotel Winner; from the sumptuously-decorated bedrooms, velvet and leather interiors, exquisitely-unique Champagne coupes, crystal butterfly wing taps and a seven-storey chandelier. The perfect venue for any Wedding Ceremony or Civil Partnership.

Make a grand entrance
Images courtesy: L’oscar London
Step through the L’oscar London doors and immerse yourselves
into a mesmerising escape in the city.

A Divine Venue

Looking for wedding inspiration? Finding the right place to tie the knot that fits with your personality can be tough. From historic and intimate to the unusual & unique – L’oscar London are licensed to hold Wedding Ceremonies and Civil Partnerships in all of their Private Event Spaces; with a wonderful team on hand to help you plan every last detail. Whether in the divine setting of The Baptist, a breath-taking former chapel, the rich and seductive Committee Room or the warm and elegant Library, L’oscar is the ideal venue for your special day. Their aim is to create you a personal and bespoke wedding or ceremony, catering to your every need and they’re here to help bring your ideas to life and to make it a truly memorable occasion.

The Committee Room
26 guests for dinner
50 guests for a cocktail reception

Located on the first floor, The Committee Room is steeped in history. It features an original fireplace, a vaulted hand plastered ceiling and a Royal Doulton terracotta plaque carved in 1903. The formality of the oak panelled walls is wonderfully offset by the large, playful peacock paintings, the bird lighting and other eye-catching bespoke furnishings.

The Library
72 guests for dinner
100 guests for a cocktail reception

Housed within the Grade II listed building, the Library offers a breath-taking level of craftsmen-ship. Guests are surrounded by stunning oak panels and glass cabinets. A highly decorated ceiling and an original Arts & Crafts fireplace provide additional delightful features.

The Baptist
60 guests for dinner
150 guests for a cocktail reception

The Baptist is set within the building’s Grade II listed chapel. Lovingly and painstakingly restored, this grand octagonal double-height chapel is one of the most iconic venues in the Capital. The chapel upstairs can provide an exhilarating dining experience, while downstairs the bar is decadently-designed and unapologetically sexy, ready for you to dance the night away! That reminds us – It’s just one more day until the doors of The Baptist Bar reopen – To find out more about this truly incredible venue and what it would be like to host your special day with L’oscar London; to book a tour or make a reservation to enjoy endless cocktails, weekly live entertainment and an atmosphere like no other click here

It really is a rite of passage!

All Aboard St Pancras By Searcys

Images Courtesy Sam Lane Photography

St Pancras by Searcys is a brasserie and champagne bar, located in the very heart of London. Located on the Grand Terrace, Upper Concourse at St Pancras International Station, the champagne bar overlooks this iconic station making it the perfect place for people watching, conversation and some bubbly! Cosy leather booths seat six of your nearest and dearest, and a ‘Press for Champagne’ button means your glass will never run out! The brasserie is inspired by the golden age of travel with 20s themed decor, and the sound of trains underneath your feet will take you back to a simpler time, giving you a place to unwind before embarking on your journey.

Private Hire

If you’re celebrating a special occasion you can hire out the champagne bar for private functions. This grand space offers space for 180 dinner guests, or 400 standing. The restaurant itself transforms into a seriously stunning wedding reception venue that will be the envy of all of your guests.

The brasserie can seat up to 150 dinner guests, or 250 for a standing reception. Both spaces are beautiful and completely unique to each other so you can choose whichever suits you and your style more.

St Pancras By Searcys offer bespoke packages to suit whatever your needs are, or you can choose from the mouth-watering seasonal delights they offer. For a wedding venue, it doesn’t get much better than this – classy and elegant, beautiful food and drink, and a one-of-a-kind setting.

If you’re planning a wedding, but aren’t sure where to book your reception then St Pancras by Searcys is a serious contender. Imagine celebrating your marriage above one of the world’s most famous train stations, with roaring 20s inspired decor all around you. St Pancras by Searcys will take care of the whole event, from start to finish – all you need to do is enjoy yourself!

Wedding Ceremonies

This super venue is also licensed to perform wedding ceremonies, so if you’re thinking of having a civil ceremony, but aren’t sure where to go then consider St Pancras By Searcys for this too! It will make the day so much easier as everything will be in one place, organised by the same people, and all done with you in mind.

Your wedding ceremony will be held on the Grand Terrace, overlooking St Pancras International, bathed in natural light, directly under the intricate display of the Barlow Shed – a truly unique spot.

Table Arrangements & Wedding Flowers styled by Vital Flowers

After the glorious ceremony, you can head over to the bar to welcome your guests with a decadent champagne fountain – really wowing your guests. Then for the wedding breakfast you can head to the brasserie where you and all your guests will be treated like royalty, with excellent table service, a fully equipped bar, and exquisite food.

Image Courtesy St Pancras By Searcys

For anyone looking for a stunning City Venue with (easy access to just about anywhere) to hold their celebrations, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Penelope and her wonderful team, who would be more than happy to provide you with a bespoke offer and assist you with the planning of your special day! You can also download a copy of their Wedding Brochure here:

A Look Back at Step 4 -Weddings Back to Normal!

It’s been over a week since the step 4 easing of lockdown meant life mostly went back to normal. We know how it’s affected us personally, being able to see our friends and family, and being able to go out to eat again.

But what has this step meant for businesses?

Businesses in Step 4

For the longest time, businesses have been closing, opening, and partially opening. But now that we’ve entered step 4, all businesses can reopen completely. This includes nightclubs and other adult entertainment venues. All capacity restrictions have been lifted at sporting events, gigs, and other business events. This means that you can attend any events, go to restaurants with friends, and basically just start to get back to the way life was before Covid.

Businesses are still required to clean to a high standard, improve airflow in poorly ventilated areas, and encouraged to provide a QR code for those who still wish to check in with the Test & Trace system.

Covid Pass

Some businesses will be encouraged to use the NHS Covid Pass as a condition of entry. This means that people will have to show their vaccination status or test results. The good news is that not all businesses will be required to do this. It’s most likely to be high-capacity venues such as sporting arenas and nightclubs – where people are more likely to be in contact with others outside their bubble.

Bride wedding dress Renaissance Hotel St Pancras
Soon to be Mrs getting ready at
St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel London

Weddings and Other Life Events

Although the easing into step 4 has been mostly good news that life is returning to normal, the best part about it is that weddings are back to normal. Weddings, funerals, and other life events such as christenings no longer have a limit on the number of people who can attend.

This means that you can go ahead with your dream wedding, with all of your family, friends, and other loved ones present. There are also now no restrictions on singing, dancing, and table service which means that weddings are basically completely normal. You do not need to socially distance and you don’t need to wear a mask. That’s a relief for many – finding a mask to match your outfit is hard work!

However, if someone has tested positive, or been instructed by the NHS Test & Trace app to self-isolate they still must, even if they’ve been vaccinated. So make sure to instruct all your guests to be careful in the run up to the wedding – you don’t suddenly want half your wedding party in isolation!

Camden Weddings

For us, this means that all of our wonderful wedding venues and suppliers are now back working at full capacity – ready to make your big day as special as ever. Every business we work with is Covid compliant and keeps their business clean and ready to welcome you back.

All of our partners have the best interests of their staff and customers at heart so they will ensure that, although the restrictions are lifted, everything continues to be just as safe as before. If you’re concerned about any aspect of your wedding, whether it’s the venue capacity, the airflow, Test & Trace, or table service, our partners will work with you in order to make your day perfect. This first week of easing into step 4 has proven effective, with everyone remaining cautious, but optimistic.

After all, we’ve all been through a lot this last year, and we all deserve a day that’s as special as we are.

Eyes Like a Shutter, Mind Like a Lens: In Focus with Sam Lane Photography

Now that weddings are back on, it’s time to start planning! If this doesn’t fill you with joy, then worry not, Camden Weddings are here to help you. Here you’ll find absolutely everything you need in order to make your special day as stress-free as possible.

Founded by Samantha Lane in 2013, Camden Weddings focuses on all things related to weddings in the London Borough of Camden.

Sam herself is a highly experienced photographer, with a passion for capturing events and working with people. Just a few of the incredible things on Sam’s experience list include being the go-to photographer for UK Rail Networks such as High Speed 1, Network Rail, and the Eurostar. Sam has a real love for photographing trains, and her years in marketing communications mean she can work within brand guidelines and adhere to specification easily and efficiently. No wonder then that she was also chosen to photograph Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and her late husband, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. She was also commissioned to work with the Samaritans on their ‘Brew Monday’ campaign in 2020, photographing Dame Julie Walters among many other TV personalities.

However, Sam doesn’t just believe in the corporate power of photography. She also knows that photographs mean a lot to the people in them, which is why wedding photography was a natural choice for her. On the most special day of your life, you want to be able to relax, safe in the knowledge that these amazing memories will be captured in exactly the way you want. Sam will provide you with several options for what you want your wedding photographs to look like and will ensure these standards are met. She offers a pre-meeting where you can discuss what you want. Whether you want a traditional, formal photoshoot, some candid snaps of the day, or somewhere in between. This pre-meeting allows you to find out exactly how Sam works, and you’ll see that she can meet your needs.

Not content with just photographing weddings herself, Sam set up Camden Weddings, which provides wedding planners and couples with all the best venues and supplier info they could need for planning a wedding in the Camden area of London. Sam herself lives in St Pancras, so she knows that area very well. This means that you can trust all the people that are there – Sam has probably visited them in person! She is located within walking distance to many venues, perfect for being able to vet them beforehand. Not just that, but if you’re getting married in Camden and need a photographer, Sam will be able to get there easily – meaning you won’t have to worry about your photographer getting stuck in traffic or lost!

Sam Lane Photography offers several different packages to suit all budgets. If you’re planning a wedding on a budget, this is extremely important, as anyone who’s been there before will tell you. If you can save money, whether that’s on the catering, venue, or photographer – you should. It will take so much stress off the big day. And with Sam Lane you know that you’ll still get some gorgeous wedding photos – for a fraction of the cost.

So, whether it’s a very present, traditional photographer you’re looking for, or a barely-seen photographer who captures the unposed moments of the day – Sam’s your girl! Her experience, passion, and dedication to your big day is unparalleled and you won’t be disappointed. For more info and to contact Sam directly visit:

Bank Holiday Weekend with BMA House

Looking for a historic London venue located within an opulent setting,
boasting a beautiful backdrop to your wedding ceremony?

Saying “I do”, is one of the precious moments you will treasure for the rest of your life. But beforehand you need to make sure that everything is in perfect order. Finding the right venue to tie the knot that fits with your personality can be tough. From historic & intimate to the unusual and unique.

BMA House in Tavistock Square is a stunning, Grade II listed building which was designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens in 1911 and has been home to the British Medical Association since 1925. Recently updated with state-of-the-art AV facilities, their array of decadent spaces offer guests an inspiring environment in which to meet and mingle. Also with two large outdoor areas – an impressive Courtyard and a tranquil botanical Garden – a rare find for such a central location.

Distinct from other central London venues BMA House places sustainability at the heart of everything. In 2017, a dedicated team worked tirelessly to achieve GOLD accreditation with Green Tourism, one of just five venues in London, no mean feat for a Grade II listed building. This prestigious certification was awarded for their inspirational environmental ethos and excellent practices throughout the business. The team work with a Nutritionist to develop menus centred around responsibly sourced ingredients with wellbeing at their core which sustain energy levels and promote healthy eating.

BMA House exudes character, warmth & charm; and offers a stylish yet relaxed setting for an idyllic wedding. From the moment you place an enquiry you are guaranteed a personalised wedding planning service in the run up to your special day. The events team makes sure all the spaces have picture-perfect settings and they can also adjust the settings according to your preferences. Its architecture and period features tell the story of its past and with dozens of spaces to choose from – including a botanical Garden and beautiful Courtyard – you’re sure to find the perfect space in which to entertain your guests.

Images courtesy of BMA House

For a Ceremony with a difference BMA House have four licensed unique spaces where couples can say ‘I do’. For large ceremonies of up to 200 guests experience the grandeur of their Great Hall, and for more intimate gatherings of up to 60, the Prince’s room is the perfect fit. The Paget room can comfortably host up to 150 and its neighbour the Snow room, up to 100 and their fantastic caterers, CH&CO are experts in preparing and serving exquisite food and drinks. Offering four wedding packages to choose from including: The Lavender package, The Rosemary package, The Thyme package and The Daisy package, you will find it hard not to tempt those taste buds – Full details and view their Wedding Brochure here:

Wherever you are with your wedding journey and given the further easing of restrictions with the government roadmap out of lockdown on track for Step 4 by 21st June, there has never been a better time to start planning your perfect day. To find out more and plan your visit – Get in touch with Victoria Lewis and her incredible team for advice, guidance and to help you arrange a wedding that is as unique as you are:

The Road to Your Dream Wedding: Lockdown Easing

Feel Like Amanda!

The past 18 months have been difficult for everyone. None more so than the Weddings and hospitality industry which has essentially been closed since lockdown began last March. But the light is at the end of the tunnel, and with the latest easing of restrictions on May 17th, the hospitality industry can finally start to get back to normal.

This is especially true of hospitality in London, which makes up a significant portion of all industry in the city. From 17th May, indoor venues can fully open, with some slight modifications. The rule of 6, or maximum of two households will still be in effect. But it’s a start to getting back to where we were before the pandemic.

Also from this date, the number of people who are allowed to attend a wedding will go up to 30. This means that people who were planning a small-ish and more intimate wedding can go ahead as planned. Of course, if you were planning a bigger wedding, but just can’t wait any longer, this is your chance to have a small gathering of loved ones.

The other good news for the hospitality sector in London is that hotels, B&Bs, and other types of accommodation can reopen fully. This means that if you’re planning a wedding and have guests coming from slightly further afield, they will now have the option of staying overnight. All of this reopening can only serve a good purpose if you’re planning a wedding in the Camden area of London. It will mean that you are able to have more loved ones with you on the best day of your life. And with the hotels reopening on top of that, it opens up a whole load more possibilities for people to be able to attend.

With restaurants and cafes now able to seat people inside, this too gives you more options for planning your wedding. Although you can still only have a maximum of 6 people, or two households, this does mean you can have an intimate wedding breakfast with your nearest and dearest. The best part about this stage of the lockdown is that restaurants are opening up their indoor eating facilities too. This means that you won’t have to worry about the weather interfering with your plans on your big day. You can be confident in knowing that regardless of the weather, you’ll be able to have a small celebration with a meal in the safety of a nice warm restaurant.

For anyone considering getting married within the London Borough of Camden, the time to start planning your wedding is now. If the last year has shown us anything, it should be that we should make the most of what we have while we have it. So, go ahead and start planning your big day, today!

For all of your wedding needs, Camden Weddings has you covered. We have an extensive list of licensed ceremony and reception venues, including St Pancras Brasserie and Champagne Bar by Searcys located at St Pancras International Station and the Kimpton Fitzroy London, as well as suppliers for everything from unique rings and vital flowers to hair and top-notch photography.

All of our super venues and suppliers have been preapproved by us, so you can rest easy knowing that you’re in good hands. All this information is free to view, so there is no extra cost in what is already an expensive process! It’s your one-stop-shop for everything and anything to do with weddings in Camden.

Cheers to Step 3 – here’s to the next stage on June 21st!

Camden Unlocked

London Camden Lock Married Couple

Today’s the day! It’s April 12th and time to reconnect outdoors as pubs and shops begin to reopen safely in England. All non-essential retail including hair salons, theme parks and restaurants with outdoor seating are now open. Today’s key milestone marked the ‘Step 2’ phase of the Prime Minister’s roadmap out of lockdown. Many couples wishing to tie the knot in the London Borough of Camden are now able to get married with up to fifteen people (including the happy couple), Camden Registry have confirmed.

London Wedding Borough Camden Happy Couple Outdoor Reception

Receptions and celebrations are also now permitted outside for up to fifteen guests (again…including the happy couple) and this should take place in the form of a sit-down meal as per the government guidelines, in Covid-Secure venues. Further details regarding ‘Step 3′ of the governments’ plan to stage the return of wedding ceremonies and civil partnerships will be updated in due course. At each step anyone working is not included in the limit for ceremonies or receptions. For further guidance visit:

Just Married London Islington Borough of Camden Outdoor Wedding Guests Small Gathering Confetti Wedding Dress Bride Groom

This beautiful couple may have had to change their plans, but that didn’t stop them from finally having a unique wedding as individual as they are! From pandemic-proofing their ceremony to downsizing their guest list, for richer for poorer, under a strict set of guidelines! Are you a Covid-Captive Couple excited to tie the knot in Camden? From sending out updated invites, to arranging your photography & wedding flowers – Put the ‘P’ back into planning at and plan your perfect day! (Images courtesy of Sam Lane Photography)

We Are Back!

This past year has been one of many trials and tribulations – especially if you had a wedding planned. A day you had been planning was suddenly postponed or cancelled, and nobody seemed to know when weddings could happen again.

Thankfully, we appear to be through the worst of the pandemic and with the current government roadmap, we are hoping that 2021 wedding season is back on!

Obviously, there will still be restrictions in place for your wedding – currently you are only allowed to marry under exceptional circumstances. From the 29th March we are hoping that this will be removed, and couples are able to marry with up to 6 people in attendance. The current roadmap states that they hope all wedding restrictions be removed by 21st June. However, this new way of living has shown many people that a small wedding can be beautiful – intimate and meaningful – instead of a huge party where you don’t know half the guests.

Kimpton Fitzroy London Wedding Venue

Don’t let the current guidelines put you off. You can plan just as special a wedding with a smaller number of guests. And we are here to help.

If you’re planning a wedding, you’ll know first-hand exactly what you need to sort out. A venue, flowers, catering, music, photographer – the list is never ending. And it can be quite daunting if you don’t know where to start.

If you’re in the London Borough of Camden area and need a venue or suppliers, Camden Weddings is your one stop shop for everything related to weddings. We have put together a place where you can easily find all the information for everything you need if you’re hoping to get married in the Borough of Camden.

Every venue is visited by us personally, so we know exactly what you’ll be getting. We are always completely honest and up front with our customers and let them know the experience they’ll be getting. A budget is important when planning your wedding, so all of our information is free to view. This has been a welcome relief for many Camden couples who still want to marry but may have to be more careful about money since the pandemic.

Over the last year, we have been following government guidelines and doing our bit. Now, with the new roadmap in place, we’re excited to start updating our list of suppliers again. We know that this past year has been stressful, and we want to make it as easy as possible for you to plan your dream wedding. We’re looking forward to giving you all the best information to make your day as perfect as you imagined it – before the pandemic.

There are a lot of things to worry about when planning a wedding, and even more so now – making sure you’re complying with government guidance about guests. Let us take some of that worry away and provide you with a venue that meets your capacity needs, while still allowing you to have that perfect reception you’ve always dreamed of. You’ll be able to have a look at these venues by the max capacity, so you can see at a glance what is suitable for you. And we’ve put other customer reviews of suppliers so you can see exactly what other people have experienced.

Let’s put the past year behind us, and move on into 2021 wedding season organised, informed, and – most importantly – excited!

Will you need to cancel your wedding?

Will you need to cancel your wedding? Coronavirus – Covid 19

Not what you want to think about, but you may need to rethink your plans and make some adjustments…

Every wedding is different due to location, party size, travel and guests.

This means it is impossible to know whether you will need to cancel your wedding without factoring in various risks and speaking to everyone involved.

Couples due to get married in spring have been left worried about whether their nuptials will go ahead. If you are getting married in spring, the advice is to contact suppliers, insurance provider and guests.

Some tips to help you through…

  • Contact your suppliers AND guests and ask if they have visited highly infected countries within the last 14 days.
  • You may also wish to contact any guests that are especially vulnerable (respiratory illnesses, elderly) and check they are still happy to attend your wedding.
  • Contact your wedding venue and ask if the staff that will have contact with you/ your guests have been abroad to infected countries in the last 14 days.
  • Contact your catering company and ask them not only the question about staff and recent holidays, but also for an update on any extra health and safety procedures they have put in place.
  • Consider limiting the number of face to face meetings leading up to your wedding and increase the number video calls instead.
  • Consider hand sanitisers placed at the wedding reception entrance. I would also think about buying small sanitisers for each table. This doesn’t beat washing hands but should be viewed as additional to washing hands.
  • Talking washing hands, ensure there is antibacterial soap in the toilets not just regular soap. Insist the venue have paper towels to dry hands NO shared hand towels, remind guests to turn the taps off using the paper towels.
  • Depending on how the virus continues to spread you might want to have an informal rule of no kissing the bride or groom.
  • It is worth noting that some of your international guests may not want to, or are unable to travel right now. So even if they RSVP yes touch base with them in case they now feel they can’t come.
  • Speak with your wedding venue and explain numbers are decreasing due to international guests being unable to attend. If there are stipulations on minimum numbers ask if there is any leniency on this.

If worried about your wedding later in the year check your insurance and do not “panic cancel” .

Keep up to to date on with social distancing

Having your dog at your Wedding

Having your dog at your Wedding has got to be the best thing ever for any dog lover.

Wow, I have just seen this fantastic photo on Facebook (and yes I do have permission to use it) of a friend’s sons wedding this week, I defy anyone not to say awwww!

Sam & Izzy with Mollie the Collie

For me (and anyone who knows me, knows this already) I hardly go anywhere without my fur baby, Milli.
I almost regret that I wasn’t yet owned by a dog when we got married! We missed out on some great photo opportunities.

But seriously, planning a wedding to include your four legged friend, there are a lot of things you need to consider….

  • Does the venue allow dogs?
  • What is your dogs temperament? are they super bouncy or stubborn? might they feel they need to protect you if you are showing stress? and we all know weddings can be stressful, or might they help to you to chill out by being there?
  • Will they get nervous, boisterous, anxious around a large crowd in a unfamiliar place?
  • How will your dog feel on the day? Will they enjoy the fuss and attention, they may ‘lap it up’!
  • Might they just be the cutest thing ever and steal the limelight?
  • Are any of your guests dog phobic? (probably not, as they’re your friends) but consider it, also allergies may be an issue for some people
  • Do your friends share the ‘dog hair (or pooch sprinkles), don’t care’ ethos?

Be sure to have a special dog friend or professional that can spend time with your dog, you will be busy at times. Someone who your dog trusts, knows and will be comfortable with.
Have water, distraction treats and the all important poo bags available, for someone else to assist, of course!

Apparently one in 10 British couples are now including their fur babies in their special day.

They can have a formal role, a ring bearer, carrying flowers, walk with you down the isle or just join you for photo’s.
The options are all there, just talk it though with your planner and be sure your pooch will be comfortable so you can all enjoy the best day of your lives.

Be prepared to share your day with your humans,
you’ll be dog tired later”?

Congratulations to Sam, Izzy on your Wedding Day and to Mollie the Collie,
& thank you for the use of your beautiful photograph.

A Peek Inside Kings Cross Station’s Licensed Pub Wedding Venue

By Lee Lehane-Blackford
Proactive Sales, Marketing& Events Manager
The Parcel Yard

Lee has more than 15 years’ experience in organising and delivering large-scale corporate events and weddings. Known for always going the extra mile for his customers, here Lee shares insight into the rise of pub weddings in the UK, and why so many couples choose to get married at The Parcel Yard – Kings Cross Station’s only civil ceremony licensed wedding venue.?

Wedding Venue Spotlight: The Parcel Yard
in Kings Cross Station

Pub weddings are becoming increasingly popular amongst the sophisticated bride and groom. Gone are the days where happy couples were restricted to saying ‘I Do’ in a particular setting. In fact, weddings are much more flexible than they used to be, offering couples the freedom to have the wedding day they want. As a result, many are seeking out more casual and unique wedding venues, such as characterful pubs. 

Many of us have spent some of our happiest moments in pubs – they are a place you go to where you can relax with a proper pint or a large Sauvignon after a hard day’s work. You can pop-in when you’re in need of a refreshment pit-stop while travelling, or celebrate special occasions with family and friends. So why should it ever be any different for your wedding day? 

A pub has a unique atmosphere that rivals many other styles of venues, and it’s this atmosphere that can often be impossible to find and even replicate elsewhere, giving the location a personal and intimate vibe. 

A truly unique Wedding Venue

The Parcel Yard is a wedding venue unlike any other. A historic Grade I listed building in Kings Cross Station, the pub occupies the original Great Northern Railway parcel office built in 1852.

The North West building was an integral part of Lewis Cubitt’s design, and many original features have been kept, such as the entire floor which uses timber from the same building. With nine different function rooms to choose from depending on the size of your wedding – from a cosy room for an intimate gathering, or a grand area to celebrate – we have a place that will suit you. 

Premium pub food and drinks

For the foodie-loving couples, Fuller’s pubs are renowned for their unmistakable mouth-watering menus including Chef Signature dishes and the more traditional premium pub classics. Weddings at The Parcel Yard include incredible food and drink offers at affordable prices, without compromising on quality.

A friendly team that goes above and beyond

We offer a personal service and will help design a package that will take the pain out of planning. Our events team have a wealth of experience in delivering attention to detail combined with outstanding service that’s sure to meet, and exceed, expectations. 

By having just one person dedicated to the supervision of your booking and helping you every step of the way, we can offer you tailor-made packages to suit your needs; and will work closely with you in the run up to your big day to help you design a wedding that is as individual as you are.

Easy travel?
Served by no less than six TFL Underground tube lines, numerous National Rail links as well as Eurostar at St Pancras just across the street, The Parcel Yard is located within one of London’s biggest transport hubs, making it a breeze for the wedding party, and guests, to get to. Not to mention it’s handily located for jumping on the Eurostar to Paris for the honeymoon…

Find out more about weddings at The Parcel Yard

There are many more reasons why couples choose The Parcel Yard for their wedding venue. To find out for yourself, organise a time to visit The Parcel Yard for a private tour. Call 020 7713 7258 or email
Visit Weddings at The Parcel Yard for more information.

Wedding Open Day 

On 15 February from 12pm until 3pm, The Parcel Yard will host the Camden Weddings Fair, showcasing the very best of local Camden borough-based wedding suppliers as a one-stop information portal for those wishing to get married in 2020 and 2021. 

Meet The Parcel Yard Team for a Free Consultation, Guided Tour of the Venue and See the Function Rooms.
Visit Events at The Parcel Yard for more information.

Lee and The Parcel Yard Team

On the Twelfth day of Christmas…

On the Twelfth day of Christmas…

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love sent to me…
…twelve drummers drumming

…eleven pipers piping

…ten lords a leaping

…nine ladies dancing

…eight maids a milking

…seven swans a swimming

…six geese a laying

five gold rings

four calling birds

three French hens

…two turtle doves

and a Partridge in a Pear Tree…

On the Eleventh day of Christmas…

On the Eleventh day of Christmas…

On the eleventh day of Christmas, my true love sent to me…
…eleven pipers piping

…ten lords a leaping

…nine ladies dancing

…eight maids a milking

…seven swans a swimming

…six geese a laying

five gold rings

four calling birds

three French hens

…two turtle doves

and a Partridge in a Pear Tree…

Twelve Days of Christmas starts here!

Twelve Days of Christmas starts here!

Twelve Days of Christmas. December 25 marks the official start of the Twelve Days of Christmas.
The Christian tradition that shares its name with a relentlessly stick-in-your-head Christmas carol.

On the first day of Christmas, my truelove sent to me…
…A Partridge in a Pear Tree

The Twelve Days of Christmas, is the period in Christian theology that marks the days between the birth of Christ and the coming of the Magi, the three wise men.

It begins on December 25. Christmas Day and runs through January 6, the Epiphany, sometimes also called Three Kings’ Day or Twelth Night.

The history of the Twelve Days of Christmas carol is somewhat murky. The earliest known version first appeared in a 1780 children’s book called Mirth With-out Mischief.

The song most of us are familiar with today comes from an English composer named Frederic Austin. In 1909, he set the melody and lyrics (including changing “colly” to “calling”) and added as his own flourish the drawn-out cadence of “five go-oldrings.”

The musical structure, is a an impressive example of how repetition in music best succeeds when accompanied by variation. Hence you have moments like when the time-signature changes for “five golden rings.” This makes the song as fun as it is to sing.

All Things Advent

All Things Advent

SO here we are, the 1st December 2019. Already Christmas is all around us, twinkly lights, mince pies, trees, gifts galore, carols, excited children and adults all who just can’t wait. But traditionally this was day One of the build up, it is All Things ADVENT…

So what is Advent?

It is different things to different people. Advent is the period of four Sundays and weeks before Christmas. But now, it’s more commonly the period from 1st December right up to Christmas Day!

If you have you ever had an Advent Calendar you will know that the idea is to find and open a numbered door each day. From the 1st December right up to Christmas Eve. Anticipation creeping all the way.

‘how many more sleeps?…’

…children whisper all around the world…

The Advent Calendar itself can be traced back to the 19th Century. The first known Advent Calendar was made by handwork and is from the year 1851. Other early styles were the Adventclock or the Adventcandle.

These days you can literally have anything you dream of in your advent calendar. Chocolate, Cheese, Beauty products (big for 2019!), Prosecco, Beer, Gin, Lego. The Royal mint offer 23 chocolate coins building up to medal and 5 extremely lucky people will find a bullion 2019 Half Sovereign coin behind door 24!!!


According to Guinness World Records. The world’s largest advent calendar was in our very own St Pancras Station, London.
The massive calendar, which measured 232 feet and 11 inches tall, and 75 feet and 5 inches wide, celebrated the reopening of the station following a renovation in 2007.

You can of course start and create your own family tradition.

Filling little wood drawers, or soft pockets with trinkets or edible treats.

More simply, paper bags (which can be decorated) hung up with clothes pegs is such a personal way of beginning the Christmas cheer.

I myself always loved the large candles that you burn down a day at a time.

I only recently learned of the symbolism of the Advent candles that are used in a wreaths.

There are three purple candles because the colour violet is a liturgical colour that signifies a time of prayer, penance, and sacrifice. One Pink because rose is a liturgical colour for joy and one white the colour of purity.

The Prophecy candle, or candle of Hope and Expectation – purple
The Bethlehem candle, or candle of Faith and Love – purple
The Shepherds’ candle, or candle of Joy and Good News – pink
The Angel’s Candle or candle of  Peace – purple

In modern day adaptations a fifth candle has been introduced, the Christ Candle and is lit on Christmas Eve, this candle is white.

For something completely different you can buy into various charity advents, where each door you open tells you how much you have donated to a specific charity and a little about them. Advent of Change are one of these such calendars.

Reverse advent calendars…

Reverse Advent Calendars work by you filling them every day with with items of food or clothing that can then be taken to a food bank or charity.

Then on Christmas Eve you take everything you’ve collected to a homeless shelter, church or charity. Knowing that you’ve given a Christmas present to someone that really needed it.

Besides this being a fun inclusive activity for the whole family, it teaches our children the importance of helping others and seeing the bigger picture at Christmas.

One thing is for sure, advent is the beginning of
the Christmas hype, enjoy it, share it
but most of all love it!

Saying ‘I Boo!’ Halloween Weddings

Saying ‘I Boo!’ Halloween Weddings

Halloween Weddings – All Hallows Eve –
A Night of Mischief 

It’s your big day, so feel free to SCREAM whether it’s tasteful fashion and decor or Halloween black gothic wedding dresses, cemetery ceremonies and spooky ghouls. The possibilities are endless!

You can up scale any Wedding Dress for the Halloween theme with simple accessories, a sash, brooch, gloves or veil.

Of course you could go the whole scary bride of Frankenstein make up (if that’s your thing) or opt for a subtle smokey effect, discuss with your make up artist and do a trial run for sure.

Some like to play on ’til death do us part’ but that depends on your humour, your registrar and your guests.

October 31st. Halloween weddings don’t have to simply mean an orange and black and spooky centerpieces.

Let your imagination run wild!

I absolutely love this pumpkin card box.

Fill your venues with pumpkins, cobwebs, coffins and all thing spooky, and cake, don’t forget the cake….

Halloween Weddings. Wowza there are so many fabulous options out there.

If you want to go for full on gruesome or tastefully spooky you will not disappoint.

Sneak in some subtle spooky socks for the groomsmen.

Oh my days… …I could get soooo carried away with this theme, but YOU don’t have too!

Madame Galina danced into my Box!

Madame Galina danced into my Box! at Magnus Hastings

Madame Galina aka Iestyn Edwards

Well I never thought any one could put Madame Galina back in her box! but here she is, looking enigmatic as always… …hoorah!
If you have not encountered this act yet I truly urge you too, I defy you not to laugh ’til you cry (or worse)!…

CamdenWeddings ‘Madame Galina danced into my Box’ at Magnus Hastings.

Madame Galina a Drag Ballerina in Iraq and
Afghanistan, crazy perhaps? but true.
The book My Tutu Went AWOL!  by Iestyn
Edwards takes you to his war-zone experiences.
A really insightful read in to real life with the troops and raising spirits, a hysterically funny read.
Available online also as a self-narrated
Woman’s Hour named Iestyn the new
‘Forces’ Sweetheart’.

Madame Galina aka Iestyn Edwards has entertained troops in Iraq and
Afghanistan, headlined at the Café de Paris, Rah Rah Rooms and the London
Hippodrome, and given recitals for senior members of the royal family.

Contact Madame Galina aka Iestyn Edwards at:

Lions Can Bite by Nigel Rose FGPT

Lions Can Bite by Nigel Rose FGPT

Nigel Rose is a Fellow of the Guild of Professional Toastmasters and is fully trained to perform all tasks as a Toastmaster and Master of Ceremonies.
He is available to help in all aspects of events from Weddings, Corporate Dinners, Masonic Evenings and much more. 
Nigel’s training ensures that your event will be handled with great care and attention to detail.

Nigel Rose FGPT
Professional Toast Master and Master of Ceremonies
t: 07831 835335

Wet Weather Weddings

Wet Weather Weddings

As I sit here listening to the rain pouring down I always think of
Brides and their day.

Don’t for one minute think it will be ruined by a deluge…

A lot of Brides will think it the worst thing that could happen, but be prepared and make it fun!

Don’t let it ‘rain on your parade’. Rain honestly doesn’t need to dampen your spirits!

One of the best weddings I’ve ever been to was in a yurt in a field with a great band
Indigo Blue (part of our CamdenWeddings team).

It rained like manna from heaven. The yurt leaked in places but the bride positively glowed with her dress hitched up and her funky welly boots on show, she splashed away on the flooded dance floor.

An umbrella was held over the keyboards to protect from one of the leaks and
a bucket placed in front of the singer as the band switched it up with
‘It’s like rain on your wedding day’, ‘Isn’t it ironic, don’t you think?’
The place absolutely irrupted, I almost sure the roof lifted, it was awesome!

That memory gives me goose bumps to this day!

SO, come rain or shine, it’s best just to be prepared with umbrellas and without a doubt welly boots.
Prepare a wet weather bag, leave it close by, a perfect job for a bridesmaid.

Always Have an Umbrella. It may not be used but it’s better to have one just in case.  There are some great bridal ones around.

Carry a Wrap/cover up so your dress doesn’t get soaked or dirty before your photos. It’ll keep you warm too.

Shoes to Boots, have a change of dry shoes or wellies boots. Welly boots look so cool in photo’s, whether funky pattened ones or cute bridal boots… …yup, they exist, with bling too!

Waterproof Your Make-up. Wear waterproof mascara, have tissues nearby for runny noses – not glamorous, I know!

Groom, don’t forget the groom too, spare pair of shoes or at least a pair of dry socks for afterwards will be a great help.

Mix your day up to suit the weather. It’s your day and you can change photo shoots, cocktail drinks to suit you (and the weather).

Photo’s, smile and embrace it enjoy your day, your way.
Get Soaked, when you’re ready to, some of the most awesome photos are when you let this happen but be sure you’re ready for it… …drop those brollies and dance in the rain, party in style with songs like Rihanna’s Umbrella to Gene Kelly’s I’m Singing in the Rain!
Have fun with it, splashing in water puddles, silhouettes in the rain, a soaking kiss in the rain, a rain shot a dusk… …get creative with your poses!

So whatever time of year you get married in the UK, whether it’s the mid  May or December the threat of rain on your wedding day is always there, just embrace it, it will be memorable for all the right reasons. You may even be lucky and get a Rainbow!

Networking at The Parcel Yard

Networking at The Parcel Yard

Well, what can I say lovely CamdenWeddingers…

…it was awesome to see so many of you last night, after a hot and scorching London day, so massive thank you for coming along and joining us.

I have, as always, taken a few shots of us all and will forward in due course the link for the official photography, which you are welcome to use. From our very own Michael and also I noticed George of George Lane Photography was snapping away.
That’s what I love about us, we support each other and that in a nutshell is CamdenWeddings and what we stand for.
Sam set this up several years ago and it is to her testament (and ours) that it works so well.

The Parcel Yard is a Grade I listed building and is also a licensed venue. The event last night was held in ‘The First Class Lounge’ with it’s high ceiling and huge windows allowing all that glorious sun to flood in.
This lounge accommodates 60 standing and 35 seated. I hope you took the opportunity to view the other rooms too.

You were greeted with Prosecco on arrival and later some amazing little canapés of arancini, smoked salmon blinis and mini burgers courtesy of The Parcel Yard.
CamdenWeddings kept the wine flowing throughout the evening and this is how our Networking rolls!

Sam gave a brief CamdenWeddings Welcome and words of encouragement to keep weddings happing in Camden.
Lee Lehane, Sales Manager, who has recently joined The Parcel Yard shared with us a bit about his role there as well as the history of The Parcel Yard and what they can offer Bride & Grooms.

Reese took us through a Fullers Beer Tasting, telling us a little about each of the five different beers! The names of which I can’t remember, oops… …answers on a postcard please!
I know I like the middle one that goes well with fish or chicken.

There was a lot of catching up with old faces, putting names to new faces, much laughter and chat – please keep in touch.

*If any venues would like to co host in the future contact me or Sam and we will work something out, once again thank you for attending.

Searcys St Pancras

Searcys St Pancras

So tell us a little bit about the very exciting surprise proposal on the platform at the fabulous St Pancras Station last month…


Here is a total movie moment when Frank proposed to Nadia last month by the iconic Kissing Statue, under Tracey Emin’s ‘I want my time with you’ artwork.

They found the perfect place to capture the beautiful, romantic moment and Frank has put more time and effort into planning this surprise dinner than we have ever seen! (Nadia thought she was attending a birthday dinner and they were posing for a group photo when Frank got down on one knee behind her to pop the question).

“Congratulations Nadia and Frank and thank you
for sharing this very special evening with us!”

Searcys St Pancras

How do I get in touch?

Tel: 0207 923 5455


Sound Generation

Sound Generation

So tell us a little bit about Sound Generation and your guide to booking music for your wedding day…

Music is one of the most important features of your wedding day, and getting it right will ensure your guests have a great time.

Here are our suggestions for the four main sections of the day where music can feature.

Ceremony Music

Your choice of music during the ceremony should be personal to you both. This might be a song you both love, or a piece of music that reminds you of when you first got together. Our advice is to opt for something stripped-back, such as a string quartet, solo harpist, or even a guitar and vocal duo can work really well and be more memorable. You don’t want anything too lively at this point as it can distract from the main event.

see links to example acts: ESQElla MarieCecilia

Drinks Reception Music

Instrumental music works well during the reception and provides a nice backdrop to all the chatter. But if you want to make the music more of a feature at this point, then a vocal-led act can work nicely too. It really depends on the mood you want to create. If you’re thinking to go for an act that’s a bit different or unexpected, then this is a good time to do it. You might consider a gypsy jazz quartet, or a fun and lively Cuban band!

Dinner Entertainment

Here, we recommend choosing music that provides just a little ambience. If budget is tight, then there’s really no reason why a well-compiled playlist can’t work. However, if you are set on having live music (we certainly won’t argue with that!), and budget allows, then a jazz trio or a classical quartet are good live options.

see links to example acts: London Jazz Trio (right)Vicenza Strings

Evening Entertainment

This is the highpoint of the day; all the emotional bits are over and it’s time for your guests to let their hair down and have a good time. You’ll want to choose music that is to your personal taste (especially your first dance), but it’s important to consider what your guests will like too. There will most likely be a range of ages at your wedding party, and ideally you want to please as many of your guests as possible so that they all leave on a high.  A really good act will be able to cross eras and genres.

You can’t beat the energy and interaction you get from a live band, but a DJ can also be a perfectly good option. We would advise against using a playlist here as, unlike a band or DJ, it can’t ‘read the crowd’ . A band or DJ can judge the audience on the night and adjust their set accordingly.

see links to example acts:Briggs Street PlayersDukebox CityDJ Zulu

Other things to consider

  • The size of the performance area at your wedding venue
  • Does the venue have a sound limiter?
  • Does the venue have it’s own sound system?
  • Acts will need to be provided with a meal and refreshments

5 Quick Tips

  • Don’t book your music entertainment too late. In-demand bands and musicians get booked well in advance.
  • Choose a piece of music that’s personal to you both for the ceremony and first dance.
  • Make the evening entertainment the highlight.
  • If budget is limited, then a well-curated playlist can work well during the sit down dinner.
  • When booking the evening entertainment consider your guests’ musical tastes as well as your own.

How do I get in touch?


Tel: 020 8326 2890

Max Marcus Events

Max Marcus Events

So tell us a little bit about Max Marcus Events

What product/service do you supply for weddings?

We provide DJs, uplighting, dancefloors, photobooths and a/v including TV screens and audio hire.

When do you first meet with the couple?

We arrange a meeting and aim learn more about the couples plans and ideas for the wedding. 

We take all relevant timings for the day and work out when we need to arrive and be set up by, and explain what it is we do, giving the couple the opportunity to ask any questions they may have.

How do they/you decide on designs?

We come to the meeting equipped with an ipad showing pictures and videos from previous events to help the couple decide exactly how they would like the DJ set up and lighting to be.

What is special and unique about you?

We are special because of the high levels of customer service we provide, we are highly customer focused and always happy to help.

What do you really like about supplying for weddings, brides & grooms?

We are working to make sure they have the best day of their lives.

What special things do your couples request?

We get requests for specially edited first dances incorporating more than one song and also bespoke dancefloors and gobo projections with couples initials.

Any limitations?

Only limits are their imaginations.

What’s your favourite wedding moment?

The first dance is always amazing!

What are your favourite wedding planning moments?

When you understand the client brief perfectly and exceed expectations.

Can I come and meet you?

Yes of course, we always prefer to meet clients in advance to learn more about them. We are able to meet during the day or in the evening after work.

How do I get in touch?


Tel: 07952 941344

How to choose the perfect Wedding Cake?

How to choose the perfect Wedding Cake?

What is your perfect wedding cake?

Find inspiration from The Little House of Baking.

“When meeting couples a variety of factors help them choose the right design and flavour(s) of their cake.  “When creating cakes for our clients, the most important aspect of their journey is that first meeting, tasting delicious sponges is what every couple looks forward to whilst sipping away on a hot cup of coffee or tea.

Our lesson begins from that moment on, their likes and dislikes, their difference in opinions (part of the excitement) and their love and passion. This feeds in to the style of cake we make and the therapy begins…

When meeting couples a variety of factors help them choose the right design and flavour(s) of their cake. You could say that it is like furnishing your home.

Budget: It’s important to discuss this with your cake designer to ensure they can design a cake within your budget. The idea of faux tiers can help reduce the cost. Remember it is tradition to cut the bottom tier so ensure that is still a layer of cake

Design: Are you after the wow factor or simplicity? Whether you wish to have foliage and fresh flowers or traditional white and ivory designs. They are forever popular and far from being dull as you can do so much with a blank canvas. Other options include naked cakes with fruits/flowers, themed wedding cakes and cakes with lots of embellishments and trimmings. Whatever you chose it is all about you

Flavour(s) of sponge: Flavour and fusions are top of the list i.e. raspberry ripple with fresh raspberries, key lime and coconut and good old lemon. Not to forget vanilla and chocolate, they are still a match made in heaven and everlastingly popular. Fruit cakes are still around though seem to be decreasing in popularity.

We have an array of designs the ‘au natural naked cakes’ for those that love the rustic look with decadence of fresh fruit and flowers, to the traditional white and ivory cakes with the touch of lace and royal icing piping work or with the use of fresh or hand-made sugar flowers. Even themed cakes are on the cards for those that are quite adventurous.

What really matters is what you envision as your dream wedding cake. Trends are forever changing and as a couple it is up to you to find the style you love.

The little house of baking

How do I get in touch?

Cecil Sharp House

Cecil Sharp House

So tell us a little bit about Cecil Sharp House

Cecil Sharp House is one of the most celebrated historic music and dance venues in London. Situated near Regents Park and Primrose Hill, our iconic Grade II listed 1930s building is the home of the English Folk Dance and Song Society and is a world-class dedicated folk arts centre.  Alongside folk education classes we host concerts, lectures, rehearsals, private events and of course, weddings!

Are you licensed for Ceremonies?

Yes we are. Our two main spaces, Kennedy and Trefusis Halls are licensed for civil weddings, meaning you can have both your ceremony and reception here. 

What are your capacities?

The main hall can be arranged for a sit down meal for up to 150 guests on round cabaret tables, 200 guests refectory style or up to 300 guests for a standing evening reception.

Do you have outside space?

Yes, we have a really lovely walled garden which is the perfect setting for hosting drinks receptions and for taking wedding photos. We also have some off-street parking available.

What do you really like about the space?

It feels like a very unique place to hold your wedding in.  The main space, Kennedy Hall, has a beautiful mural by Ivon Hitchens on one of the walls and the whole room looks absolutely magical when it’s been decorated with lights and flowers.   

We’re also conveniently located  just 10 minutes from Camden Town, yet we’re outside of the congestion zone and near some really lovely green spaces. You definitely get the best of both worlds here. 

What special things do your couples do?

As we are a well-known folk venue a lot of our couples choose to have ceilidh dances as part of the evening celebrations.  That can be really fun and we’re always happy to recommend ceilidh bands and callers to couples.

Any downsides?

Because we’re the home of the English Folk Dance and Song Society, we have a lot of our own activity happening in the building which means that our wedding spaces often get booked up quickly. We definitely recommend that couples book early to avoid disappointment! 

Can I come and visit?

  • Of course, we’re always happy to show people round – just drop us a call or an email.

How do I get in touch?


The Princess of Wales

The Princess of Wales

So tell us a little bit about The Princess of Wales…

Planning a wedding? With our upstairs dining room, lower ground floor events space and outside terrace we’ve got something for every occasion

Are you licensed for Ceremonies?

Yes, We now have a full marriage and civil partnership license.

What are your capacities?

Princess Room: 60 theatre style, 70 standing or 60 seated meal
Garden Room: 120 standing, 40 seated 
Full Venue: 350 standing, 100 seated 

What is special and unique about you?

Today, The Princess of Wales has three generous floors of event space and a secluded garden that can be booked for parties, press lunches, weddings, private breakfasts, lunches and dinners, meetings, garden parties, training, interviews, exhibitions and much more.
Each room is adaptable in its uses and there is a space to fit every request.
The combinations of rooms and entire floors can be hired out for events needing a larger capacity. Alternatively, there is the option of exclusive use of the entire venue which holds up to 350 people.

What makes The Princess of Wales special as a wedding venue?

We are a versatile space where the couple can have the perfect wedding day under one roof. From the ceremony to the reception (buffet/seated meal) to the after party! Our events team has many years of experience in organising the best weddings. 

Do you have outside space?

We have normal street parking around the venue. There are a few outdoor seats near the entrance but the real gem is the Banksy Garden.

What is a typical wedding at The Princess of Wales like?

Starting from the ceremony in the Princess Room the couple can then decide to have a seated meal or a buffet in the Primrose bar followed by a dance party in the Garden Room. 

The venue is also suitable for receptions only (without the ceremony). The elegant Princess Room is perfect for sit down meals and the Garden Room for a standing reception.

What do you really like about the space?

I love how versatile it is and how the couple is able to have everything under one roof. 
The food is scrumptious too!

What special things do your couples do?

My perfect tip for fabulous wedding pictures is a walk around Primrose Hill, the pastel colour houses are a beautiful backdrop! Also Regent’s Park!

Do you have any special entertainment/licensing rules?

We can play music until 11:30pm (10pm for live music). 
We don’t allow to bring own food/drinks (with exception of cakes of course).

What are the food and drink options?

We have really tasty sit down and buffet options but we are very flexible and happy to accommodate the couple’s special requests on their wedding day if we can even if they are not on the menus. 

Any downsides?

No lift/disable access to 1st floor and lower ground floor. 

What’s your favourite wedding moment?

When the couple look at each other for the 1st time. Beautiful and full of emotions 🙂

What are your favourite wedding planning moments?

I love to go through every single detail with the couple. From food choices to decorations to drinks reception. I really listen to what would make their day special (if there is any extra touch as well) and do my best to make it happen! 

Can I come and visit?

  • Yes! You can book an appointment or just pop down for a casual cocktail or why not, for a Sunday Roast! 

How do I get in touch?

How to host the perfect Wedding Reception – 30 Euston Square

How to host the perfect Wedding Reception…

…by Szilvia Zambo, Sales Executive at 30 Euston Square.

I have assisted numerous couples plan and execute their perfect wedding day across my career in the events industry, and what I have learnt is that it is all about the detail and that every couple is unique in their own way.

The best celebrations will incorporate personal touches to keep guests talking about the day long after the event.

From the creative catering to the flowers, wedding favours and magnificent centrepieces, it is important that they all come together to create a wonderful and beautiful wedding atmosphere.

Here are some tips for when you start planning your big day.

Trust in your wedding team

At 30 Euston Square, we want you to picture the space as your own, as this will be the first chapter in your story together as a married couple.

We work on a collaborative plan to decide which of our flexible spaces may work best for the style you are looking for.  

Making sure things run smoothly on the day is essential, which is why at 30 Euston Square we have a dedicated Events Manager on-site and available to ensure everything goes according to plan.

Our expert team of chefs will create the perfect wedding cuisine to suit your big day based on your requests, as well as producing a flawless recipe to make every dish look and taste immaculate.

This goes for everything from your favourite canapés to that special wine you both love.

We offer a complimentary food and wine tasting in the lead up to the wedding, a great way to ensure that you and our chefs are on the same page.

We also offer a complimentary two night stay in one of our 4* styled bedrooms.


Choose the right venue

You will forever remember the venue of your wedding and we are aware that choosing the venue might be the biggest decision you make as an engaged couple.

You need to make sure that the venue you choose, meets all of your needs; number of guests, entertainment capabilities, availability and even decorations have a big impact on your wedding budget, so it is about finding the right balance.

Whether you are looking for a large capacity or a smaller wedding venue, choose a space that offers flexibility.

At 30 Euston Square we provide options for a historical wedding style or a contemporary, urban soiree.

Our State Rooms and unrivalled rooftop terrace views can cater for parties of 230. 

The recently refurbished Princes Gate heritage room and its original oak panelling offer the perfect setting for an intimate wedding ceremony.

“The marriage of 30 Euston Square’s old and new features was very attractive.

The State Rooms were of excellent quality and did not require much in the way of
decoration, they were beautiful in their own right.

We loved having our receiving line on the balcony overlooking the atrium,
it was a stunning backdrop.”

Jon & Jo

Creative catering at it’s finest

Food is a key element at your wedding – you want a venue that can provide cuisine that will wow your guests in more ways than one.

With Searcys heading up the catering at 30 Euston Square, you can be certain that the food and drinks will be of the highest quality. We are always happy to advise what we think would work, from a two course lunch or wedding breakfast after a ceremony, to sophisticated canapés on the rooftop terrace for a reception party or a luxurious main course in our State Rooms.   


I have always felt messages from family and friends on the wedding day pull on the emotional heartstrings, in addition to collages going back over time and showing your story together.

Our 80” TV screens and 3m wide projector screen are the perfect way to address the room, or to have a rolling slideshow of memories to accompany speeches.

Our built in PA system on our penthouse floor also allows music to be played across our two State Rooms and the Rooftop Terrace simultaneously.

The best man always wants to have his 15 minutes of fame, we offer the perfect opportunity for him to do so!  

The celebration

Sometimes, the best part of a reception is what your guests don’t see coming.

Surprise them with unexpected entertainment during the cocktail hour or reception, something that would last long in the memory.

We can include themed photobooths, complete with props, to keep the day fun and interactive, plus your own social media hash tag to make sure your guests can share their snaps and memories of the event.

At 30 Euston Square we provide a wide list of entertainment ideas including bands, magicians and singers to name a few.

We want to inspire, engage and make the whole process as easy as possible; we strive to ensure that you leave here with memories that will last a lifetime.


Networking at The Betjeman Arms 2018

Networking at The Betjeman Arms 2018

Monday evening was yet another successful meeting of the CamdenWeddingers co-hosted at The Betjeman Arms with some new faces and some regulars – thank you all for coming out of a dark winters Monday evening, but hey what a great way to start the week?!

This time we decided to make it purely social with no guest speakers and no formalities, it really was just a chance to catch up before we all get in to the throws of Christmas.

Our co-host The Bejteman Arms is located in St Pancras International Station it is steeped in history and located under the spectacular arches of the impressive terminus.  It is one of the most civilised traveller’s rests you’re likely to find anywhere. Reminiscent of 1920s nostalgia and times gone by, a charming spot to wait for your train to Paris whilst soaking up the iconic atmosphere of The Grand Terrace.  The venue itself has several beautiful spaces available each unique and perfectly suited for any occasion and absolutely perfect for weddings.


CamdenWeddingers were treated to a reserved area on the heated Grand terrace  – we enjoyed wine and a lovely savoury afternoon tea which looked spectacular on the tiered stands, the spread included freshly made finger sandwiches, scones with cream and jam and an array of savoury nibbles including the ever popular mini scotch eggs and sausage rolls.




Lee at The Betjeman Arms had also arranged for Evy from Sipsmiths Gin to do a gin tasting which went down rather well!

Safe to say our CamdenWeddingers networked in style – once again!

Karen Beadle

Karen Beadle

So tell us a little bit about Karen Beadle…

What service do you supply for weddings?

I offer make-up and simple hair designs for brides and their guests.

When do you first meet with the couple?

It’s usually the bride who would contact me directly to ask about fees, availability and
discuss ideas on hair and make-up. This can be up to a year ahead and any other time in
between. It’s been known to book me last minute if a client has been let down, unhappy with
another artist or just left this part of the wedding to the last moment.

What do you decide on designs?

    • I request the client to send me images of hair and make-up styles they like and find online.Offering me some ideas of how they would like to look on their wedding day is a good start. We then go from there.

What is special and unique about you?

My background is in hair/ beauty and have 20 years experience in my chosen career in the
media working through professional agents. I feel I’m able to offer clients good sound
advice and experience. I’ve been recommended for many years through Browns Bride
Little White Book and listed in the Secret Quintessentially Weddings Guide. I’ve also
devised and taught make-up courses at Morley college and written as a beauty editor.
Currently I run three blogs about skin care, make-up, health well being,

What do you really like about supplying for weddings, brides & grooms?

It’s really enjoyable offering good advice to brides. Helping to find exactly what they’re
looking for on their wedding day. Including helping family members and guests.

What special things do your couples request?

It really varies on how we work together leading up to the wedding day. Clients have been
known to book me a year ahead to make sure I’m available. Sometimes it can be last
minute. Some brides want a run though and some not. I have a lot of experience so able to
deliver on the day without a run though. It’s possible to just have a make-up lesson,
workshop with another friend and then apply your own make-up on the day. Every one has
a budget so please feel free to enquire and ask me. I’m open to lots of different ways to
work together.

Any limitations?

No limitations to requests. I also travel to destination weddings if requested.

What’s your favourite wedding moment?

It’s that last moment when the bride leaves my chair ( brides are usually the last person to work with me) to get dressed. It’s a very special moment as the room tends to be be filled
with very supportive friends, bridesmaids. The special friendships that exist between friends and family are the memories that endure over the years. Absolutely Love that moment when it’s time to go to the ceremony.

Every wedding is different and so very special and unique.

What are your favourite wedding planning moments?

The run through is a lot of fun. It’s a time to experiment with lots of different styles and
ideas. A time to get familiar with a clients features and skin type/tone. It also acts as a mini
make-up lesson. A client doesn’t need to know much about skin care or make-up. I offer a
lot of good advice to each individual client. Everyone’s needs are different and unique.
Although I want to state a run through is not always necessary.

Can I come and meet you?

Yes absolutely. I’m very approachable and friendly and will always reply to you asap. Text
me to arrange a chat? Or just email me your requests, ideas. I have a pdf of my services and

How do I get in touch?

There are many ways to contact me….

instagram: @karenbmakeupartist @beautylondonstyle
mobile: + 44 (0) 7768 981421
twitter: @karenbeadle

Ruby Violet

Ruby Violet

So tell us a little bit about Ruby Violet…

What service do you supply for weddings?

We supply ice-cream! From traditional favourites all the way through to totally custom flavours, we’re a local ice-creamery that specialise in adding the wow factor. 

For weddings, we can serve from Billy the van, Barbara the tricycle, Frank the trolley and our trusty serve-over stand. Billy the van is from 1968 and comes filled with your choice of 12 flavours of ice-cream and sorbet, plus cones, cups and our famous Ruby Violet wafers. Barbara and Frank can both roam around venues with a choice of four flavours in cones or cups, and we also do usherette trays which can serve delicious frozen treats in different shapes and flavours should you be all ice-creamed out.

When do you first meet with the couple?

We need at least a few week’s notice on large ice-cream orders such as cakes, longer if they want something totally custom or would like to hire Billy, Barbara or Frank.

Then we chat to them about their venue, number of guests and what’ll work depending on time of year, their theme and what flavours will be in season.

We like to use seasonal ingredients where possible so it’s always fun to select something totally unique to their wedding day.


What do you really like about supplying for weddings?

  • We get to be part of the most special day of their lives, which means we get to go all out! We love anything that allows us to add some extra flourish, so being able to bring their personalities to our creations is really quite magical. It also very often challenges our views of what’s possible with ice-cream!

What special things do your couples request?

Custom flavours used to be limited to big businesses, but now we’re able to create them with the bride & groom to add a totally unique touch to their day. We’ve made a vast range of unique and unusual flavours, alcoholic sorbets and even savoury ice-creams.

Any limitations?

Not all custom flavours lend themselves well to
ice-cream – but we’ll always try and give it a go if
we think there may be a way!

How do I get in touch?

phone: 020 7609 0444

email me at

  • Find out more here

30 Euston Square – Opening of The Heritage Rooms

30 Euston Square – Opening of The Heritage Rooms

Wow, what a pleasure to be invited to this exclusive opening of The Heritage Rooms at 30 Euston Square.

For me, my first visit and what a treat!

On the corner of Euston Square you will find 30 Euston Square where the grand Grade II* façade meets ultra modern. This is where the Opening of The Heritage Rooms took place last week.

We were greeted in the lobby area with its pale green and cream tiling, dating from 1906, then elevated to the first floor to where it turns all white and illuminated.

Great British fizz from Greyfriars was flowing and we were soon chatting with the other invitees, tasty canapés appeared, the staff floated around us with ease and professionalism.

Luiz Mazzari the Deputy General Manager gave Sam Lane and myself a tour of the 5th floor Staterooms where civil wedding ceremonies can take place, it’s a good area with lots of natural light, fabulous chandeliers and artworks that take you through the history of the General Practitioners – although these are able to be cleverly masked out if you choose not to invite them to your wedding!

30 Euston Square boasts a great roof terrace too, the sun was setting and reflecting on the glass buildings around us, sipping our British fizz, very nice!

We entered the England Room, one of the six Heritage Rooms and were treated to a best of British meal sourced from the UK. Each course being introduced by 30 ES’s Executive Head Chef, Daniel Broughton.

A British Sparkling wine had been carefully chosen to accompany each course, and a wine explanation was given by Razvan Tudor of Searcys St Pancras Champagne Bar.

Each course was beautiful presented, delicious and served with style.

The feeling of the room was cosy, comfortable (36 guest I believe) and the harpist playing by the fireplace just added to the intimate feel – absolutely perfect for a wedding venue.

The location is so easy and there are also 41 boutique bedrooms available for wedding family, guests and event organisers, these can only be booked with events taking place at 30 Euston Square which means total exclusivity for you and your guests.

Thank you 30 Euston Square for a lovely evening.

Meet the team at

020 8453 4600

Essex Photo Booths

Essex Photo Booths

So tell us a little bit about Essex Photo Booths...

What product/service do you supply for weddings?

The main service we provide is the hire of photo booths, DJs and starlit dance floors.  As well as this we also hire giant LED letters; “Mr & Mrs” or “Love, projectors and wireless microphones as well as other PA setups.

When do you first meet with the couple?

We don’t usually meet with the couple before the big day, however we are in contact via email or phone to ensure their specific requirements are met, this can be a very simple process or much more involved if they have something bespoke booked or a package of services. 

How do they/you decide on designs?

We offer personalised prints for our booths so we discuss with the bride/groom how they’d like their prints to look, we then either design in house or send to a designer for more bespoke templates.  

What is special and unique about you?

I would say that we are always willing to go the extra mile, if a couple want something bespoke or unique we will always find a way to deliver.

What do you really like about supplying for weddings, brides and grooms?

There is immense satisfaction in seeing the couple enjoy themselves on their special day, even just words of thanks after a wedding make it feel so worthwhile or simply seeing them having a good laugh in the booth.  A wedding day is possibly the most cherished day of a bride/grooms life so being part of that and working at making it perfects is very satisfying.

What special things do your couples request?

The main requests are personalised prints for the booth or playlists for our DJs.  


What’s your favourite wedding moment?

From the DJ side of things seeing the first dance or listening to the speeches.  The photo booths are often away from the dance floor area but we often see family members reunite after many years at weddings and share a photo for the first time in years, it’s nice to see guests having fun in the booth.

What are your favourite wedding planning moments?

It’s a great feeling when the planning side is finalised and our plans for the day are complete.  

Can I come and meet you?

Yes we are always happy to meet before a wedding whether it be to discuss planning or for a walk through of a venue.

How do I get in touch?


Phone: 07751 238654

Brigitte Flowers

Brigitte Flowers

So tell us a little bit about Brigitte Flowers

Last month we had the pleasure of producing the floral designs on behalf of Green & Fortune for Margaret and Frank, in what turned out to be a fabulous, unique wedding at Kings Place. The wedding featured seasonal June flowers in a colour scheme of romantic lilacs, elegant ivory and soft greens.

The chosen wedding venue was created as one of the first developments in the regeneration of King’s Cross that is turning this area into a new creative hub. Just a short walk along the canal from Granary Square this landmark, modern building offers it all under one roof; music, art, dining and events.

Our lovely bride and groom took full advantage of the variety offered at Kings Place – deciding to hold their ceremony on the stage in Hall One, a state of the art theatre, with their guests seated in tiered rows. Stage management gave their cue and the bride glided down the aisle ‘stage left’, clasping her delicate bouquet of delphiniums, love-in-the-mist, veronicas, alstroemeria, rose and lavender. Margaret climbed the set of steps to meet her groom’s loving gaze, smiling centre stage under a spotlight. Framed by four large pedestal arrangements the couple made their vows amongst purple alliums, white gerbera, lilac campanulas, clematis, hydrangea and green anthuriums. Margaret and Frank then eloquently positioned themselves at the registry table for the signing, which was dressed with a long, low contemporary arrangement of complimentary green, lilac and white flowers.

Guests were then welcomed up into the Rotunda to continue the celebrations, entering between a pair of bay trees dressed with fairy lights and bird cages. The bird cages were filled with a pretty display of white hydrangea, natural birch twigs, phalaenopsis orchids and lilac petals to set the romantic scenery.

For the wedding breakfast we designed a selection of tall, impressive tapered vase centrepieces for the round tables, using stems of tanacetum daisys, white hydrangea, lilac roses, gerbera, allium and draped ivy. We then created garlands of ruscus embedded with colourful flower heads of hydrangea, carnation and rose for the trestle tables. A thick, luscious garland with glass candles dotted amongst the greenery was displayed along the back of the top table.

The Rotunda is walled all the way along on one side with full height glass windows which look out upon a stunning alfresco terrace, right on the Regents Canal. Guests are privy to unique views of charming canal boats bobbing against their moorings underneath overhanging willow trees, set in a bubble of tranquil, naturalistic surroundings which is a blessing in Central London.

Although already beautiful, we personalised the terrace by providing demur, low glass vase arrangements for the outdoor seating, using complimentary flowers in shades of green, ivory and purple.

The wedding went off without a hitch and with lovely weather you couldn’t really ask for more. We wish Frank and Margaret all the best for their future together and look forward to many more special occasions at this unique, stunning waterside venue!

Can I come and meet you?

We work from our studio in Golders Green, where we can meet you for a consultation but only by appointment. Also, we can meet you at your wedding venue or at a convenient location in central London, we sometimes meet couples for a coffee after work or just in their lunch break. And sometimes brides arrange everything over the email from abroad and we meet them first time on the morning of their wedding day.

How do I get in touch?


Phone: 07530 627043 or 020 3005 4876

The Jaunty Flâneur

The Jaunty Flâneur

So tell us a little bit about The Jaunty Flâneur

What service do you supply for weddings?

At the Jaunty Flâneur, our focus is in making the groom’s shoes look spectacular, and so enhance his whole look. That can be polishing or patina, which is increasingly popular. Patina is recolouring shoes to either revive and restore, or to completely change the character of the shoes by giving them a new appearance in several shades blended together to create a personalised finish.

How do you make the Groom feel special?

Our flagship location is inside Savile Row’s Cad and the Dandy tailors. A substantial portion of the tailor’s business is suits for weddings or other special occasions, and it’s typically during a client’s first consultation that we would introduce the idea of working on their shoes. Even a beautifully tailored suit can be let down by battered old shoes. Sometimes we would go over what type of shoes they ought to be looking to buy and from where; as we are independent of a shoe brand, we can recommend different makers and styles at different price points to reflect what the client is after. Once we’ve agreed on the shoes, we can talk about what can be done to them to make them that bit more special

How do customise the look?

A standard cap shine will make any pair of shoes look terrific, but that’s only the start. When gentlemen are designing their suit, they may want us to customise the colour and finish of their shoes. This can be giving an ‘antique’ look to a pair of brown shoes (probably our most common request), but there is an incredible range of colour and patterning that can be included. We’ve done blue and grey marbling, and a pair of purple shoes shading to be black at the toe!

What is special and unique about you?

As with all of our patina commissions, it’s a very personal interaction. What type of shoe the gentleman has, how he wears it, if he has a particular gait of shape of foot that would lead to premature wearing in certain places, are the shoes to be used in the future for office use, if so – what is the culture of that office, is the wedding in town or country, will there need to be a matching belt, etc. After a chat and showing some examples of previous work to get the creative juices flowing, we will have a specification nailed down.

What do you really like about supplying for Bridegrooms?

One of the joys of providing polishing and patinas to wedding customers is that it is one of the few times when gentlemen are solely interested in their presentation and one of the rare times when they will push the boat out a little and consider things beyond the traditional charcoal/navy suit with black/dark brown shoes. Even if black shoes are the final decision, the gentleman will be open to hearing about navy shoes, or burgundy with a darker ‘cloud’ like blurring in certain areas. And once we start that conversation, people are often staggered at how much their shoes can be changed. We gently strip back the existing finish of the shoes, then build the new finish up with layers of leather dyes. It takes time and skill; there are no short-cuts and it’s all done by hand.

Any limitations?

We generally say that shoes should be considered as soon as the suit is being decided upon. To us, you’re not dressed until you’ve got your shoes sorted, so it really cannot be a last-minute detail. Our patina and recolouring service has a lead time of 4-6 weeks once we’ve got the shoes and agreed a finish. Before that point, there may well be a few trips that the groom has to make to different shoe shops to get something that works for him and his feet. 

Can I come and meet you?

Our location in Savile Row is an ideal place for a consultation. We have done many consultations via email with images, but there’s no substitution for meeting the artisan who will be working on your shoes; it greatly adds to the experience!

How do I get in touch?



Phone: 07546 324641

The Love of Dance

The Love of Dance

So tell us a little bit about The Love of Dance…

What service do you supply for weddings?

We provide first wedding dance lessons, teach dance at events and parties, such as hen parties, weddings and birthday parties and provide event entertainment in the form of live music and performers.

When do you first meet with the couple?

We meet the couples as soon as possible to start planning.  We get down to the basic practicalities with the couple, such as where they are based or live, how many sessions they would like – whether they want weekly classes or if, sometimes they are short on time before the wedding, we offer intensive lessons of a few hours at a time. We serve couples and parties in and around London, so once we know their first dance song we match them with a teacher who can teach a style of dance that suits the song, and can easily meet the clients in their preferred venue on the days they are available.

How do they/you decide on a first dance?

We get to know them based on things like their first dance song, styles of music and dance they like, the theme of the event and, quite often now, things they’ve seen on social media – that usually gives them inspiration for how they would like the finished performance to look.  Some clients want classic, simple first dances, and some want more adventurous choreography – in fact, many who think they just want general dance lessons end up requesting a choreographed routine!  We can give a bit of inspiration too – usually through a consultation dance lesson looking at different styles, and they can try out some moves!


What is special and unique about you?

Our flexibility to suit so many different tastes in music, and also that we don’t have fixed premises so are able to hold the lessons in an area suitable for the clients, rather than inconveniencing them with travel to a different location for the lessons – important for these busy lives when additionally planning a wedding!

What do you really like about supplying for weddings, brides & grooms?

It’s such a happy and important occasion that it feels like a privilege to help them create their vision for their special day.

What special things do your couples request?

When couples can’t choose one song, we’ll make a medley of songs for them to dance to – spanning different musical genres.  One couple we worked with recently had everything from soul, to arabic, to hip hop to reflect their culture and their love story! We even mix the music for the performance too

Any limitations?

Quite often time, when clients leave first dance planning to later in the process.  We recommend starting earlier so couples can really relax and enjoy their dance rather than panic when they don’t feel they’ve had enough practise – read our Practice Makes Permanent Blog here:

What’s your favourite wedding moment?

Being at a clients’ wedding in Santorini. So special to witness my creation!

What’ are your favourite wedding planning moments?

Getting a rapport going with the clients, who usually say the wedding dance lessons are the most enjoyable part of their wedding planning.  We usually have a lot of fun and laughter.  A great way for couples to bond more through the shared experience. We make sure the couple learn the basic technique of their dance style so they can walk away with a new skill that will last them a lifetime of dance floors to come.  

Can I come and meet you?

We can come to meet you either for an initial Consultation and taster lesson at £20, or just for a chat over coffee! 

How do I get in touch?


Phone 07769 695051

Insta/twitter : @ftloveofdance

Madame Galina Prima Ballerina

Madame Galina Prima Ballerina

So tell us a little bit about Madame Galina Prima Ballerina…

Well, I’ve entertained troops in Iraq and Afghanistan,  headlined at the Café de Paris, Rah Rah Rooms and the London Hippodrome, and given recitals for all the senior members of the royal family.

I’ve guested in the Olivier Award winning show C’est Barbican, sung principal roles with British Youth Opera  and fronted two series on ballet for Channel 4.

Woman’s Hour made me Forces’ Sweetheart and Joanna Lumley played my recording of “Tom Bowling” for her appearance on Desert Island Discs.

The book about my war-zone experiences: My Tutu Went AWOL!  is available online as is the self-narrated audiobook.

What service do you supply for weddings?

  • Classical singing and/or Variety entertainment centred on Madame Galina Ballet Star Galactica. Host, games mistress, always hampered by, apparently, her missing dance partner…
  • What do you really like about performing at weddings?

  • It’s a very special day for all concerned.  I’m on my mettle to deliver, because the stakes are so high.  Just watch Judge Judy/Karen/Rinder et al to see how people can get if their special day disappoints. I really enjoy my collaboration with CamdenWeddings, Henry Bonas, the Deanery of Bocking, for the attention we pay to detail.
  • How did you meet with CamdenWeddings?

    • I’ve known Megan and Colin since 2000, when I moved into a bedsit in Megan’s father’s house. They later came to watch me perform during my residency at the classic London nightspot Volupte, booked me for a full evening’s entertainment on their home turf in Pen Selwood and decided then that what aspects of my work would be right for Camden Weddings. I gave Colin permission to fill my onstage segments at Volupte and we then sat down and put together my wedding set.
    • How do you decide on your outfit, after all it wouldn’t do to upstage the bride?

  • I’m expected to wear the posher of my two tutus.
  • What is special and unique about you? 

My act is known on the circuit to be totally unique.  Nobody does anything quite like it. It’s barnstorming, high energy, fully interactive. Feedback from an event in Penzance recently: ‘Can’t think of anything else that would have kept us as happy as Madame Galina did, anyone and everyone from squaddies, through the WI to royalty.’

    • What special things do your couples request?

    They request huge embarrassment always for the Best Man – always! There’s usually a list of male guests set up to be brought onstage for my act. 

  • An interesting request was for Madame Galina to interrupt the couple having their First Dance. We all wondered, seriously, if that was going to fly. Mainly because the bride’s father seemed to own three quarters of Hungary.

Any limitations?

  • I have to be careful with my material if there are children present.
    • What’s your favourite wedding moment? 

  • When I’m singing the bride down the aisle, I will be facing the main door to the church. I see that moment when the door opens and the bride is having her last check of the dress before she puts her hand on her father’s arm. And there will be a look of such emotion on both their faces. These few moments are always magical.
    • What are your favourite wedding planning moments? 

    When we have got through the professional necessaries and the laughing starts. 

Can I come and meet you? 

Yes, of course. 

How do I get in touch?

email me at

  • Intrigued? …find out more here

Lauderdale House

Lauderdale House

So tell us a little bit about Lauderdale House…

Lauderdale House is a Grade II* listed historic building in Highgate. We run as an arts and education centre, as well as hosting important family events like wedding ceremonies and receptions. As a wedding venue, we can boast a selection of flexible spaces, a stunning historic building and direct access into the beautiful park.

Are you licensed for Weddings?  

  • Yes, two of our historic gallery spaces are licensed for civil wedding ceremonies. Couples can have either their ceremony or reception at Lauderdale – or both!

What makes Lauderdale House special as a wedding venue?

  • Lauderdale House is in many ways an unusual and surprising space. The house dates back to the 16th Century, but was been completely refurbished in 2016. The result is a surprising mix of historic elegance and modern facilities. We’re also an arts centre, so we are home to all sorts of eclectic activities and events throughout the year. This creates a warm and inviting atmosphere throughout the building – we’re certainly not another staid and sombre stately home!
  • The house is positioned right on the edge of Waterlow Park in Highgate Village. So, while based in London, Lauderdale doesn’t feel like a city venue – we’re surrounded by beautiful open spaces with green views from every window. Outdoors space is often hard to come by in London, so having the option to step out onto the Tea Lawn for a celebratory drink in the sunshine goes down really well! And of course the park makes a stunning backdrop for the all-important wedding photos. 

What is a typical wedding at Lauderdale like?

  • We try to be as flexible as possible so that couples can create their perfect day. A typical wedding day might start with the wedding ceremony taking place downstairs in our pretty Lower Gallery space, which can accommodate around 100 people. From here, guests can step straight outside onto the terrace for a celebratory drink and a toast to the happy couple. After this, there might be wedding photos in the park before the guests head upstairs for a sit-down meal in the Long Gallery. In the evening, the Lower Gallery could be transformed into a dance floor with a DJ or band performing while the celebrations continue.

What are the food and drink options?

  • We work with an experienced and highly talented catering partner, Pink Food. Having hosted many, many weddings and parties at Lauderdale, Pink Food know exactly how the house works and can offer a wide range of catering options for your big day; including champagne receptions, buffet meals or sit-down dinners. They’re also able to accommodate all kinds of dietary requirements and provide vegetarian, kosher or halal catering on request.
  • Can I come and visit?

  • Of course, we love to show couples around – it is a great chance for them to get a feel for the venue and an understanding of what we can offer, while we can help them to plan exactly what they want on their big day.

How do I get in touch?

Covent Garden Hotel

Covent Garden Hotel

So tell us a little bit about Covent Garden Hotel…

  • Weddings at Covent Garden Hotel.

Located on a picturesque cobbled street in the heart of Seven Dials, Covent Garden Hotel is a stunning location for a truly memorable London wedding. The hotel offers beautiful and elegant spaces to suit any style of wedding, from intimate gatherings to lavish parties.

All the stress on the day will be taken away with the beauty of having all aspects of your wedding under one roof. Your day will start as the bride gets ready for the ceremony in one of the stunning, individually designed guest rooms. Meanwhile the groom may wait in the charming Tiffany’s Library before moving through to the Drawing Room for the ceremony. The wood panelled Drawing Room is a beautiful venue for an intimate ceremony, with vivid upholstery, a French stone fireplace and unique furnishings.

After the ceremony, move down to The Lyric or Fortune rooms which are flexible in format and can be transformed into a sumptuous dining room or a drinks reception style for champagne and canapés. The 1930s sweeping staircase is a beautiful location to capture photographs of this remarkable moment, something you will remember for the rest of your life.

  • After the vows have been said, the cake has been cut and the party is all wrapped up, the bride and groom can enjoy the first magical moments of married life in true style with a stay in a romantic top floor suites. Choose the airy and light Loft Suite with stunning views over the London Skyline, or the vibrant Terrace Suite with it very own private terrace. Every newlywed couple staying at Covent Garden Hotel will be guaranteed to experience the utmost in individual style and personal service.

A perfect wedding is all down to the details and the dedicated team at Covent Garden Hotel will ensure that every element of the big day is planned to perfection, from personalised name cards to your very own bespoke cake knife to commemorate the special day, it is these individual touches which will make your wedding a truly magical occasion. The experienced team will lift the weight off your shoulders by advising and recommending on preferred suppliers, from photography to flower arrangements. One of London’s top florists, Bloomsbury Flowers, are Covent Garden’s very own in-house florist who will be on hand to help you choose from a wide range of seasonal flowers and foliage to create your perfect bouquet.

Covent Garden Hotel can even plan your dream stag or hen night, suited to your own preference and style. From a Poker Night to Burlesque dancing, Covent Garden will be sure to plan your night to perfection. The hotel is located in the heart of London’s lively West End, just a minutes’ walk from London’s world famous theatre district.

Enjoy a night out on the town with a magical Broadway show for the whole group to enjoy or wander through the bustling streets of Covent Garden and Soho, home to an endless choice of restaurants and bars. 

How do I get in touch?

BMA House

BMA House

So tell us a little bit about BMA House…

Built on the foundations of the house where Charles Dickens wrote classics such as Bleak House and Great Expectations, BMA House is a stunning grade II listed building set in the heart of London’s fashionable Bloomsbury. BMA House was designed in 1911 by the famed architect Sir Edwin Lutyens and has been home to the prestigious British Medical Association since 1925. 

This central London venue, a real hidden gem, combines stunning features such as our spectacular outdoor Courtyard boasting an eye-catching fountain and surrounding statues, and our romantic private Garden, we are the perfect back drop for any wedding all year round.

We want you to feel at ease when planning your wedding and that is why we offer a dedicated Wedding Planner to guide couples through their wedding journey, right from the planning stages and on the day itself. We like to think of ourselves as ‘glorified toastmasters’ ensuring their wedding day runs seamlessly!

Couples can take advantage of our four impressive rooms, each with a wedding licence, accommodating up to 200 guests for a reception. From stunning glass chandeliers to our intricately painted gold leaf detail, magnificent high ceilings and winding stair cases, we can provide couples with the ideal indoor and outdoor atmosphere and memorable photos for their special wedding day.

Are you licensed for Ceremonies?  

  • BMA House is licensed for the solemnisation of marriage in four of our stunning rooms; the Great Hall (our flagship room), Sir James Paget Room, John Snow Room and the Prince’s Room. Couples will need to contact the Superintendent Registrar at the Camden Registrar Office to book their services for conducting the ceremony. Registrar’s fees will need to be paid directly to Camden Register Office.

What are your capacities?

  • Our spectacular Great Hall can seat up to 200 guests for both ceremony and reception, with up to 320 guests in the evening.
  • For a more intimate wedding our ornate Prince’s Room can accommodate up to 60 guests.

  • However, our two most popular rooms are the Snow and Paget Rooms which spill out directly onto our Courtyard offering wedding parties the perfect opportunity to enjoy time with friends and family during their drinks reception. Adjacent to each other, these beautiful rooms lend themselves perfectly to holding both a ceremony (max 150) and reception (max 120), both retaining many of their original features and plenty of natural daylight.


Do you have outside space?

  • Our true secret lies in not one, but two beautiful and peaceful outdoor spaces; the Courtyard and the Garden, providing a fabulous setting for wedding photographs and pre-dinner drinks!
  • The Garden is a picturesque secret spot located to the side of BMA House with an ornamental pond. With a capacity of 90, it is suited for reception drinks, evening barbecues or simply for romantic couple shots. Surrounded on three sides by the majestic walls of BMA House, and on one side by an ornate iron gate, The Courtyard is a glamorous location for larger receptions, or to
    simply show-off to your guests when arriving in your wedding car!


  • Food, glorious food! Our menus offer a wide selection of sumptuous dishes to please all guests, from delicious Canapés in the day to the lavish Wedding Breakfast and bespoke evening Buffet, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Provided by in-house caterers, CH&CO, a couple’s experience is at the centre of everything we do, and we pride ourselves on our delicious food that bursts with colour and flavour. You’ll be torn between our Roasted lamb rump & crispy breast, anchovies, pressed new potatoes, goat’s curd & English peas or the Pan-fried hake, tomato relish, cannellini bean purée, braised fennel, dried olives & parsley oil, part of our new Wellbeing menu offering.

We have some great wines, English sparkling wines and champagnes on our list, plus a new range of themed cocktails and mocktails, designed with our botanical garden in mind!


What special things do you offer to couples?

  • We offer a complimentary private room to use during the day for brides to freshen up in between the ceremony and reception, to leave belongings and to store gifts and cards they are given on the day, a secure place for collection the following day.If there are babies and/or children attending the wedding we can offer a complimentary room which can be used as a creche where the couple may wish to consider hiring a children’s entertainer to keep young ones occupied.BMA House offers limited on-site car parking for the bridal party, cars can be left on-site and collected the follow day making it simple when staying overnight in a London hotel.If a couple is considering a theme or has a specific menu in mind, our talented chefs will create a bespoke menu for them.

Do you have any special entertainment/licensing rules?

  • Live music can be enjoyed both inside and outside in our spectacular Courtyard so guests can mingle with friends, sipping on our refreshing English Sparkling Wine and indulging in delicious canapés while the bride and groom are off capturing romantic shots with their photographer. If we feel the music levels are going to cause disturbance to our neighbours we may ask for them to be lowered.We ask that guests move themselves inside by 11pm (from the Courtyard) and by 10pm (from the Garden) to enjoy the party so as not to disturb our local residents.Couples can bring their own live band and/or DJ, we do not require them to choose from our list, however we can provide great recommendations should they need some ideas.Our rooms can be hired until 1am (subject to availability) so our couples really get to boogie the night away!Should a couple wish to provide their own wines and Champagnes, a ‘chill, pour and serve’ fee will apply:•  Wine £15.00 plus VAT per 75cl bottle   Sparkling wine and Champagne £18.00 plus VAT per 75cl bottle

    Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the venue, this includes the Garden and Courtyard. A designated smoking area can be made available.

Any limitations?

  • BMA House is a working building during the week, and although we hold a wedding license 7 days a week, it is preferable for couples to tie the knot at weekends, which offers them exclusivity of the venue.

What are your favourite wedding planning moments?

  • We love to sit with the couples to discuss strings, rings and pretty things, drawing seating plans, organising bridesmaids, ushers & flowers girls. Highlights of Wedding Planning for us include enjoying countless menu tastings, arranging cakes, cutting cakes and tasting cakes! We love to help bring in an element of surprise, something away from the norm.
  • Can I come and visit?

  • Yes! Our doors are always open should you wish to book an evening visit, a tour in your lunch break or at the weekend, just drop us an email or call to arrange a viewing of our beautiful venue.

How do I get in touch?

The Montague on The Gardens

The Montague on The Gardens

So tell us a little bit about The Montague on The Gardens…

The Montague on the Gardens, an elegant Georgian townhouse in the heart of Bloomsbury, lends itself perfectly for weddings and civil partnerships – guaranteeing memories you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

The stylish interior is adorned with rich furnishings and exquisite antiques to create an atmosphere of sophisticated charm, with the added benefit of the spacious wood deck and terrace overlooking the beautiful private gardens of the Bedford Estate at the rear of the property.

Are you licensed for Ceremonies?  

  • Yes, we are licensed in 3 of our event spaces: The Great Russell Suite, The Woburn and The Large Conservatory.

What are your capacities?

  • Ski Lodge/Beach Bar – Reception/ Occasional seating 200pax
  • Great Russell Suite – Reception 150pax, Banqueting 110pax
  • Woburn Suite – Reception 50pax, Banqueting 40pax

What is special and unique about you?

  • Each season we offer a unique holiday getaway for our new couples without even having to leave London! The Ski Lodge invites an alluring Alpine adventure to your day during the winter months. Alternatively, our bright and bold Beach Bar offers sun, sparkle and splendour to your special day.

    Do you have any special entertainment/licensing rules?

  • In our outside event spaces we can only play music until 10pm, however, our fantastic Great Russell Suite is a great space for guests to move to if they want to carry on the party until late.
  • We accept any external suppliers (so long as they adhere to the Montague rules), however we do not accept caterers as we supply food and beverage alongside the event space hire.

Any limitations?

  • Due to the maximum capacity of sit down guests reaching 110, this means that we are particularly tailored to more intimate weddings.

What’s your favourite wedding moment?

  • One of the most memorable days for us was when one bride joined ‘Popchoir’ in serenading her new partner and guests.
  • The heart warming union was simply beautiful and encouraged guests to partake in a song to close the ceremony. After all, as Shakespeare would say “If music be the food of love, play on”.
  • Can I come and visit?

  • Of course, we’d love to welcome you round! Feel free to give us a ring or email us to book a viewing of the hotel.

How do I get in touch?

  • Email the Conference and Events Team at:
  • Phone us on: +44 (0)20 7612 8404

St Pancras by Searcys

St Pancras by Searcys

So tell us a little bit about St Pancras by Searcys…

Set in the heart of the historic St Pancras International Station, we are home to the longest Champagne Bar in Europe, a beautiful, 1920’s style British restaurant designed by the internationally acclaimed Martin Brudnizki, surrounded by heritage, history and fabulous architecture.

Are you licensed for Ceremonies?  

We are, on the Grand terrace under the intricate display of the Barlow Shed.

What are your capacities?

We can host a wedding breakfast for up to 150, or a standing reception for up to 400.

Do you have outside space?

We have our Champagne Bar on the Terrace, not quite outdoors not quite indoors!

What do you really like about the space?

I just love the uniqueness of the space and all the history that comes with it. The architecture you find yourself surrounded by is incredible and there is always a great atmosphere.

What special things do your couples do?

Sometimes our couples order a Nebuchadnezzar of Champagne and then use the giant bottle as a guest book which gives them a very special reminder of the day!

Do you have any special entertainment/licensing rules?

Unlike a lot of London venues we can be licensed until 3am, and are happy to welcome all kinds of entertainment.

Any downsides?

If you are looking for a private ceremony we are not quite the right place for you. Apart from that, none!

What’s your favourite wedding moment?

Watching the bride and bridal party enter through the arches onto the Grand Terrace, it’s such a magical moment and the walk from the arches down the aisle gives everyone a chance to fully appreciate the moment

Can I come and visit?

Absolutely, we would love to welcome you and show you around our spaces.

How do I get in touch?

or give us a call on 0207 870 9900

Bloomsbury House

Bloomsbury House

So tell us a little bit about Bloomsbury House…

Located in the heart of London in historic Bloomsbury,  Bloomsbury House is a Grade II listed beautiful venue for your wedding day.

Located on Bloomsbury Square overlooking the gardens, this magnificent townhouse which was built in 1887 designed in a Flemish Renaissance style by one F. Pinches and was restored in 2007, it still has many of the original features including the grand spiral staircase, original mosaic floor tiles and stained glass windows.

Originally to house the College of Preceptors.

Are you licensed for Ceremonies?

Yes we are through Camden Council, the most popular room for a ceremony being the Virginia Woolf which can seat up to 80.

What are your capacities?

We can seat up to 80 for a ceremony in the Virginia Woolf and 80 people for dinner in the Ascham room and more guests for a standing reception party.

Do you have outside space?

We do not have any outside space attached to the house but there is an option to hire an area of Bloomsbury Square gardens which is just opposite the house. We can then host your drinks reception out there and serve drinks and canapés. This is something that Camden Council will arrange directly with you for the hire and we can arrange to serve the drinks reception outside.

We have no parking at the house, but just opposite under Bloomsbury Square Gardens is an NCP carpark.

We are also a short 5 minute walk from Holborn station which is on the central line.

What do you really like about the space?

The rooms inside Bloomsbury house are beautiful. The Virginia Woolf is a romantic timeless room, with stunning chandelier features and a classic colour decor of dark blue and gold which works perfectly. We have a feature fire mantle piece which looks stunning dressed up with flowers or just simply some candles, there are lots of options. It doesn’t need much dressing inside the room at all as it is so beautiful, which helps clients reduce costs on over dressing the space.

The Ascham room is a bright, light room, with large windows and a great space to host your wedding breakfast.

The ceilings have wooden arch beams offering a contrast to the first floor with floods of natural light and a great space for dining and then onto your party.

We have a built in bar and backdrop unit which can be used to project personal photos or draped with fairy lights for a backdrop.

What special things do your couples do?

To ensure our couples get to have a confetti shot experience, we line up guests after the ceremony in the hallway to do a confetti shot! This is always great fun.

We have even done a human archway for our happy couple to exit their reception.

Do you have any special entertainment/licensing rules?

We finish at midnight, last orders at 23.30 and live music finishes with background music until guests depart.

We have an amazing offer of no corkage on your Champagne and wine during your drinks reception and wedding breakfast which is a fantastic saving for our clients. You can deliver your drinks up to 2 weeks prior to your wedding and we will store and chill these ready for the big day. We are very lucky to offer this incredible no corkage to our clients at our London venue which means they can chose the exact wines and champagnes they like and it saves them money. We then move onto a cash bar for the evening which they can open a tab if they wish. 

Any downsides?

We don’t have a lift inside the house but we do have the most glorious spiral staircase. We always say the best conversations happen on the stairs as our only toilets are located on the ground floor.

What’s your favourite wedding moment?

Our favourite wedding moment is watching the bride and her bridal party make their entrance up the stairs towards the Virginia Woolf, such a wonderful moment full of excitement.

Can I come and visit?

We can happily book you in to come along to view Bloomsbury House. Just get in touch

How do I get in touch?
Drop me, Natalie a message at

0207 1181 119
07939 007257

Photography credits to:
Guy Collier Photography
Kate Nielen
Jez Dickson
Victoria Eve Photography
Insta Wedding
Epic moments Photography
Libby Christensen Photography

Networking at The Megaro 2018

Networking at The Megaro 2018

Well what a buzzy exciting time we had Networking at The Megaro Hotel and Eatery last night, the iconic multi-coloured building is every bit as eye-catching as it is stylish.

Simon and Team from the St Pancras Hotel Group were very attentive, keeping the tea, coffee and wine flowing at all times. It was a real treat to be given a tour of the Hotel, the Bedrooms, the Bar, the Roof Terrace, the Meeting Rooms and the very special downstairs Cocktail area.. …this place has it all!!

I do hope everyone had a chance to look around properly, and if not, it’s a very good reason to return!








I’m sure quite a few of you will have met Jenni Grant before and it was kind of her to come along and update us. The ceremony suite at the Town Hall will temporarily relocate to Tavistock House this summer 2018 and this is already bookable.






Beth, Mark and Patrick from Bridebook were there to give us an insight in to their product and Beth captivated the room with the presentation. Everyone was fascinated by the stats and looking forward to the report…







Please do keep Networking with each other and we hope it won’t be too long until we all meet, chat and drink together again, after all it’s not every Networking Event that has children and a dog too!

Images from the Event by Sam Lane Photography are available at:


It’s a Meg(h)an thing…

It’s a Meghan thing…

I overhear ‘my’ name so much these days, as the Nation prepares for the Royal Wedding but this time to a namesake, well almost ‘h’!

Like all brides I’m sure Meghan Markle will be, excited, nervous, perhaps a little overwhelmed – after all its not everyday you get to marry a true life prince.

So I find myself thinking back to my wedding, it was a modest registry office ceremony for us, about 24 guests from memory. I am really not one for being the centre of attention and the thought of all eyes on me terrified me.
We chose to make our invites and I put my husband to be’s graphic design skills in to place. I had an idea, my wedding dress which he obviously wasn’t allowed to see had an embroidered design on the bodice, I took a photo and cut it so only the detail of the pattern showed and so our design was born. We made ceremony and party invites, we made gift tags to hang around the half size bottles of champagne that we had for each guest and many years later I even got the design as a tattoo, the ultimate personal one and only tattoo I shall ever have. Our wedding day really was the best day of my life and I truly enjoyed it so much, I often joke and ask my husband if we can do it again?!
So I guess I find myself thinking of Meghan, way at the other end of the scale – with absolutely all eyes on her.

So from from Megan to Meghan – enjoy your day, cherish the intimate glances you will share with Harry, your family and friends, the ones that we will not see because we simply don’t know you at that level, the little hand squeeze, the nod they will be yours to have and to hold forever dear in your hearts.

For us, the Nation we will enjoy seeing two young, happy, beautiful people walk down the aisle and we shall raise a glass to your future.


Birthstones by Krausz Jewellery

Birthstones Chart – Contemporary Jewellery Inspiration

Birthstone Chart for Bespoke Jewellery Inspiration

There is nothing like a beautiful vibrant coloured gemstones to express your individuality, through wearing a piece of bespoke jewellery.   Colour and sparkle has the ability to lift your mood. Glancing down at your stunning diamond engagement ring would make you happy every time your looked at it.











With an infinite choice of coloured gemstones with at least 50 varieties where to start. Gemstones throughout history have been surrounded by stories of mystical powers. Ability to heal or protect the wearer. Back to ancient times wearing birthstones as a ring, necklace or earrings, was a wonderful way to celebrate the month of your birth.

Diamond Bespoke Jewellery Ideas (April birthstone)
The spring birthstone Diamond sparkles like no other gemstone and is a symbol of purity. A diamond is made of pure carbon which is the hardest natural mineral on earth . The perfect choice for an engagement ring. If you’re ever stuck for a present idea you couldn’t go far wrong with a pair of diamond earrings or simple diamond necklace.

Diamonds which were formed millions years ago, even in the simplest setting this magical stone catches the light an captivates with its beauty. Jewellery design for contemporary diamond rings gives you ifinite possiblilties to create unique jewellery. A slight hint at vintage shown in the lovely diamond ring below. Or a more contemporary feeling using yellow gold as a contrast to the diamonds. There are no more rules in jewellery design.


















January birthstone – Garnet Ring ideas
The blood red stone is associated with passion and love. A popular gemstone for use in jewellery for over 500 years. Other than the beautiful red garnets this versatile gemstone occurs in a vast array of colours. Which includes the rare and stunning deep green Tsavourite below. Garnets are medium hardness which make them suitable for either cocktail or engagement rings, necklaces or earrings.


February – Amethyst Ring Ideas
The rich purple quartz stone has been embraced by jeweller’s and wearers for thousands of years. The marvellous colour ranges from pale lilac to deep purple. My favourites are green Amethyst also called green quartz. I love using them in rings with contrasting yellow gold settings, which highlight the beauty of the stone.



















March – Aquamarine Ring ideas
Aquamarine is popular among gem collectors for its stunning pale sea green/pale blue colour. A member of the Beryl family, a hard gemstone suitable for all jewellery including engagement rings. Aquamarine is a gemstone signifying courage which was carried by sailors to protect them.

April Weddings superstitions

‘Married ‘neath April’s changeful skies,
A checkered path before you lies.’

‘Marry in April when you can
Joy for maiden and for the man.’

What’s happening at The Betjeman Arms?…

…it’s all stations at The Betjeman Arms as the refurb is now well under way, the estimated time for this exciting rebirth is early April.

The Betjeman Arms is the last pub and dining rooms before Paris or first back in Blighty!

Steeped in history and located under the spectacular arches of the impressive terminus of St Pancras International station. The Betjeman Arms is one of the most civilised traveller’s rests you’re likely to find anywhere. Reminiscent of 1920s nostalgia and times gone by; a charming spot to wait for your train to Paris whilst soaking up the iconic atmosphere of The Grand Terrace over a fine pint of ale or glass of wine.

The venue has several beautiful spaces available each unique and perfectly suited for any occasion from private dining, engagement parties and weddings to birthdays, afternoon tea and business meetings.

We are also proud to maintain our heritage with British seasonal menus developed by our chefs with fresh produce from our home-grown suppliers.

THE GRAND TERRACE – Set amid the soaring splendour of St Pancras concourse but up out of the way of the hustle and bustle, The Grand Terrace looks up to the vaulted ceiling and across to the fading tracks to ooh la la Paris. Equipped with its own bar and Gin Lounge serving cocktails it’s a wonderful space for a wedding reception, a grand dinner, drinks party or a birthday to remember.

THE MAIN DINING ROOM – Large, light and enchanting, our dining room offers a sense of occasion reminiscent of Heritage country houses of old, and is a grand setting for canapé parties and formal dinners.

THE PARLOUR – The Parlour is perfect for champagne breakfasts, drinks dos and gastronomic gatherings.

The delectable setting of The Betjeman Arms is perfect for relaxing and devouring afternoon tea perfectly complimented by Sipsmiths gin. The Spread includes freshly made finger sandwiches, scones with cream and jam and an array of savoury nibbles such as mini scotch eggs and sausage rolls.
**Keep your peepers open, we will be rolling out an Afternoon Tea For 2 Gift Experience Voucher by end of April.

THE POET’S CORNER  – A cosy and inviting casual area set near the main bar. The Poet’s Corner is just the ticket for after work drinks parties, birthday celebrations or ideal for playing host to business meetings of a more informal nature. With easy access to our main bar this means smaller parties can also benefit from the space.

THE STUDY – A 1920s train carriage inspired design – Sit back and soak up the heritage features. Ideal for Private Dining or all day business meetings.

Getting married under the Zodiac sign of ARIES?

Zodiac Weddings

Your Wedding Date: March 21 – April 19

Aries is a very adventurous, bold, and independent sign. If you tie the knot during this time you’ll thrive as individuals and not risk losing site of yourselves in the relationship. Your marriage will be filled with lots of spontaneity, too. Think last minute getaways, exciting dinner dates, and unexpected romantic surprises. But be careful not to get too competitive with each other, as Aries couples tend to do.

March Weddings superstitions

‘Married when March winds shrill and roar,
Your home will lie on a distant shore.’

‘If you wed when March winds blow
Joy and sorrow both you’ll know.’

Getting married under the Zodiac sign of PISCES?

Zodiac Weddings

Your Wedding Date: February 19 – March 20

Pisces is the sign of fantasy, imagination, romance, and creativity. You and your hubby are no doubt an incredibly dreamy match. Expect vow renewals and anniversary getaways in your future. Beware of getting too much out of touch with reality, however. You don’t want to let your emotions take over to the point where you aren’t grounded as a couple and begin to overspend to accommodate your creative endeavors.

February Weddings superstitions

February Weddings superstitions

‘Married in February’s sleepy weather,
Life you’ll tread in time together.’

‘When February birds do mate
You wed nor dread your fate.’

Wedding Wednesday

Wedding Wednesday

Did you know in English tradition and Folklore, Wednesday is considered the ‘best day’ to
marry?  Although Monday is for wealth and
Tuesday is for health.

A Wednesday wedding can also be a cost
effective and more readily available alternative to a more
popular Saturday date meaning you may get that dream venue,
car or band more easily.

Getting married under the Zodiac sign of AQUARIUS?

Zodiac Weddings

Your Wedding Date: January 20 – February 18

The Aquarius marriage can best be described as unconventional, quirky, and modern. You’re each other’s best friend, but you’re also a very social couple that hosts a ton of parties. You enjoy going out and being amongst a big crowd. To keep your marriage strong, it’s important to make sure you set aside enough one-on-one time together.

Getting married under the Zodiac sign of CAPRICORN?

Zodiac Weddings

Your Wedding Date: December 22 – January 19

Capricorn is the sign of tradition, which is why this winter wedding typically happens around Christmastime or the New Year.
You and your hubby are all about legacy and honoring your heritage.
You love celebrating the holidays and carrying on traditions from your childhood.
One thing you both need to work on though is learning to enjoy the present instead of always planning for your future.

December Weddings superstitions

December Weddings superstitions

‘Married in days of December’s cheer,
Love’s star shines brighter from year to year.’

‘When December’s snows fall fast,
Marry and true love will last.’

Getting married under the Zodiac sign of SAGITTARIUS?

Zodiac Weddings

Your Wedding Date: November 22 – December 21

The Sagittarius couple is very outgoing, adventurous, and worldly.
There will most likely be a lot of travel in your future. You’re constantly learning and taking classes together, and you’re both incredibly open-minded as well.
Nevertheless, you tend to take too many risks sometimes, particularly financially.
Try not to live so much on the edge and hold down the fort at home

Victorian Moulin Rouge New Year’s Eve Party

Victorian Moulin Rouge New Year’s Eve Party

Victorian Moulin Rouge New Year’s Eve Party @ St Pancras Renaissance Hotel, London.

Enjoy a Parisian-Style New Year’s Eve, marvel at the spectacular live jazz, and party the night away at an event you’re sure to remember for years to come.

£30 standing tickets will get you entry into our Victorian Moulin Rouge party and includes a glass of Veuve Clicquot Champagne on arrival.

If you wish to book a table to dine or drink with us or for group reservations please contact booking office team on 020 7841 3566 alternatively email us at; we will be serving a set 5-course menu from 7:30pm for £130 per person including a half bottle of Veuve Clicquot Champagne.

Live Music starts 9pm till 1am following DJ till 3am.

Will you be there?

More information


Christmas Party Time at Ambassadors Bloomsbury

Christmas Party Time at Ambassadors Bloomsbury

We like to keep things to the last minute.  Have you booked your office Christmas party yet?  If not, we may be able to help with your last minute needs.

We offer stress free parties, you may wish to join lots of other guests at a shared event or have your own exclusive private event.

Choose one of our packages or let us design something just for you. Santa is not the only one who loves our food and you will be guaranteed not to have any plastic turkey or lumpy custard with your Christmas pudding at this year’s party!!

Spaces still available in our ‘Shared Christmas Party’ as follows:

Join A Party (13th Dec) – £45 per person (incl VAT)
–          Glass of bubbly on arrival
–          Carvery Buffet
–          Half bottle of house wine
–          DJ & Dance floor
–          Sashes and place cards
Minimum numbers of 8 required.

Exclusive Christmas party dates still available for 1st Dec and 22nd Dec as follows:

Glitter Ball – £69 per person (incl VAT)
–          Glass of Prosecco
–          Traditional 3 course seated Christmas dinner with mince pies
–          Half bottle of house wine
–          DJ & Dance Floor
–          Photo booth
–          Sashes and place cards
Minimum numbers of 60 required.

Various dates for a Christmas buffet are still available as follows.

Christmas Buffet – £25 per person
–          Private room
–          Sashes and place cards
Minimum numbers of 30 required.

Book your Christmas Lunch or Dinner at our Number 12 restaurant for £29.50 per person (incl VAT)

–          Lunch available from 12 noon – 3.30pm
–          Dinner available from 5.30pm – 9.45pm

Call Santa on 0207 693 5423 or email him at

Love is in the air at BMA House

Love is in the air at BMA House

Our top 5 tips on planning the wedding of your dreams…


Yes folks, it’s that time of the year again, when shops, online retailers and colleagues’ desks are full of everything red! Dreary and depressing for some, but oh so exciting for others who’ve been waiting in anticipation ever since the letdown of a non proposal on New Year’s Eve! So ladies, were you one of the lucky ones to receive a sparkling diamond ring on the 14th February? A huge CONGRATULATIONS to you.

Now is the time to get planning for your big day, but where to begin? Here are my top five tips in the best order to get cracking to ensure this lovely engagement period is smooth and as stress free as possible.

  1. Choosing your wedding venue

First thing first, you can’t have a wedding without a wedding venue, so put this at the top of your planning list. Questions you should consider discussing with your fiancé before you call up for a visit are; where is the venue located? If far away, you’ll need to think about accommodation the night prior for yourselves, as well as places for friends and family to stay.

Are you dreaming of your drinks reception and photos outside in luscious greenery, or a modern barn setting where fun garden games and tug of war games take place? If so, look for a venue with plenty of outdoor space, but what is key is choosing a venue as much for its interior as its exterior. No one’s going to want to be sipping champagne and tottering around in high heels in the mud, so make sure you are prepared for all guests to be indoors and for your wedding photos to have an inside backdrop, unless you’re happy to put on fashionable wellies, grab a big brolley and enjoy the English rain!

BMA House has four gorgeous inside rooms, each licensed for both civil ceremonies and wedding receptions for up to 200 guests, together with two stunning outdoor spaces ideal for live music and your champagne and canape reception.

And talking about food…this WILL be the talking point for all your guests so ensure your venue offers the variety and cuisine you are hoping for. If you’re keen on serving your uncle’s best wine or your fiancé’s favourite craft beer, ask if the venue allows you to bring in your own alcohol and if they charge a corkage fee. And lastly, get as much help as possible, see if the venue offers an in-house wedding planner who can help plan your day, after all you’re likely to have never done this stuff before. BMA House offers a dedicated wedding planner to guide you on all aspects of planning your special day.

  1. Picking your perfect photographer

Good photographers will get booked up well in advance, so do look around as soon as possible so you can secure your photographer. Once your wedding is over, all you will have left are your memories of the day and photographs, so it’s important you choose the right person to photograph your special day, and in a style you’re comfortable with. Meet a range of photographers and ask to see some of their work, as well as browsing their online galleries.

Another popular option nowadays is to have an engagement photoshoot, which is a lovely opportunity for you both to meet your photographer and to get used to being behind a lens, bearing in mind this person will be with you all day from bridal preparation through until the first dance, you’re going to want to feel at ease with them.

  1. Bridesmaids

Choose them wisely and don’t take any abuse from friends and family if they feel hard done by if you’ve not chosen them as your bridesmaids. People can be funny when it comes to this subject, but stick to your guns; you’ve chosen your favourites for a reason. If you have close friends who you’d like to make part of your day, get them to help out in other ways, for example, doing a reading during your ceremony, helping you make your wedding favours, or assisting setting up your dining tables. This way you’ve involved everyone.

  1. Finding your ultimate wedding dress

Dress fitting is another daunting task, and usually the dress you’ve dreamed of since you were a young girl is often not the dress you’ll go for. Fittings need to be booked in advance, most bridal shops will not let you just turn up and try on a range of dresses, so make sure you book an appointment and take along mum or your chief bridesmaid as a second option is worthwhile.

Be wary when buying from places online and do checkout the supplier’s ratings, as some dresses can appear to be one thing, then when they turn up, many a bride I’ve known has been disappointed but the seller has not had a refund policy due to this being a bespoke dress. So my advice is do your homework and try it on before you buy.

Don’t rush into buying the first dress you see, you’ve got to be 100% happy with the style and fit. Your dress will be the first thing your guests will glance at when they see you walking down the aisle.

  1. Honeymoon destinations

Another big job, but a very exciting one to plan! With so many destinations to choose from, the first thing to think about is the time of year you are looking to jet off as this will condense your country search, for example, it’s unadvisable to travel to some parts of the Caribbean during their hurricane season.

I’m seeing more and more couples taking a ‘mini-moon’ immediately after their wedding, then going on a longer break months after. This is a nice idea as it allows you time to reflect on your wedding, see friends and family again the following day, to unpack and open up your cards and gifts…and still have something to look forward to later on in the year! This option is also good if you’re ideal honeymoon destination is in its rainy or stormy season around your wedding day, meaning it may not be ideal to fly out then.

Written by Rebecca Hurley

Contact us on 020 7874 7020 or email

BMA House, Tavistock Square, London, WC1H 9JP

November Weddings superstitions

November Weddings superstitions

‘Married in veils of November mist,
Fortune your wedding ring has kissed.’

‘Love will come but riches tarry.
If you wed in bleak November.’

Halloween – All Hallows Eve

You can bob for apples, dress as the bride of Frankenstein or Stephen King’s scary clown, or maybe even try to ignore Halloween and hide when the doorbell rings!…

…BUT Halloween was traditionally about finding a husband and figuring out what sort of husband you would get married to!

Here are a few Halloween tales:

When bobbing for apples, it is believed that the first person to bite an apple would be the first to marry.

Make some mashed potato in an18th century Irish style. Hide a ring in the mashed
potato, and whoever finds it gets true love – if they haven’t choked to death!

Buy some hazelnuts, give them the names of people you fancy and throw them in a fire? The nuts that burn to ashes, rather than exploding or popping, represents your true love. Annoyingly some cultures believe the complete opposite is true.

Peel an apple and toss peels over your shoulder, the peelings will spell out the name of your future husband.

Oomancy – egg divination. People have looked at eggs to tell the future ever since there were eggs. Pierce the egg, pour the white into a bowl of hot water, and read the symbols the egg whites form as they half-poach in the bowl.

Stand in a darkened room looking over your shoulder into a mirror you will see your
future husband’s face -eeeek!

On Halloween your ball of yarn, From out the window fling,
And he who is to be your fate, will come to wind the string.

Fill your mouth with water, shut it tight, pray for good luck on this magic night,
cross your fingers and go forth and greet the first man you meet on the street.
And no matter how odd your actions may seem, he’s bound to propose to you Halloween.

Another 18th century Irish classic. This one involves looking into a bowl of water at
midnight on Halloween in an attempt to see your future love.

Getting married under the Zodiac sign of SCORPIO?

Zodiac Weddings

Your Wedding Date: October 23 – November 21

Scorpio is an extremely sexy and intense sign. There’s bound to be a ton of intimacy and passion inyour marriage, and you should have no problem keeping the romance alive over the years. Scorpio is also a sign of power and control though, so jealousy issues can crop up down the line. Be careful and make sure that if you’re feeling hurt you talk about it. You don’t want to let a power struggle ruin your marriage.

Getting married under the Zodiac sign of LIBRA?

Zodiac Weddings

Your Wedding Date: September 23 – October 22

Libra is the sign that rules marriage. This is probably why October is one of the biggest wedding months. Libra marriages are, not surprisingly, very much about balance and give and take from both partners. The relationship is a real priority to you and your man. However, the danger lies in losing your individuality. Remember to break out of the couple bubble and do things on your own too.

Designer Vintage Headpieces

Designer Vintage Headpieces

Bespoke Wedding Headpieces, Tiaras 

Every piece of vintage jewellery tells a story from a bygone era. Its wonderful to source only the most equisite materials from the 1930’s to 1960s, sculpting them into a bespoke bridal headpiece using fresh water pearls.

Lovely photo by

Vintage Wedding Headpiece, Designer wedding Headpiece, bridal hair accessory

Queen for a day

A touch of Hollywood galmour and a hint of magic, 1940s costume jewellery looked and felt like the real thing.  A contemporay bride on her wedding day, or a woman of any age getting ready for a party or event, at the moment they complete their outfit with a tiara or headpiece, I want them to feel special, every woman deserves to be Audrey Hepburn, Marlyn Monroe or Queen for the day.

wedding headpiece, vintage headpiece, designer headpiece

Hierloom pieces recreated into a contemporary, one off designer headpiece should be worn several times and passed on to the next generation, giving the jewellery many more years of life. I met a lovely girl at a wedding fair recently who had a tiara that she was going to wear on her wedding day it had been passed on though 4 generations.

one off headpiece

Something old Something new

Something old Something new
Something borrowed Something blue

We’ve all heard this rhyme used when someone gets married, but what does it mean?
Wearing “something old” represents the bride’s past, while the “something new” symbolises the couple’s happy future.
The bride is supposed to get her “something
 from someone who is happily married in the hope that some of that person’s good fortune rubs off on her. “Something blue” denotes fidelity and love.

Getting married under the Zodiac sign of VIRGO?

Zodiac Weddings

Your Wedding Date : August 23 – September 22

Virgo is an extremely organized, refined, and healthy sign. You and your husband pay attention to the little things and you’re all about the details. He’s your cheerleader and you’re his, which is why helping each other out comes so naturally. Though you may get stuck focusing on your problems and lose site of the bigger picture since you can be a bit nitpicky.



First Wedding Dance Styles DAY 7 Summary

First Wedding Dance Styles DAY 7 Summary

We hope you enjoyed our daily First Wedding Dance Styles Blog over the past week.  It may be a wet summer, but this is our Summary Day!
We have a winner!
We’re pleased to announce the winner of our competition was Rachel Barratt who is getting married in October!  Congratulations Rachel and Luke.  We look forward to starting to create a bespoke dance especially for you!
If you missed out we’re still offering our lesson discount – scroll down to the end for more information…
First Dance Styles in a nutshell…
Here’s an easy reference summary of all the posts over the last week for you to click on and review.
If you’d like to  have an initial conversation about your dance, or book a dance consultation with one of our experienced teachers.

Visit our Contact Us page for more information.


Don’t forget – to celebrate Alison TLOD’s birthday we’re offering a 20% discount to anyone who books their First Dance Lessons, Hen Party or Event Entertainment before 30th September 2017 and mentions “TLOD Birthday”.

Thank you for reading and happy First Dance planning!

We leave you with a clip of Caroline and Tim’s First dance – a Foxtrot…

First Wedding Dance Styles DAY 6 Freestyle Dance

First Wedding Dance Styles DAY 6 Freestyle Dance

…and all the Dance Styles in between.

This is our Wild Card Style day celebrating the first wedding dances that are a bit ‘left of centre’. The Wedding Dance YouTube videos have given rise to the phenomena of more adventurous couples wanting something a little less traditional. The Love of Dance’s teachers have massive experience in choreographing, performing and teaching in many styles of dance beyond Latin and Ballroom – we know no boundaries!

Freestyle Dance / Non-traditional First Dances

This is where your first dance gets exciting and has the potential to really thrill your guests. A fun, novelty statement routine could incorporate dance styles such as street dance or musical theatre styles – jazz or tap dance perhaps?  Or why not re-enact a famous dance scene from your favourite film, musical or music video. Don’t worry – you can still keep the romance – how about bringing a touch of Hollywood glam – think Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire!
John and Hannah wanted a medley of songs and they really went for it.  They started with the Dirty Dancing routine, into MC Hammer’s Can’t Touch This, finishing with Black Eyed Peas I Got A Feeling.  It entertained us teachers for sure – imagine how their guests responded!
You bring the music you like, whether one or multiple songs, and we’ll fit the movements to it, according to your requirements. At least within the scope of what the wedding dress will allow!

Event Entertainment - 50th Birthday Party

Event Entertainment – 50th Birthday Party

Freestyle Partner Dance

We’ve all had the fling around the dancefloor with a friend, partner or family member to mimic partner dance steps seen done by the pros.  These are moves we throw into routines to give them a bit of wow factor, which don’t necessarily follow footwork patterns of the structured social dances, but are used to fit the music.  After all – you’re won’t be competing for the world finals (not quite yet).  The rules are there to be broken as far as your first dance is concerned!

Dance for All!

Our favourite routines involve the bridesmaids and groomsmen…or as a surprise to the couple perhaps the guests could join in flash mob style!
To finish our week of The Love of Dance styles, although not strictly a wedding event here is a routine we choreographed for a 50th birthday party to give an idea of what we can achieve with you.  The client here commissioned us to produce a routine with professional dancers to his chosen song – we fulfilled the brief and then some.  Unbeknownst to him we taught his closest friends the routine too and they jumped in halfway through the song.  They’ll had lots of fun learning the dance – and the birthday boy? He loved it.

First Wedding Dance Styles DAY 5 Jive & Swing

First Wedding Dance Styles DAY 5 Jive & Swing

Get the Wedding Party Started with a Swing

Swing dance styles are the more fun, vivacious dance styles to suit more up-tempo tracks – great first wedding dances to to get the party started.  There are many types of Swing Dance, including Lindy Hop, Charleston, Jive and Rock N Roll created in the 1920s-50s to accompany swing style jazz music.

The Love of Dance Jive Dance Party

Heres a throwback photo to one of our jive parties we taught at for a regular dance social dinner and dance!

Jive for example is classed as one of the international latin styles of dance.  It came from the US in the 1930s and has a bit of a retro vibe about it.  Your first dance song doesn’t have to be from these eras – here are some songs that we think perfectly fit Jive and Swing dance:
  • Happy – Pharrell
  • Uptown Funk – Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars
  • Candy Man – Christine Aguilera
  • Sing Sing Sing – Benny Goodman
  • Do Your Thing – Basement Jaxx
Social Jive Dance basic steps consist of two slow steps on the spot and then a ‘quick quick’ rock back and forward.  The steps should be light and bouncy and the upper body is free and responds to the usually jazzy and lively music with an air of showmanship and lots of smiles!
We’re not just about weddings. TLOD has also taught Jive and Swing dance parties for many occasions such as birthdays and commercial party events. Taster sessions in any dance style are a fun way to help guests get up to their feet and onto the dance floor. Your guests get mingling whilst learning some basic steps too!

First Wedding Dance Styles DAY 4 Salsa & Rumba

First Wedding Dance Styles DAY 4 Salsa & Rumba

Bring Your Sauce to the Dancefloor with the Latino styles

If you want to bring a bit of sauce to your first dance or maybe your first dance song has a bit of latino flavour, Salsa is a good style to throw some dynamic moves into your routine.  Originally from Cuba with African and Spanish influences, and developed further in South America and New York too, this dance style is sure to bring a bit of fiesta to your day.  A style of dance that can also transfer to many dance floors together, once you have some basics under your belts.  Salsa can be entirely spiced up with the full on latino hip swank, it can be fun and energetic, sensual, or tamed down according to your preference to become a stylish first dance.  There are many different types of Salsa, depending on the country or region of origin – e.g. Cuban or New York cross body style.  Your teacher may specialise in one, two or many styles thus influencing the footwork and floor patterns you will learn.
Songs to suit Salsa:
  • If You Had My Love – Jennifer Lopez
  • Fly Me to The Moon – search the salsa version on Youtube
  • Suavamente – Elvis Crespo
  • Sway (There are many versions of the Dean Martin original.  Bublé does a cha-cha version. Have a search on Youtube for the many different versions.)
  • Have a listen to the Buena Vista Social Club album.
Quite often you may find Salsa covers of popular songs – worth a search through YouTube for the options!
Just like Salsa, Rumba has flexibility to be as camped up Strictly Come Dancing/competition style or smoothed out to be a little more relaxed.  A little more intimate style than salsa, Rumba suits many modern popular and jazz standard songs on the 4/4 tempo, with a prolonged, slow first step and two percussive quick steps.  The song doesn’t necessarily have to have latino flavour.
Some of our favourite song examples that suit the Rumba are:
  • Can’t Take My Eyes off You – Andy Williams/Franki Valli
  • At Last – Etta James
  • The Way You Make Me Feel – Michael Jackson
  • My Baby Just Cares for Me – Nina Simone
Here’s Amie and Alex’s First Dance using the Rumba footwork.  Watch out for the sustained first two beats to the bar.


First Wedding Dance

Dan & Jo. Photo (c) Kirstin Prisk

First Wedding Dance Styles DAY 3 Waltz

First Wedding Dance Styles DAY 3 Waltz

As part of our daily guide helping you choose your First Wedding Dance style, will it be a Wedding Day Waltz?

Originating from Germany, the characteristic flowing rise and fall of the Waltz offers an ethereal, graceful quality when bride and groom dance in their wedding day finery.  Another of the more classic, romantic and formal styles of ballroom, which will suit songs that are counted in a 3/4 time signature. Three beats to the bar means three steps in a basic Waltz footwork pattern.

Body Control

Couples dance in closed hold and you’ll see from the video example below the man/the lead have a strong, proud air to their poise, remaining lifted in the chest, whilst the woman/the follower may arch backwards.  There is minimal movement to the upper body, aside from the dancers’ upper body leaning slightly to follow the turn of the head towards the left or right shoulder.

Travelling Patterns

Social Waltz steps usually travel anti-clockwise around the dance floor, and in a ballroom with many other partners dancing, couples will move to the centre of the floor to perform steps on the spot.  The usual rules of course can be stretched for your first wedding dance, so that the floor patterns can travel in any direction, or that posture can be more relaxed.

The Music

There are different types of Waltz dance, as there are many forms of the music.  Traditionally classical composers such as Strauss, Chopin and Brahms wrote Waltz scores, and now more modern popular songs using the 3/4 time signature can also be danced to, such as;
Come Away With Me – Nora Jones
Kissing You – Des’ree
Kiss From A Rose – Seal
If I Ain’t Got You – Alicia Keys
Here’s a beautiful Waltz from a Strictly Come Dancing moment, performed to Des’ree’s Kissing You.  Just like something out of a fairytale.

First Dance Lesson (c) Mike Edwards

First Wedding Dance Styles DAY 2 Foxtrot

First Wedding Dance Styles DAY 2 Foxtrot

Over the coming week we’re releasing a First Wedding Dance style per day as part of our guide to helping to choose a style for you. Today we’re looking at Foxtrot!

Foxtrot is quite a common wedding dance style – a classic, romantic and smooth ballroom dance, couples can take their time and feel confident on the dance floor.  Some types of Foxtrot can be a little more up-tempo depending on the song.  Think ladies gliding around in their beautiful ball gowns, led by dapper gents in their coats and tails.  Classy.

Karina and Theo wanted to dance to John Legend’s All Of You.  They didn’t want anything too adventurous, just needing some dance lessons for some pointers on the floor.  The song is nice and relaxed at a gentle 4/4 tempo.  They had some basic social Slow Foxtrot dance lessons and a simple structured routine using just the basic steps and a few ‘generic partner moves’ (see below) that allowed them to move calmly around the floor, whilst having a little flourish of moves to offer those photo worthy moments; opening out toward the audience and finishing with a classic dip (groom leans bride backwards).  They looked so chilled during their routine which meant they could just really enjoy the moment. Watch Karina and Theo here:


Other songs to suit Foxtrot:
Wonderful Tonight – Eric Clapton
Here Comes The Sun – Nina Simone
You & I (Nobody In The World) – John Legend
The Way you Look Tonight – Frank Sinatra
Let There Be Love – Nat King Cole

Discount and Competition Time!

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First Wedding Dance Style

First Wedding Dance Style

You know you want to learn a routine or have dance lessons for your First Wedding Dance, and may even have played out how the first dance might look in your heads.  The many viral wedding dance videos may have been inspiration for your daydreams – but which style of dance should you choose?  Over the coming week we’ll release a dance style per day as part of our guide to helping you decide.

A guide to choosing your First Wedding Dance Style

First Dance Styles

The Song

You probably know which song you’d like to dance to on your special day.  Without dance lessons or prior preparation, the gentle sway from side to side may be some couples’ natural go-to groove for the more traditional slow song, or for something more up tempo, a fun ‘we’re in the disco style’ bop might do.

For something a little more memorable however, to either give yourselves a bit of a confidence boost on the day, or to give your guests something to talk about, a little choreography (let’s call it a structured routine if that sounds scary), or dance lessons in a style that suits your song could be for you.

The Style

Your The Love Of Dance teacher is more likely to teach you the ‘social’ style of dance forms rather than the formal, more structured competition style.  You may see variations in footwork in comparison to styles of dance you see on tv as there are quite often different variations of each type, so don’t worry if your style doesn’t look exactly like you’ve seen on TV dance competitions etc.  We aim however to leave you with a good foundation in your style for you to carry with you forever more!

Style and Music in Harmony

The Love of Dance teachers will work with you and your choice of song/s to find a style of dance that works with the music.  I say either ‘song’ or ‘songs’, as you may either be stuck on which song of many to choose from, in which case a consultation with us will demonstrate and allow you to try a few dance styles to suss out what you feel comfortable with, or you may want a medley of songs, so your teacher may suggest you have a little mash-up of dance styles to create a really impressive routine!  Your teacher will also get to know you and help to create the bespoke routine unique to your personalities, abilities and initial visions you may have.

…but we don’t have a Song?

You may even have the style of dance in mind, but not a clue of a suitable song to go with your style.  We can advise here too, giving you some songs to listen to if need be. There are many websites giving First Dance Song inspiration – just have a google search and see what comes up.

Live Entertainment

You may have a live wedding band and you could talk to them about performing the first dance song for you.  Make sure you give them the same version of the song you’ve got in mind so they play the right arrangement as you are unlikely to get a rehearsal with them. The Love of Dance can also provide live music to suit a desired theme or musical taste, taking the hassle out of finding music yourselves. Visit our Event Entertainment Page for more info and contact us to discuss.

Discounts and Giveaway Competition!!

It’s founder Alison’s birthday on Saturday 19th August.  To celebrate TLOD is offering a 20% discount to anyone who books their First Dance Lessons, Hen Party or Event Entertainment before 30th September 2017 and mentions “TLOD Birthday”.
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The Glasshouse on the Lock – Wedding Fayre Saturday 9th September 2017

Wedding Fayre Saturday 9th September 2017

Visit the Glasshouse on the Lock for their Wedding Fayre…

The Glasshouse on the Lock is part of Holiday Inn London.
Camden Lock is a true gem in the heart of the action where wedding guests are spoiled for choice, with local attractions pre & post their special day.

The Glasshouse on the Lock is also the perfect venue for Same-Sex Weddings. Being fully licenced for civil ceremonies in both the Glasshouse and our Camden suite.

Follow the link to view Phil & Tyrone’s experience at the Glasshouse on the Lock.

Please confirm your attendance to

It’s like rain on your Wedding Day…

It’s like rain on your Wedding Day…

In some cultures, rain on your wedding day symbolises
fertility and cleansing.

A couple’s wedding was interrupted by a torrential
downpour, and nine months to the day of the wedding,
their child was born.


…it can also make for fantastic photos – get your
funky wellies ready!

Getting married under the Zodiac sign of LEO?

Zodiac Weddings

Your Wedding Date: July 23 – August 22

Leo couples are likely to have a very dramatic, theatrical, and passionate marriage. You both have strong opinions and you’re certainly not shy about sharing them. While it’s nice that there’s a lot of romance and passion, you do have a habit of getting too dramatic sometimes.

This could result in a power struggle, so be careful not to boss each other around.