Essex Photo Booths

Essex Photo Booths

So tell us a little bit about Essex Photo Booths...

What product/service do you supply for weddings?

The main service we provide is the hire of photo booths, DJs and starlit dance floors.  As well as this we also hire giant LED letters; “Mr & Mrs” or “Love, projectors and wireless microphones as well as other PA setups.

When do you first meet with the couple?

We don’t usually meet with the couple before the big day, however we are in contact via email or phone to ensure their specific requirements are met, this can be a very simple process or much more involved if they have something bespoke booked or a package of services. 

How do they/you decide on designs?

We offer personalised prints for our booths so we discuss with the bride/groom how they’d like their prints to look, we then either design in house or send to a designer for more bespoke templates.  

What is special and unique about you?

I would say that we are always willing to go the extra mile, if a couple want something bespoke or unique we will always find a way to deliver.

What do you really like about supplying for weddings, brides and grooms?

There is immense satisfaction in seeing the couple enjoy themselves on their special day, even just words of thanks after a wedding make it feel so worthwhile or simply seeing them having a good laugh in the booth.  A wedding day is possibly the most cherished day of a bride/grooms life so being part of that and working at making it perfects is very satisfying.

What special things do your couples request?

The main requests are personalised prints for the booth or playlists for our DJs.  


What’s your favourite wedding moment?

From the DJ side of things seeing the first dance or listening to the speeches.  The photo booths are often away from the dance floor area but we often see family members reunite after many years at weddings and share a photo for the first time in years, it’s nice to see guests having fun in the booth.

What are your favourite wedding planning moments?

It’s a great feeling when the planning side is finalised and our plans for the day are complete.  

Can I come and meet you?

Yes we are always happy to meet before a wedding whether it be to discuss planning or for a walk through of a venue.

How do I get in touch?


Phone: 07751 238654