Will you need to cancel your wedding?

Will you need to cancel your wedding? Coronavirus – Covid 19

Not what you want to think about, but you may need to rethink your plans and make some adjustments…

Every wedding is different due to location, party size, travel and guests.

This means it is impossible to know whether you will need to cancel your wedding without factoring in various risks and speaking to everyone involved.

Couples due to get married in spring have been left worried about whether their nuptials will go ahead. If you are getting married in spring, the advice is to contact suppliers, insurance provider and guests.

Some tips to help you through…

  • Contact your suppliers AND guests and ask if they have visited highly infected countries within the last 14 days.
  • You may also wish to contact any guests that are especially vulnerable (respiratory illnesses, elderly) and check they are still happy to attend your wedding.
  • Contact your wedding venue and ask if the staff that will have contact with you/ your guests have been abroad to infected countries in the last 14 days.
  • Contact your catering company and ask them not only the question about staff and recent holidays, but also for an update on any extra health and safety procedures they have put in place.
  • Consider limiting the number of face to face meetings leading up to your wedding and increase the number video calls instead.
  • Consider hand sanitisers placed at the wedding reception entrance. I would also think about buying small sanitisers for each table. This doesn’t beat washing hands but should be viewed as additional to washing hands.
  • Talking washing hands, ensure there is antibacterial soap in the toilets not just regular soap. Insist the venue have paper towels to dry hands NO shared hand towels, remind guests to turn the taps off using the paper towels.
  • Depending on how the virus continues to spread you might want to have an informal rule of no kissing the bride or groom.
  • It is worth noting that some of your international guests may not want to, or are unable to travel right now. So even if they RSVP yes touch base with them in case they now feel they can’t come.
  • Speak with your wedding venue and explain numbers are decreasing due to international guests being unable to attend. If there are stipulations on minimum numbers ask if there is any leniency on this.

If worried about your wedding later in the year check your insurance and do not “panic cancel” .

Keep up to to date on with social distancing www.gov.uk