Ruby Violet

Ruby Violet

So tell us a little bit about Ruby Violet…

What service do you supply for weddings?

We supply ice-cream! From traditional favourites all the way through to totally custom flavours, we’re a local ice-creamery that specialise in adding the wow factor. 

For weddings, we can serve from Billy the van, Barbara the tricycle, Frank the trolley and our trusty serve-over stand. Billy the van is from 1968 and comes filled with your choice of 12 flavours of ice-cream and sorbet, plus cones, cups and our famous Ruby Violet wafers. Barbara and Frank can both roam around venues with a choice of four flavours in cones or cups, and we also do usherette trays which can serve delicious frozen treats in different shapes and flavours should you be all ice-creamed out.

When do you first meet with the couple?

We need at least a few week’s notice on large ice-cream orders such as cakes, longer if they want something totally custom or would like to hire Billy, Barbara or Frank.

Then we chat to them about their venue, number of guests and what’ll work depending on time of year, their theme and what flavours will be in season.

We like to use seasonal ingredients where possible so it’s always fun to select something totally unique to their wedding day.


What do you really like about supplying for weddings?

  • We get to be part of the most special day of their lives, which means we get to go all out! We love anything that allows us to add some extra flourish, so being able to bring their personalities to our creations is really quite magical. It also very often challenges our views of what’s possible with ice-cream!

What special things do your couples request?

Custom flavours used to be limited to big businesses, but now we’re able to create them with the bride & groom to add a totally unique touch to their day. We’ve made a vast range of unique and unusual flavours, alcoholic sorbets and even savoury ice-creams.

Any limitations?

Not all custom flavours lend themselves well to
ice-cream – but we’ll always try and give it a go if
we think there may be a way!

How do I get in touch?

phone: 020 7609 0444

email me at

  • Find out more here