A Look Back at Step 4 -Weddings Back to Normal!

It’s been over a week since the step 4 easing of lockdown meant life mostly went back to normal. We know how it’s affected us personally, being able to see our friends and family, and being able to go out to eat again.

But what has this step meant for businesses?

Businesses in Step 4

For the longest time, businesses have been closing, opening, and partially opening. But now that we’ve entered step 4, all businesses can reopen completely. This includes nightclubs and other adult entertainment venues. All capacity restrictions have been lifted at sporting events, gigs, and other business events. This means that you can attend any events, go to restaurants with friends, and basically just start to get back to the way life was before Covid.

Businesses are still required to clean to a high standard, improve airflow in poorly ventilated areas, and encouraged to provide a QR code for those who still wish to check in with the Test & Trace system.

Covid Pass

Some businesses will be encouraged to use the NHS Covid Pass as a condition of entry. This means that people will have to show their vaccination status or test results. The good news is that not all businesses will be required to do this. It’s most likely to be high-capacity venues such as sporting arenas and nightclubs – where people are more likely to be in contact with others outside their bubble.

Bride wedding dress Renaissance Hotel St Pancras
Soon to be Mrs getting ready at
St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel London

Weddings and Other Life Events

Although the easing into step 4 has been mostly good news that life is returning to normal, the best part about it is that weddings are back to normal. Weddings, funerals, and other life events such as christenings no longer have a limit on the number of people who can attend.

This means that you can go ahead with your dream wedding, with all of your family, friends, and other loved ones present. There are also now no restrictions on singing, dancing, and table service which means that weddings are basically completely normal. You do not need to socially distance and you don’t need to wear a mask. That’s a relief for many – finding a mask to match your outfit is hard work!

However, if someone has tested positive, or been instructed by the NHS Test & Trace app to self-isolate they still must, even if they’ve been vaccinated. So make sure to instruct all your guests to be careful in the run up to the wedding – you don’t suddenly want half your wedding party in isolation!

Camden Weddings

For us, this means that all of our wonderful wedding venues and suppliers are now back working at full capacity – ready to make your big day as special as ever. Every business we work with is Covid compliant and keeps their business clean and ready to welcome you back.

All of our partners have the best interests of their staff and customers at heart so they will ensure that, although the restrictions are lifted, everything continues to be just as safe as before. If you’re concerned about any aspect of your wedding, whether it’s the venue capacity, the airflow, Test & Trace, or table service, our partners will work with you in order to make your day perfect. This first week of easing into step 4 has proven effective, with everyone remaining cautious, but optimistic.

After all, we’ve all been through a lot this last year, and we all deserve a day that’s as special as we are.