Madame Galina Prima Ballerina

Madame Galina Prima Ballerina

So tell us a little bit about Madame Galina Prima Ballerina…

Well, I’ve entertained troops in Iraq and Afghanistan,  headlined at the Café de Paris, Rah Rah Rooms and the London Hippodrome, and given recitals for all the senior members of the royal family.

I’ve guested in the Olivier Award winning show C’est Barbican, sung principal roles with British Youth Opera  and fronted two series on ballet for Channel 4.

Woman’s Hour made me Forces’ Sweetheart and Joanna Lumley played my recording of “Tom Bowling” for her appearance on Desert Island Discs.

The book about my war-zone experiences: My Tutu Went AWOL!  is available online as is the self-narrated audiobook.

What service do you supply for weddings?

  • Classical singing and/or Variety entertainment centred on Madame Galina Ballet Star Galactica. Host, games mistress, always hampered by, apparently, her missing dance partner…
  • What do you really like about performing at weddings?

  • It’s a very special day for all concerned.  I’m on my mettle to deliver, because the stakes are so high.  Just watch Judge Judy/Karen/Rinder et al to see how people can get if their special day disappoints. I really enjoy my collaboration with CamdenWeddings, Henry Bonas, the Deanery of Bocking, for the attention we pay to detail.
  • How did you meet with CamdenWeddings?

    • I’ve known Megan and Colin since 2000, when I moved into a bedsit in Megan’s father’s house. They later came to watch me perform during my residency at the classic London nightspot Volupte, booked me for a full evening’s entertainment on their home turf in Pen Selwood and decided then that what aspects of my work would be right for Camden Weddings. I gave Colin permission to fill my onstage segments at Volupte and we then sat down and put together my wedding set.
    • How do you decide on your outfit, after all it wouldn’t do to upstage the bride?

  • I’m expected to wear the posher of my two tutus.
  • What is special and unique about you? 

My act is known on the circuit to be totally unique.  Nobody does anything quite like it. It’s barnstorming, high energy, fully interactive. Feedback from an event in Penzance recently: ‘Can’t think of anything else that would have kept us as happy as Madame Galina did, anyone and everyone from squaddies, through the WI to royalty.’

    • What special things do your couples request?

    They request huge embarrassment always for the Best Man – always! There’s usually a list of male guests set up to be brought onstage for my act. 

  • An interesting request was for Madame Galina to interrupt the couple having their First Dance. We all wondered, seriously, if that was going to fly. Mainly because the bride’s father seemed to own three quarters of Hungary.

Any limitations?

  • I have to be careful with my material if there are children present.
    • What’s your favourite wedding moment? 

  • When I’m singing the bride down the aisle, I will be facing the main door to the church. I see that moment when the door opens and the bride is having her last check of the dress before she puts her hand on her father’s arm. And there will be a look of such emotion on both their faces. These few moments are always magical.
    • What are your favourite wedding planning moments? 

    When we have got through the professional necessaries and the laughing starts. 

Can I come and meet you? 

Yes, of course. 

How do I get in touch?

email me at

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