Getting Hitched: Top Tips for Planning a Proposal

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere we go! Thinking of ‘Popping the Question’ this festive season? Are you or your significant other looking to take your relationship to the next level? The past two years have taught us all so much, reminded us that life can be short and for us all to be more grateful and kind. We’re sure you won’t ask for much this Christmas…you probably won’t even wish for snow (although apparently it’s on it’s way according to the Met Office)…you just keep on waiting underneath that mistletoe!

We’ve teamed up with Amore Proposals to find out how they create unique moments and memories that will last a lifetime.

What differentiates this fun-filled bespoke Wedding Proposal Planning Service from their competitors is Olivia and her team really listen to their clients; creating out of this world proposals tailored to their specific needs and desires, and ensuring that every detail is covered! As well as this, they can also create promise proposals if you aren’t yet ready to make a marriage proposal. Amore’s custom proposals are completely personalised and won’t be found anywhere else online! Including an all-inclusive proposal package designed with you in mind to create a luxury and memorable event.

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Amore recently planned a proposal for a music artist in the UK. He wanted a restaurant in Scotland that could play a song that he had written and recorded for his fiancée to be. He also wanted a woodland style accommodation near the restaurant. They went through quite a few different options and went with a beautiful restaurant in the Scottish Borders who played the song and also presented the ring on a steam dome plate. They also arranged a cute cottage with beautiful views for that evening. Olivia made all the necessary arrangements and ensured everything went to plan and on the night she said ‘YES’! Congratulations to the lovely couple!

Top Tips for Planning a Proposal

Make it meaningful. Your partner will love if you have put a lot of thought into the proposal and the meaning behind it. For example you could choose to propose in the place you first met, where you shared your first kiss or where you first said ‘I love you’. Some other things to make it meaningful could include their favourite song or favourite flowers. All of these things will make the day that extra special.

Make sure to start looking for and buying a ring two to three months before you plan on proposing. If you have no idea what ring they would like look at their Pinterest boards, ask their mum, sister or best friend. When you go to buy the ring take one of their rings with you so you know what size to get. It would be a really good idea to also take the insurance out on the ring when you buy it.

Consider whether the proposal should be public or private. Would your partner want all eyes watching as you get down on one knee? Or would they prefer a more intimate moment with just the two of you? If your unsure ask close family or friends who you trust and if in doubt play it safe and go for a more private proposal.

Make sure your partner has a perfect manicure before you propose. They’re going to want their nails to look great in the after proposal pictures wearing their ring. And if you don’t want to be too obvious try asking a friend to take him/her.

Hire a photographer. Almost everyone who is getting proposed to wants that special moment captured on camera. It creates a forever memory that you can look back on and show family and friends. You can hire a photographer or videographer to be discreet if it’s a private proposal. If you’re on a tight budget you can always ask family and friends to be there discreetly and take pictures as well. Check out Sam Lane Photography Amore’s preferred Engagement and Wedding Photography supplier.

Plan what to wear. Depending on the location and what sort of proposal you’re doing, you will probably want to wear something smart but with big pockets with no holes so it’s easy to hide the ring. If your partner believes in this tradition then make sure to ask their parents before you propose. I’m sure your partner and your future in-laws will appreciate the sentiment. If they aren’t interested in this tradition then try thinking of other ways to get the parents involved for example helping choose the ring or help plan the proposal, this way you gain respect from them and it’s a great bonding experience.

Winter Proposal Ideas

Put the ring in their stocking for them to find on Christmas Day.

Propose in the snow, it makes a great backdrop for pictures.

Ice skating would be a great date activity to do together and surprise your partner by popping the question!

Cozy up under a blanket in a horse and carriage ride.

To find out more proposal tips every week and get in touch with the fabulous Olivia to see how she can make your dream proposal a reality – Check out Amore’s Instagram: @amore.proposals