The Love of Dance

The Love of Dance

So tell us a little bit about The Love of Dance…

What service do you supply for weddings?

We provide first wedding dance lessons, teach dance at events and parties, such as hen parties, weddings and birthday parties and provide event entertainment in the form of live music and performers.

When do you first meet with the couple?

We meet the couples as soon as possible to start planning.  We get down to the basic practicalities with the couple, such as where they are based or live, how many sessions they would like – whether they want weekly classes or if, sometimes they are short on time before the wedding, we offer intensive lessons of a few hours at a time. We serve couples and parties in and around London, so once we know their first dance song we match them with a teacher who can teach a style of dance that suits the song, and can easily meet the clients in their preferred venue on the days they are available.

How do they/you decide on a first dance?

We get to know them based on things like their first dance song, styles of music and dance they like, the theme of the event and, quite often now, things they’ve seen on social media – that usually gives them inspiration for how they would like the finished performance to look.  Some clients want classic, simple first dances, and some want more adventurous choreography – in fact, many who think they just want general dance lessons end up requesting a choreographed routine!  We can give a bit of inspiration too – usually through a consultation dance lesson looking at different styles, and they can try out some moves!


What is special and unique about you?

Our flexibility to suit so many different tastes in music, and also that we don’t have fixed premises so are able to hold the lessons in an area suitable for the clients, rather than inconveniencing them with travel to a different location for the lessons – important for these busy lives when additionally planning a wedding!

What do you really like about supplying for weddings, brides & grooms?

It’s such a happy and important occasion that it feels like a privilege to help them create their vision for their special day.

What special things do your couples request?

When couples can’t choose one song, we’ll make a medley of songs for them to dance to – spanning different musical genres.  One couple we worked with recently had everything from soul, to arabic, to hip hop to reflect their culture and their love story! We even mix the music for the performance too

Any limitations?

Quite often time, when clients leave first dance planning to later in the process.  We recommend starting earlier so couples can really relax and enjoy their dance rather than panic when they don’t feel they’ve had enough practise – read our Practice Makes Permanent Blog here:

What’s your favourite wedding moment?

Being at a clients’ wedding in Santorini. So special to witness my creation!

What’ are your favourite wedding planning moments?

Getting a rapport going with the clients, who usually say the wedding dance lessons are the most enjoyable part of their wedding planning.  We usually have a lot of fun and laughter.  A great way for couples to bond more through the shared experience. We make sure the couple learn the basic technique of their dance style so they can walk away with a new skill that will last them a lifetime of dance floors to come.  

Can I come and meet you?

We can come to meet you either for an initial Consultation and taster lesson at £20, or just for a chat over coffee! 

How do I get in touch?


Phone 07769 695051

Insta/twitter : @ftloveofdance