Karen Beadle

Karen Beadle

So tell us a little bit about Karen Beadle…

What service do you supply for weddings?

I offer make-up and simple hair designs for brides and their guests.

When do you first meet with the couple?

It’s usually the bride who would contact me directly to ask about fees, availability and
discuss ideas on hair and make-up. This can be up to a year ahead and any other time in
between. It’s been known to book me last minute if a client has been let down, unhappy with
another artist or just left this part of the wedding to the last moment.

What do you decide on designs?

    • I request the client to send me images of hair and make-up styles they like and find online.Offering me some ideas of how they would like to look on their wedding day is a good start. We then go from there.

What is special and unique about you?

My background is in hair/ beauty and have 20 years experience in my chosen career in the
media working through professional agents. I feel I’m able to offer clients good sound
advice and experience. I’ve been recommended for many years through Browns Bride
Little White Book and listed in the Secret Quintessentially Weddings Guide. I’ve also
devised and taught make-up courses at Morley college and written as a beauty editor.
Currently I run three blogs about skin care, make-up, health well being,

What do you really like about supplying for weddings, brides & grooms?

It’s really enjoyable offering good advice to brides. Helping to find exactly what they’re
looking for on their wedding day. Including helping family members and guests.

What special things do your couples request?

It really varies on how we work together leading up to the wedding day. Clients have been
known to book me a year ahead to make sure I’m available. Sometimes it can be last
minute. Some brides want a run though and some not. I have a lot of experience so able to
deliver on the day without a run though. It’s possible to just have a make-up lesson,
workshop with another friend and then apply your own make-up on the day. Every one has
a budget so please feel free to enquire and ask me. I’m open to lots of different ways to
work together.

Any limitations?

No limitations to requests. I also travel to destination weddings if requested.

What’s your favourite wedding moment?

It’s that last moment when the bride leaves my chair ( brides are usually the last person to work with me) to get dressed. It’s a very special moment as the room tends to be be filled
with very supportive friends, bridesmaids. The special friendships that exist between friends and family are the memories that endure over the years. Absolutely Love that moment when it’s time to go to the ceremony.

Every wedding is different and so very special and unique.

What are your favourite wedding planning moments?

The run through is a lot of fun. It’s a time to experiment with lots of different styles and
ideas. A time to get familiar with a clients features and skin type/tone. It also acts as a mini
make-up lesson. A client doesn’t need to know much about skin care or make-up. I offer a
lot of good advice to each individual client. Everyone’s needs are different and unique.
Although I want to state a run through is not always necessary.

Can I come and meet you?

Yes absolutely. I’m very approachable and friendly and will always reply to you asap. Text
me to arrange a chat? Or just email me your requests, ideas. I have a pdf of my services and

How do I get in touch?

There are many ways to contact me….

email: karen@karenbeadle.com
instagram: @karenbmakeupartist @beautylondonstyle
mobile: + 44 (0) 7768 981421
website: www.karenbeadle.com
twitter: @karenbeadle

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