Beach Weddings

It seems that beach weddings are one of the most popular ideas for those who marry abroad.  Most people head to warmer climates such as the Caribbean Islands or islands in the Indian Ocean.  Can’t you just imagine it now? Your feet in the warm sand, the sound of the waves crashing on the shore and that cool salty breeze that blows gently in the air.  Having a wedding in that atmosphere creates such a romantic feeling….


There are some important things that you need to take into consideration when planning a beach wedding. 

Do you need a permit to have the ceremony in a specific area?  Does it have to be a permanent structure?

Do you really want lots of sunbathers in the background of your wedding photos?  Is there somewhere private for you to have your ceremony?

Check things like tide times.  You don’t want your special moment to be a complete wash out!!

The hottest time of day should be avoided, unless you have somewhere shady.  The last thing you want it someone passing out in the heat and don’t forget, kids will get grumpy if it’s too hot!

Dress according to the weather.  You may have picked the perfect wedding dress, but will it be suitable for the hot weather and sandy ground?

Try to use local flowers that are used to the heat, wilting flowers ½ and hour into the ceremony is not a good look!

To make the whole even easier, get yourself a local wedding planner who knows the area, the suppliers and even the weather forecast!


Once you’ve considered all the above and many more, sit back, enjoy some local cocktails and have a day to remember, as well as a great holiday with friends and family.