Choosing your Wedding Venue…

…choosing your Wedding Venue is on a par with choosing the right Wedding Dress…
…and similarly comes down to the heart vibe as well as practicality.

Fall in love with your Venue, after all it’s where your two hearts will entwine and you will leave as one, with an exciting future of togetherness ahead of you.  Visualise yourself, your dress, your theme, your chosen wedding transport, your guests (their transport), your caterers, the photos in your album – does it WOW you?!

Ceremony – Is there a choice of rooms? could it be outside? what about the unpredictable British weather?

Transport – If you are having, say, a horse drawn carriage, a bus, a limousine do the roads leading there accommodate this (limos do not do narrow twisty lanes too well)?
Does the venue have enough space to create the image you have in your mind when arriving? do they allow animals in their grounds? speed bumps can also be an issue to some vehicles, as can cattle grids!

Location – Does it have ‘that arch’, ‘that staircase’ or ‘that to die for backdrop’?
Will your guest be able to arrive there easily? are there transport links, a city or international airport nearby even? can your guests stay on site or are there nearby hotels? Is there outdoor space for
children to run about and tire themselves, if needed? (this can be very useful!).

Capacity – What size venue do you need? Work out your numbers – you don’t want it to be
overcrowded yet you don’t want it to feel too spacious either.  It can be hard to visualise this, ask if it is possible to view the venue when it is set up for another wedding/function.  Most venues will have a photo library if this is not possible.  They will have some example seating plans, this will aid you in working out if your guests will be comfortable.

Timings – Discuss how the day will unfold, you will want to avoid long pauses. The venue will be able to guide you with a turnaround time from arrival, through ceremony service, to departure onto your
Of course you may be having your reception at the same location, plan what your guests can do while you are having some photographs taken.  All though it is your day, you need to consider your guests – you don’t want to loose them if there are many rooms, or a vast outdoor area for them to wander in.

If your ceremony and reception are in the same location the venue can advise on things like reception drinks, caterers, photographers, videographers, registrars, florists, table decorations, hair and make up stylist, MC/toastmaster, bands/DJ’s, photo booth, taxi’s.

Photography – View both the inside and outside space and around the local area, your photographer will want the best experience for you – this may mean leaving the venue and your guests for a short while.  Consider the lighting, time of day and practice your smiles.

Visit the Venue more than once.  Make a list and ask away.
Budget – don’t forget some elements of the day will require VAT to be added.
Capacity – sit down and work out your numbers, for the Ceremony, wedding breakfast through to
Catering – dietary requirements, bbq, cuisine from other countries, perhaps?
Suppliers – check you can choose your own.  You may have creative friends who wish to dress the venue, bake the cake, photograph the day for you.
Confetti – is it allowed?
Live Music/DJ – mic for speeches, first dance, dance floor area, time restrictions for volume, power, if you are using a marquee.
Entertainment – magician, caricaturist.
Fireworks, sparklers or even just candles – check your venue permits them.
Restrictions – ask if there are any?
Use a spreadsheet – sorry I really hate to say this, but it can really help with the final decision!

Stay in control, it is 100% your day – enjoy it x

Please view our Venues both Ceremony and Reception, check out our suppliers too.