How are you getting to your wedding?

There is so much to consider when choosing your wedding transport.

How many people will be in the vehicle?

Where is the location of the wedding, a field in the middle of nowhere, or inner city?

Who is paying and how much can you spend?

Is there a wedding theme to stick to?

I could go on and on.


Once you have looked at all the above considerations, you then have to choose between traditional style or really “out of the box” style transport.

I got married down in the beautiful countryside of Somerset and was fortunate enough to have a father in law that drove horses so I had a beautiful horse drawn cart that took me and my bridesmaid to the church, and them took my new husband and I on to the reception. You also see a lot of tractors done up in wedding ribbons, transporting brides to and from the church.

One of my friends caught the bus from their house to the registry office and walked to the reception but this was in a busy town so a horse and cart would not have really fitted. They did actually treat themselves and caught a cab home after the reception!

Looking around online, I have seen pretty much everything you can get for transport. Did you know that you could get Del Boy’s Robin Reliant to drive you to your ceremony? I doubt there’s much room in there. However, if its space and comfort you are looking for, why not hire a stretch Hummer? They even do them in bright pink, if that’s your thing!

blog photo - transport2

A double decker bus is not an unusual form of wedding transport nowadays, it’s great, not only can the bride and groom get on, but so can all the guests if the reception is quite a way from the ceremony. Even cooler are a convoy of matching VW Camper vans!blog photo - transport


However, the coolest option (in my opinion), would be to turn up with a James Bond style Aston Martin……particularly if Daniel Craig is driving!!

blog photo - transport3