Who and What is All Events Childcare?

We would like to welcome All Events Childcare to our ever-growing list of wedding suppliers.  We asked Lisa from All Events Childcare to give us a bit of history about the company, so sit down, have a cuppa and have a good read.  Thanks Lisa.

I set up All Evelogonts Childcare in February 2015 so we will be approaching a second birthday on Valentine’s Day which seems rather fitting what with working in the wedding industry.

I used to run a company in Tenerife where I lived for 6 1/2 years called Tenerife Childcare. When I moved back to the UK 3 years ago I kept it running for the first year but found it proved too difficult to effectively be based in two countries at the same time so I sold the business on to one of my colleagues and it is still going strong under new ownership today.

Within a month or so, I was getting itchy feet and missed the organising, even the admin side of the business, and I had the time to start something new. Whilst having a chat to my husband in the kitchen over a cup of coffee, the idea popped into my head.

He is a musician and was playing that night at a local hotel at wedding. Once he told me what he was doing that evening sparks flew and the ideas just keep popping into my head.
I wanted to be completely different to all other mobile crèche companies so as you can imagine, a lot of thought, research, planning and hard work went into what we have to offer today.

I am currently based in Corby, Northamptonshire, but we will travel to many counties across the UK providing on what the clients need. We have over 40 nannies currently on the team and we still get contacted weekly for more wanting to join us

I am so lucky to have the team that I have as they are absolutely amazing and the best in the company could have.  All the team are level three qualified and above with a current DBS certificates.  Many of them have paediatric First Aid and all of them have a wealth of experience.  I meet and interview all nannies personally and I’m very particular about who I do have join us.
Wmarqueee are insured to cover up to 50 children at any event and the most we have had to date has been 45 children.  I think our unique selling point is having the ability to cater for individual children of different abilities and ages by using individually interviewed qualified and experienced nannies. We have the ability to supply enthusiastic ,trained nannies who can cope with any situation they find themselves in, with a calm professional attitude.

I absolutely find that covering wedding parties are becoming a lot more popular as this seems to be a much easier way when you have a number of children attending their special day, and as we all know, the little ones do you get bored during the formal ceremonies. This is why we get booked.  There is never a dull moment and they are having a whale of a time whilst in the most professional and safest of hands.

These are some of the typical questions we get:

Do you feed and supervise the children?  Yes.

Are you able to change nappies? Yes

Are you able to administrate medication?  We must say no to this for the simple reason that if there are two more children who need to take medication we would rather avoid getting anything medications mixed up, so we ask the parents to come back to give medicine to their own child as and when they need it.

What has been our favourite event to date?  I must say that is an impossible question to answer as each event we cover is different and unique in their own special way..  I can confidently say that there is not one event that we have done which I have not enjoyed. Don’t get me wrong, some are heavier going and others but that’s what we expect each and every time and we are always prepared for whatever we face.

I think we are unique because we have so much to offer. We are a childcare company with a difference!
We don’t just offer out a mobile crèche service, we offer a lot more, including hotel babysitting, one-to-one childcare/supervision, and overnight or 24-hour bridal package.  We also do slumber parties, proxy parenting and a children’s Photo Booth.

We can do a crèche for any event although we find weddings are the most popular.  During each session, we always play children’s party games with prizes and then finish off with our LED kidz mini disco.We can then go on into the evening and calm things down with our classic Disney DVD movie night with popcorn.

As mentioned above, our newest service is the children’s photo booth which goes down an absolute storm.  We let the children get dressed up in whatever they want, and we have a huge selection of dressing up clothes, crazy hats, wigs, glasses, in fact, you name it, we have it. We then take a Polaroid photo and put it into little goodie bag for them to take home with them which is full of other little treats too. This service is totally optional and does not have to be booked.

I hope this answers any questions you may have and gives you all the information you need.  If not, have a look at our entry on CamdenWeddings.co.uk and get in touch.